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Captain Marvel Discussion (SPOILERS)


Oh yeah, did anyone else spot Kelly Sue DeConnick’s cameo? And were there any more other than hers and Stan’s?


Crazy talk :wink:

Yeah Solo was awful in that regard, I agree. On the sfx stuff Steve would know much more than me but I just assumed it’s different effects houses. I imagine the best were put to work on Endgame as opposed to this.

I thought the non-ending of the missiles was actually a better ending as there wasn’t a villain that could match her for power - it felt old school Superman to me.

I also felt No Doubt was deserved because they fit such great other 90s stuff in, and thank God it was anything other than that score music during the bus sequence with the old woman. That some of the most awful, derivative and bland score yet in the MCU and that’s saying something.


Did I miss that?? Where was it?


Yup train station less than 2 seconds in when carol hopped off looking for skrully mc skull face

She walked past carol very quickly. Not bribaker legal cameo in winter soldier but she was there


I think the 90s music would of worked a bit better given another 10 years but I think the majority of us still have those earworms sitting with us.

Just a girl was weird at the start but I got into it as it went along. Still wouldn’t of been my pick though.


The end game after credits scene got me super pumped for it.
Reminiscent of the bucky/falcon/cap after credit scene before civil war (dammit was it in Antman? I can’t keep track) keen to see it replayed again in Endgame and extended a little.


This is a big concern (concern is probably far too strong a word to be fair). I think it’s far too early, at least for our age group, for 90s music in a movie like this not to come across as very contrived.


Also i spent 2/3rds of the movie trying to remember Colsens first name for some reason.
…Greg Colsen???..Clark Colsen… Goddamit…

Shouted out loud ”PHIL!” at the most inappropriate time.
Then sat back down and shut my mouth.


I’ve been noticing a dip in quality in music scores across all movies, not just Marvel, although Marvel’s scores are famously (and perhaps intentionally) generic, Ragnarok aside.

As far as the No Doubt song goes, for those kinds of scenes I strongly prefer the musical accompaniment to be surprising in some way, like “Free Bird” in Secret Service or that Elvis bit in Blade Runner 2049 or anything Tarantino. That takes the scene to another level to me.

And naturally, if you’re going to use a super-obvious, 1990s, woman-led band then you’re never going to top “Shit List” by L7.


I saw it today, really enjoyed the first half to two-thirds before the inevitable superhero movie third-act problems brought the thing crashing down. The humour was hit and miss for me, and the story dragged once it reached the Rambeau household, but including Monica was good. It seems like the right thing to do. Can we see her all grown up sometime soon please?

Also, I’d really like a movie to show how Djimon Hounsou goes from Kree warrior in this to that guy at the start of Guardians of the Galaxy.

Just do what Thor did. Call him Son of Coul!

This is interesting. I normally get taken right out by how fake but in a bland way the MCU movies look. The worst of the effects definitely jar with me. When I saw Infinity War and Strange, Tony and Banner fight the henchmen near the start I was pulled right out and began questioning why I was even there, and how it is that these movies are pretty much the biggest in the world. When I saw Captain Marvel today I didn’t notice anything in the first half. In fact, it was only as the movie went on that any of the effects were bothering me. It could have been the combo of IMAX and 3D (that was how I saw Apocalypse and I loved the effects in that, but plenty of people said that they looked poor) really doing a lot to raise the film. The 3D problem is that then the movie looks even darker.

Overall, for me, this is the best MCU movie since Ragnarok, and even though it’s not great I’d always choose one of these movies that has Sam Jackson in over the ones that don’t.


The crazy tentacle creatures don’t work for me at all in this current CGI era. To use another famous example, the one in Force Awakens didn’t work for me either—I think they look terrible.

Some effects work better for different people, eye of the beholder, etc., etc. As I said I’ve never been bothered much by de-aging, in fact I find it pretty impressive.


Saw it, like it, felt a little closer to a Phase One movie with the related weakness to that. The Stan Lee moments wrecked me.


Just an impression so far, but the movie also seems to be energizing enthusiasm for the first phase of Marvel movies. The continuity may not fit but it’s getting fans thinking about, talking about and probably going back to watch Avengers, Captain America and Iron Man.


