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Hi guys.
It’s been a while. How are you lot doing?
So I’ve been pretty busy this past months. I’ve worked on a couple of issues of Elephantmen that have been solicited for March and April of this year, my book Solomon was published and it sold ok with some nice reviews and now I’m writing a new book and searching for new opportunities.
I’m gonna use this thread to post regular sketching, pages and other works that come up in the future.
Here’s a page from the upcoming issue 70 of Elephantmen. The story is by Richard Starkings, pencils and inks by me and color by Axel Meddelin.


Here are some of the commissions from last year.
Most of these were for the Thoughtbubble 2015 convention in Leeds.


Welcome back Carlos and congrats on the Elephantmen gig.


Thanks Gar. It were a fun two issues to draw. :slight_smile:


That looks just great, bub.

Saw Sin City 2: A Dame to Kill For the other night and just read Nicola’s Black Magick #3 and decided I’m a fan of partial color - like using red or yellow against B&W; so the Spider-Gwen one is especially effective.


Welcome home, Carlos!


Here’s another page from issue 70 that I had posted before the solicitation. I made a limited run of prints from this page for Thoughtbubble last year.


I’d hang that on my wall; beautiful detail and linework.


DUDE, that art is AWESOME. grats on the gig. and good to see you are doing well. Welcome back


love it. Beautiful! You have a lot of talent!


Beautiful work, glad your published!


Here are a couple of pages from the issue 64 of Elephantmen I did last year, one year ago exactly.
I tried to stay cohesive with the ongoing look of the book this particular time, less use of blacks and more lineart.


Here are a bunch of pages from the Royal Edition of Solomon which came out last year in October.
This edition had 8 more pages of story, colors and lettering.
The colors were also done by me.

Would you like $10,000 plus royalties an issue to draw Hit-Girl?

Here’s a commission for a friend’s birthday I did last December. He’s a HUUUUUUGE Doctor Who fan so I picked a blank cover comic from the new 10th Doctor series and made him a custom cover. I believe he enjoyed it.


That is fantastic!


It is very nice but needs more Clara.


Doing some character sketches for a new personal project.


Quick work in Manga studio just for fun and trying a bit of digital painting.


Time has been a bit against me lately. Having been working on so many fronts I don’t have much I can post.
There are however a few tidbits of time where I can just have fun with some tools and use them to train on new fronts.

Here’s a quick digital painting I did of my Girlfriend and another doodle of CM Punk, my favorite wrestler from the last 10 years.
Did them in two separate nights just for decompressing and relaxing a bit.


Love it. I hear what you’re saying about art turning into a business and having to spent time, effort and above all creative energy in getting said business done.

I really think artists, especially, need to take time off inside their heads from business and just create some art.

Why? Because it usually turns out so well!