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Capullo, Quitely, Immonen, Albuquerque & Torres


I can’t believe the level of artist I got to work with this past year.

At the end of 2016, I look back on Empress, Reborn, Jupiter’s Legacy, Jupiter’s Circle and Huck and yet again see how much I lucked out with the best collaborators on the planet. Greg Capullo, Frank Quitely, Rafael Albuquerque, Wilfredo Torres, Chris Sprouse and Stuart Immonen would be an amazing line-up at Marvel or DC across their entire line. Having them all across all our small handful of titles this year is the happiest I’ve ever been with how the books worked out and I just want to give my my enormous thanks to these fine people.

Seriously, take a minute and have look at these covers. I’m a lucky dude. As we go into 2017 and all the plans to be announced early in the New Year the bar has been set pretty damn high for the plans coming them. Love and thanks to all of them.They truly are the best there is at what they do!


They were all so dope!!! I really want to see you team with Riley Rossimo, Ryan Stegman, Mike Huddleston (butcher Baker) or Russell Dauterman.
Any little hints at what artists you will collaborate with? Will you check out


The books are absolutely beautiful!


You are a very lucky man, Mr Millar!

What do you need christmas presents for on top of everything?

You can be proud. You make hard work look easy,



Does a Mark Millar-Alex Ross have any chances of ever happening? I know he generally tends to do classic characters, but that would be amazing.


Yep. You’re lucky you’re cute! :smiley:

Such wonderful stuff! Thanks to everybody! 2016 sucked, yet we had this artistic antidote on a regular basis. Don’t give in to the Dark Side, Mark! I have a feeling we will need a whole lot of entertainment in the near future!


Immonen’s return to the form I always liked best from him, in the pages of Empress, was one of my great 2016 experiences.


Immonem is God.
And with this Style, (that he used in the Marvelous “Nextwave”) More so.


I would love to see a story with Olivier Coipel and you :wink:


I’ll second the Rossmo. I would like to see Millar with him or another weird superhero artist, like Emma Rios. Heck, how about Tim Sale?


Tell me you are going to ‘snap up’ Ryan Ottley, once he is finished on Invincible.


I´ll buy that for a dolar!


Great cover on Jupiter’s Legacy 2 #5. Gorgeous stuff. Yeah. So how many more months are we going to be waiting for that one? In case everyone forgot, it was supposed to have been out on November 9. And it’s been rescheduled three times now.