I think I landed around where everyone else here seems to - it’s good, not great (that’s not a criticism). If we’re just looking at MCU origin films I’d put it above Hulk, Thor, and Ant-Man, below Iron Man, Black Panther, and Captain America, and probably neck-and-neck with Doctor Strange. I’m curious how the structure of the film as a series of reveals and twists works for people less familiar with the comics, since most of them were expected (there were two that I didn’t predict - the Skrulls and Annette Bening’s role). What definitely worked for me was Larson. I thought she had a nice, smirky sense of humor that felt right for the character. I’m looking forward to seeing her in Endgame, and a sequel that can have a bit more freedom to be weird.

Oh, and having seen the movie now, I’m really not sure why they made the decision to set it in the 90s. Sure, you arguably gain introducing her in the modern day with a certain amount of experience and seniority, but you created a disconnect between her and the current MCU (in this film), lead to questions like “Why didn’t Fury page her during Avengers?”, etc. There just doesn’t seem to be enough of a value-add, since there’s not really a lot of interesting seed-planting. They could have set her film between Civil War and Infinity War, had her fly off into space at the end of it, then return in Endgame without any significant changes. Hell, then they could have established that she was the pilot that chased Tony in Iron Man (Iron Man 2?).


There is a bit of mystery around the history of the cosmic events of the Marvel Universe. Odin, apparently, was acting as a bit of a check on Thanos. Somewhere in there, Loki and Ronan both signed up with Thanos (also, how in the cosmos does Thor have no idea who Thanos is? Surely Odin would have informed him on the political threats of the region.) There’s a lot of stuff that would have been going on between the first time Odin came to Earth to the Infinity War that would go on to impact the heroes of the Marvel universe, and where Carol Danvers has been all this time has to be involved in that.


I mean, in theory they could explore that stuff, but I don’t expect them to. We could maybe get some flashbacks in CM 2 exploring why she was gone for so long, and they seemed to be setting up another confrontation with Ronan (which seems odd, given the first Guardians movie).

I guess it maybe gives her the “I know the dangers that are out there” role, and she could be used in Eternals or something. It just didn’t work for me as well as the Hank Pym or Winter Soldier stuff has.


Yeah, it is kinda weird, but maybe she’s been all over the place but there was no reason for anyone to mention it. No one really wondered why the Sorcerer Supreme never showed up before Dr Strange despite numerous world threats.
Winter Soldier is an interesting point, too. Maybe Nick Fury did not call Captain Marvel when New York was invaded because (well, obviously, he didn’t know that Loki was planning to open a giant portal in the sky to an invasion until it happened but also) he already suspected that there was some sort of infiltration of SHIELD by some enemy organization and he did not want them to know anything about her until he knew what he was facing.



I probably liked it somewhat better than most people here, in that there was nothing about it I disliked. Pretty much everything worked for me, and while there were not many moments that really wowed me (like a lot of Ragnarök did), the film built its story and character so nicely that I was completely with her in the end and ready to cheer when she turns up for Endgame.

And, finally, about the whole feminist angle thing:

She does smile. Quite a lot, actually. And it’s funny that there is a moment in the movie where a man tells her she should smile more. Kinda anticipated that one there.

And the thing is, yeah, they very deliberately made a movie about a girl and woman who refuses to be defined by what men tell her to be and to do. That is very much a part of the movie, but the way it’s done works well enough that it’s organic rather than tacked-on, and that even the moments that are somewhat corny work - the “I am human” thing with the montage of her standing up after failing could have come across as just tacky, but at least as far as I am concerned, it really moved me. And so did Monica Rambeau as a stand-in for all the girls that she’s meant to be an inspiration for. And the thing is, those issues are not exclusive to women, and it’s not played in a way that feels like an attack if you’re watching it as a man. It’s just a part of Carol’s story as it’s being told here, and it’s easy to identify with, regardless of your own gender.

So yeah, I would say that it is a deliberately feminist movie, and that that is a good thing.


I enjoyed it, and the kids really responded to Carol as a hero. The standing up again after falling over bit had them going “YEAH!”

(And one last photo of us in Captain Marvel mode :grin:)