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Captain Marvel Discussion (SPOILERS)


I wonder if the goose post credits bit was supposed to be him hacking up a Kree Helmet and they changed it to the cube because …ya know… Disney .
It felt pretty redundant and unnecessary as we all new the cube was in there and would have to come out.
Perhaps they did it to show kids that goose didn’t get hurt?
Anyway a helmet would of been cooler



Took Matthew (8) to see it this morning. We both really enjoyed it. It held Matthews attention all the way through which I was quite surprised by.

I think the concept of aliens that can lookalike anyone was so unusual to him it made him pay more attention. I think i probably enjoyed the movie more for seeing it through his eyes a bit.

He’s going to start testing his school friends to see if they can prove they’re not skrulls :grin:


You should still be worried if it turns out that any of them can do a photon blast.


With kids today I rule nothing out


I’ve been testing you all for being secret Skrulls for YEARS


You failed, er, I mean, carry on the good work.


To be fair, as most of us on here are assholes, @Mike should probably be testing us to see if we’re Kree.



Christel and I saw it and liked, not loved, it. I’d say it falls somewhere in the middle for me. Larson and Jackson had great chemistry. Ben Mendelsohn did steal every scene he was in.

I’d give it a B-.


Mendelssohn (sp) is brilliant with the click baity questions. Top professional.


They mentioned that in Doctor Strange, that it was not really the sorcerer supreme’s job, when Wong was explaining this to Stephen. So I guess the ancient one kept to that possibly not knowing of the infinity stones being used then which might have precipitated the ancient one from joining in.


Was it you that outed @Christian? i forget. and big deal, you outed a teacher from Germany, you wanna a prize or sumtin.:grin:


I liked it, but after using “Just a Girl” for her first fight scene, I really feel like they missed a trick not using “Tubthumping” for that montage.


That’s a 1997 song! (I checked because I had the same thought.)


There’s a few songs that people are wondering weren’t used. If memory serves correct it would have been before Alannis Morrisette too.


I thought for sure Goose was going to take a cube-shaped dump on Fury’s desk but then it came out of the north entrance.

What is the MCU history of the cube now anyway? Red Skull found it from somewhere, he lost it in the arctic, Howard Stark retrieved it, something, something, something, Kree Science Pilot Lady gets a hold of it somehow, then it gets eaten and regurgitated by a space cat for Nick Fury to stash away until the events of the Avengers? And did Shield not already know about it when Howard Stark had it?


I think that was only assumed. He was out there looking for Steve, not the tesseract. Though I’m assuming that would have been a nifty bonus.


SHIELD higher-ups probably did; I don’t think Fury had very high clearance before this.


You Oughta Know was out in 1995, same year as Just A Girl.

They had Celebrity Skin in the first credits sequence but that was from 1998.