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Captain Marvel Discussion (SPOILERS)


It’s not. But I suppose I can understand why, in this particular case. Having a female lead was seen as a risk in and of itself.

I’d say that Ragnarök did that, and Black Panther (to some little extent, by being more overtly political and engaging witht he antagonist’s point of view). Oh, and the Guardians movies.


I mean the sequel could be bonkers. That’s the direction of the cosmic universe I want to see. Dismantling the Kree Empire. Full reveal of the Supreme Intelligence. theres a silver guy and a planet eater floating about now. Its set up for some craaaazy shit to go down


It hit me during this movie, that with the Fox acquisition, Marvel now has Superboy and the Legion of Superheroes… I mean Gladiator and the Imperial Guard to play with!


Operation: Galactic Storm!


YES!! I loved that crossover!


oh boy there’s some fun a coming


I have just seen the first Guardians once and didn’t check out the second, so I don’t remember it that well. But I think that jokey tone is a bit standard for Marvel (even though it is driven to the max in Guardians.) I am not sure how Ragnarok is different for Marvel.

(I didn’t think Guardians was bad, I enjoyed the first one, but somehow it didn’t really click for me like it did for others. I understand why a lot of people love it )

Black Panther threw in the political angle but I thought it was completely predictable.

Maybe for me Winter Soldier was the most “different” for Marvel movies.




Speaking of the Fox acquisition, I was wondering if the 90s setting of this film is partly to tee up FF. One interesting thing about this movie was that it addressed the very origin of the MCU (at least the Shield/Avengers angle), and put women right at the center of it.

I suspect the Fantastic Four will appear in the MCU fully formed, returning from some exile or journey, as I can’t imagine they’ll do the FF origin again much like they passed on rehashing Spidey. Captain Marvel laid some foundation for this to happen, even if they chose to set the FF backstory in the 60s. Annette Bening could even be Sue and Johnny’s parents, no? Did they say why she was building that engine? (Maybe I forgot)

Add in the fact that the Pyms could be around in the 60s too, and there are lots of fun ways they could go with it.


As much as I’ve wanted some sort of time-displaced FF, I feel like Captain Marvel might have been the last of those Marvel can get away with for awhile (between the literal in her, Cap, and Peter Quill, and characters like Winter Soldier and the Pyms having been active in the past). I like the idea of tying them to Mar-Vell and Project Pegasus (maybe her work wasn’t just to get people away from the Kree, but from Galactus?) and if they wanted to go with the secret history route, they could set them up as test pilots for an earlier attempt.

Or, if they wanted to go completely nuts, they could go the Sentry route and try to retcon the FF in and reveal that some timey-wimey shenanigans erased them from the timeline. That one seems pretty unlikely.

I think what we might end up with is a modern day FF as humans trying to “catch up” to superheroes, gaining their powers deliberately, or as scientists attempting to travel outside of the solar system and gaining powers as a result.


Just watched it. Carol is maybe 30 in this movie, right? So in Endgame she’ll be 54 years old? The 90’s setting feels incredibly contrived. I guess there’s some play-off coming but it just felt like a crutch for cheap laughs and hitting the Gen X nostalgia button.

Anyway, it’s a terrible movie. Direction was bad. Story was boring. Plot made no sense. Mysterious background was just contrived nonsense. It was like the first Thor movie without Loki. Or Asgard. Or Thor.

Carol will be a perfect replacement for Cap, she’s a perfect person who never does anything wrong, has no room to grow as a character and is the type who’d make you use a coaster at her party.


What’s wrong with making your guests use coasters?


I thought it was ok.

My biggest problems is that the story felt rushed and choppy. It doesn’t build, there wasn’t enough connection between the plotlines, and Carol was kinda “there” a lot, dealing with all the Skrull stuff and not her own story.

Because her own story was what I brought a ticket to see.

I said when the trailers popped up that we (I) wanted a triumphant story; someone who was held back and pushed down and lied to until she turned around and said “fuck you” to the people who were trying to impose their limits onto her.

But, instead, Carol was always a fighter, always someone who go back up and tried again. She didn’t have to become self confident, she just had to get that damned disc off her neck.

It was fine, but I wanted a lot more.

It’s a lot more about time, changes that happen (and happen again (and happen again)) during post and that fact these films go through many hands in order to get to the big screen.

Some of the best effects will be smaller companies some of the sketchiest will have come from the big boys, who were dealing with the problems associated with huige films.



Can we at least all agree that Ronan is by far the worst character in the MCU? His scenes were beyond cringeworthy and ascended into parody.


I really hate how much they’ve wasted Ronan… u_u

I mean, I haven’t seen the movie, but NO ONE is talking about him (except Jim and it was negatively) so that says a lot.

Also, I’m thinking I made the right decision to not watch this now… I’m hopeful the Russos might be able to do something more interesting with her in Endgame, just because they’re really good at their job. I’d rather my first exposure to her be a better movie :smile: (and I really hope they don’t screw it up).


I think the “mystery” structure really didn’t work for this. Maybe if you went in with zero knowledge of the character and backstory, but for comic nerds it’s going to hit a lot of beats that we already know, and play them as reveals at the cost of getting to know the character. As much as I enjoyed their chemistry onscreen, I kind of wish they’d omitted Fury and just told the story chronologically - Carol grows up, mission with Mar-vell, captured by the Kree, brainwashed, fights the Skrulls, ends up on Earth, etc. That way she has an arc and the audience is invested in it from the start. You could seed Fury in over the course of the film (like Coulson in Iron Man) and go from there.


I mean given her power-set, Carol not aging in 25 years seems a fairly minor thing.


They can hand wave Carol’s lack of ageing somehow. Maybe her Kree blood transfusion slows the ageing process. Maybe they can reveal her mother was actually Kree. Maybe infinity gem infusion does wonders for the skin.


She can fly through hyperspace and blow up missiles the size of small skyscrapers and aging is the problem.


Well normally I’d say, eh it’s just the time difference from space flight (as in light speed travel would do its thing), but it seems people travel at FTL speeds in the MCU, so it doesn’t quite work…

So instead let’s say she gets stuck in a time dilation bubble in some adventure or some shit.