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Captain Marvel Discussion (SPOILERS)


Fury would probably keep it to himself.


I just rewatched Captain America: The First Avenger last night and we do see Stark find the tesseract, so we can probably assume he retrieved it. Whether he gave it to proto-SHIELD at the time is another question. He might have kept it, and that’s where Mar-Vell got it from.


Seems like there’s an easy solution: make the year 1997.


1995 is such an arbitrary thing in the movie. I honestly wouldn’t have been aware of what year it was if I hadn’t read stuff after the fact (though I’m sure they state it at some point in the film). And, honestly, nerd arguments about the release dates of songs would have been preferable to some of the arguments we’ve gotten.


Please correct me here, but isn’t the tesseract all dangerous and impossible for a normal person to hold? It melts through the aircraft floor, right?


Yep. Red Skull picks it up and disintegrates/gets absorbed by it, and then the Tesseract burns through the floor of the plane.

The thing that bugs me, continuity-wise, is SHIELD being called that prior to Iron Man, since there was the whole running gag of the name being too long. That might have been an issue before this, though.


Well, it seemed to be far less dangerous in Captain Marvel, and I can’t think of a way to explain the difference.

Coulson could have just been joking every time he said it to Pepper in the first Iron Man? But I agree, it irked me too. I’m normally good at no-prizing these sorts of things, but I haven’t been able to come up with anything satisfactory here.


Annette Bening did a health and safety check on it and made it less likely to melt people while she was working on it?


Mar-Vell found a way to siphon the Tesseract’s power; Carol’s powers in the MCU are now effectively derived from an Infinity Stone aren’t they?


That’s my position. Unless they’re going to eventually say that Marvell tapped into the Negative Zone instead. Where the Nega Bands drew their power.


Ahh right, I honestly can’t remember that although when I was doing a lot if hobby editing I didn’t need to edit The First Avenger much. I guess the reason why Mar Vell got into working with the military and SHIELD is to get her hands on it without having to fight with any humans to take it from them. As well as it being good cover.


It also did not melt Loki in Infinity War when he had it in his pocket? Maye its a kinder, gentler, not-cosmic-cube?


Loki’s a god AND knows (somewhat) how to use it… =P


I think it was said in an interview at one point that every stone in the Infinitely Gauntlet is connected to a hero in some origin type way. I’ll try and find it when I get the chance.


… I don’t even want to give them a click, but someone passed the Cosmic Book News review and it has a section about "Male-bashing elements in Captain Marvel "

And it includes this:



Winter Soldier has SHIELD existing way before, and Peggy was already working for them after the war (according to the Agent Carter one-shot)

That was Coulson being Coulson, I guess. Playing and making weird jokes.

EDIT: Zola’s speech


Plus that statement was a qualifier to a question asked by the other accuser. Ronan said, “The Weapon” and the other accuser asked if they meant something else, and Ronan said, “No, the woman,” in response.


While things could certainly change, I’m glad the Skrulls turned out to be the good guys. It looks like, for now, there won’t be a Secret Invasion story. I really don’t think it would translate into the movies.


Yeah, but it’s a similar situation. They say that but we know it’s just a line to explain why the Ancient One never showed up before. But Dr Strange not only shows up during an invasion in New York to fight a completely non-magical threat in Infinity War but he got involved in Asgard politics when Loki dropped Odin on Earth in Thor Ragnarok.

Obviously, Strange doesn’t follow the same code because now there is no reason to explain his absence. He’s just another hero. And when did he become the Sorcerer Supreme, by the way? At the end of his movie, he was just the head of that branch, not the Ancient One’s replacement.


They didn’t actually use the name Captain Marvel at any point in the movie, did they? That would be rather confusing if you had no wider context of the comic book character. Could just as easily have called it Pegasus or Test Pilot Carol.