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Capullo, Jae Lee, Chris Sprouse & Stuart Immonen join Millarworld


Joining Quitely, Albuquerque and Murphy. 2016 is my favourite year already:


Jupiter's Circle Vol 2 posted in retailer forum!

Jae Lee?? Oh yeah man…he’s brilliant.


At this rate you’re not going to have anyone left to work with! :smile:

Really like the sound of all of these.


Greg’s coming here? Is he bringing his axe?


What a day in Millarworld. At this point, I wouldn’t be surprised if news broke MM had just acquired Disney! :wink:


Shhh. That hasn’t been announced yet. :wink:



Stuart Immonen is my all-time favourite artist, the others are merely industry legends and masters of comic craft. How do you keep doing this, Mr Millar?


Well, that 50-50 split on profits from a successful book likely has something to do with it, I don’t think anyone else offers that.

The other part is likely a good rep, if you’re a reputed arse, no one’s going to work with you.


I’m very excited about all of these new projects, but was hoping for some news about:
Nemesis Returns
American Jesus: New Messiah
Starlight 2


Not only 50/ 50 on books, but advancing whatever Marvel or DC would pay for WFH to help with the 6 month pay window you normally get with creator-owned plus 50/50 on movie rights. Plus 50/50 on producer fees, which can actually be more than your movie rights, believe it or not. Plus 50/50 on merch and 50/50 on box office bonuses.

6 issues on a MW book can basically set you up for years and years. It’s a sweet deal.



The Dealer approves.


Yeah, well done all round. That’s a great crop of artists.


Excellent News! Looking forward to these projects! :smile:


To be fair I think quite a few Image guys do. Layman actually takes 40% for Chew because he wanted to bag Guillory for the book so badly. BKV alternates so the artist’s name comes first in the cover credits.

What I don’t know any of them do is pay wages up front at market rates as Mark does or the merch and production splits. That first part means they take no real risk at all in taking on a MW book and a lot to gain if it does well and gets a film made so it’s a no brainer. We are the winners because we get books that are always beautifully drawn.