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Captain Marvel Discussion (SPOILERS)


Just watching final credits
Absolutely loved it.
The skrulls turn was great. Medalson great.
Flurkin fantastic and not overused.

Only complaint is how dark the first 30 minutes were. Was it just me? Am I getting old?
I found the same sort of thing with the dark parts of Alita recently .

I would love to see the adventures of Carol in Space between the end of her movie and endgame.

Will feed back more after I’ve had time to digest


Nope, not just you. It’s been a Marvel problem for ages though; I just rewatched Thor, and the early stuff with the Ice Giants in that looks the same.


i loved Goose didn’t turn when confronted with the shape shifted Talos


Help me out, which comic book was it where the twist was that the Skrulls were refugees? It’s been driving me nuts.


None springs to mind. Probably why I love where this has gone. The opening scene of Hickamns avengers Infinity crossover drawn by Chung had them as sorta refugees. The avengers busted in and I felt sorry for em


The X-Men maybe? Didn’t Galactus eat the Skrull homeworld in one of the X-men arcs?


Alan Davis arc with time travel in the late 90’s ghost written by Claremont


It may have been in the first issue of the actual Kree-Skrull storyline but I feel like it was FF.


As I recall, it was during Byrne’s long FF run after Reed Richards saved Galactus and took Frankie Raya/Nova as his herald. Then, (in issue #257) believing that she could use Galactus to get rid of “evil” planets, led him to the Skrull throne world. Also she was apparently falling in love with Galactus so she was probably his best choice as a herald.

I don’t know if this is what led the Skrulls to focus their efforts on conquering Earth, but considering that Reed Richards actually saved Galactus and his choices led to the destruction of the Skrull throne world as the results of an Earth woman, it gives the Skrulls some strong justification for invading Earth.

Of course, this ignores the fact they were trying to invade and conquer the planet long before that which led Frankie Raye to see them as a threat that needed to be eliminated.

Now, considering the way Skrulls conquered their planets, they could have lost their actual “home” world long before. The Throne World could have simply been one of the planets they first conquered.

The lesson here is that immigrants are bad, of course.


That run was ghost written by Claremont?

Damn. That run made me drop the X-books for like two years. Terrible stuff.


The Secret Invasion issues of DnA’s GOTG had that.



At the same time, does anyone really care that much about Marvel continuity that it’s going to be a dealbreaker? They are probably going to reincorporate either the FF or X-men or both at some point and all the Avengers actors are going to leave or get replaced fairly soon. Continuity is gonna have to crack up anyway.


MCU continuity is already a bit loose and contradictory in places - as long as there’s not too much of a major impact I think these things will pass fairly easily.


Well that looked like total shit


It did.

On the subject of the darkness of the early scenes, one of the problems is colour correcting that stuff and keeping it uniform with the sunny earth stuff. These films tend to design costumes around the colour palette of the movie so that they don’t look ridiculous in the brightest moments, and because of the the early scenes seem very dark because the objects you’re supposed to have your eye on, that are lit, end up looking much darker because of the overall colour correction whereas they should actually stand out. So it looks like the way the actors were lit just wasn’t enough for the later colour grading and they don’t pop. At least, on first watch, that’s how it looked to me, but I’ll look more on my second watch.


I’m completely happy with the retcons. Your only talking about a very small audience for the original stuff sonitsnnotnandral breaker as far as I’m concerned


Dollars to donuts the DVD looks brighter. I’ve found that with Black Panther


Why on earth did they bother to de-age Ronan?


Solo was the worst offender as this goes. I thought about complaining to the theater manager that I couldn’t see the early scenes at all, but it got better as the movie went on.

In general I thought the VFX were a little shaky in Captain Marvel, compared to recent stuff like Infinity War. Some of the early scenes that were all, or mostly, green screen and effects looked pretty stilted and stifling to me—one of the reasons why I compared them to the prequels earlier.

To me that stuff, and things like the tentacles, are what takes me out of it. I actually don’t have as big an issue with the de-aging as some people.


It was a pretty poorly edited movie in a lot of places. Stuff like cutting back and forth in a conversation and the character is in a different place or position than they were one second ago.

From a production value standpoint, I don’t think this was up to Marvel’s standards. For the first half of the movie, I was sitting there kind of shocked—I thought it was just terrible. The chemistry between the two leads and the movie’s second half rescued it a fair bit, although having her face off against missiles as the grand finale leaves something to be desired.

Playing “Just a Girl” during the first big fight scene…woof. Even Zach Snyder rolled his eyes over how hacky that musical cue was. We are scraping the bottom of the barrel here.

Overall for me, it was the usual 6/10 from Marvel. Probably on par with Aquaman in terms of quality.