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Captain Marvel Discussion (SPOILERS)


No one called Diana Wonder Woman either.

Now that I think of it… I don’t think anyone called Clark “Superman” in Man of Steel.

Batman though, Batman is all about the branding.


There’s that exchange between the military guys isn’t there? One of those “that’s what they call him” type moments that ‘serious’ superhero movies use when they don’t want their hero to have a silly codename.


Having slept on it, the best I can say about the movie is that it was fine. Solid throughout. Nothing to elevate it but nothing to drag it down either. Ironically enough, it felt like a standard nineties action movie, like a Lethal Weapon sequel but with space stuff sprinkled throughout.

Compare this to the other first entries in MCU franchises in recent phases. Doctor Strange at least had fascinating visuals. Ant-Man had a genuine charm and humour at its core. Black Panther had a memorable villain and some good world-building. Homecoming had another great villain turn and ran along on sugar-high youthful energy. GOTG 1 basically had all of these things (albeit with a weak villain). All of those movies could, with minor tweaks, work just as well as standalone movies rather than being propped up by the MCU branding.

I’m not sure that Captain Marvel would. This one is more akin to the first Thor movie, only without any character as captivating as Loki. The most interesting part of the movie was in waiting to see what nineties tune would pop up on the soundtrack next, while the strongest emotional connection was with Phil Coulson’s hairline. Overall, it was just… fine. Which is a shame, since she is evidently going to play a major part in Endgame.

Still, I’m not the prime audience for this one. If this is a movie that can inspire young girls and remind them that it is okay to be shite at go-karting then that’s a good thing.


I expect Thanos and his plan was somewhat like Nigel Farage banging on about Brexit. People largely dismissed him as a silly sausage banging on about nothing until it was too late, at which point nobody had a clue what to do next.


That’s so brilliant. I’ve copied it for my status feed.



You know there’s a undertone in the chat about Captain Marvel I really didn’t expect from Millarworld, and it’s not very nice.


I don’t mean for there to be any not nice undertone. I’m genuinely happy for there to be female-led superhero movies that girls can take inspiration from. Doesn’t mean that I thought the childhood flashback scenes added anything to this movie.


So I say this on Saturday and really enjoyed it, but might need to see it again as we had a few drinks before and decided to smuggle in a bottle of wine with us. Some of it is a bit hazy :smiley:

So it was fun in a nothing ground breaking way but the Stan Lee stuff was really well done I thought, I loved him reading the Mallrats script on the bus :smiley:
I also loved Annette Bening’s role.

I think the biggest problem the film had was the fact Ronan the Accuser seems to be really crap…

Anyway, I had my fun and if it inspires girls to take less shit from people, I’m all for it.


I didn’t notice or hadn’t heard it was the Mallrats script, that’s awesome.


Which also means he was appearing as Stan Lee getting ready to appear in a movie with numerous references to the likes of Wolverine and the Fantastic Four and the Hulk and so on as comic book characters written by Stan Lee which means they’re fictional characters in the MCU which means they’re in comic books before they’ve even chronologically appeared in the MCU which means a paradox that will disrupt all of space and time which means my head hurts and I’ve had too much coffee…


Maybe the comics are like those in the 616 universe?


Or Stan Lee created a lot of pirate comics in the MCU


As usually, the Pitch Meeting was pretty funny. And makes some valid points as well, although overall you can see he doesn’t find it as easy to point out flaws as he does with other movies.

Also, he has apparently read @Robert’s post about Tubthumper :slight_smile:


I am happy to see this is getting good box office numbers but it seems from the reviews it isn’t particularly a movie that takes risks.


You know the Marvel Studios formula by now.


I know I should…still I had hope they would try to do something at least a bit different sometime.


What, and risk leaving a few hundred million on the table?

That’s just crazy talk!


I know the Skrull thing completely threw me.
I haaaaaaate them in comics.
Such a reused plot device.
But maybe my comic brain and perception helped for the big switcheroo (even if they used an Australian actor ( #UnderarmIncidentNZNeverForget))
I found them super engaging and sympathetic.


Ben Mendelsohn was the key to selling the Skrulls. I’m not sure it would have worked as well without him.

I hope he returns as Talos to the MCU sooner rather than later.