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Captain Marvel Discussion (SPOILERS)


hum I’m reading/hearing about some stuff in the movie that basically amount to lazy/bad retcons… =/


What retcons?


Stuff to do with the tesseract that doesn’t make sense continuity-wise, but I didn’t get too much into details… Fury’s eye… The Avengers name. Those are the ones I remember…



“Withering” backlash.

If a 130 million domestic opening is indicative of a withering backlash, I’d love to know what their bar for smooth sailing is…


The whole “blacklash” thing is bogus but all these sites are using it for clickbait.

We’ll see how reception truly went next week with actual numbers.


I enjoyed it a lot. Not up there with Avengers, GotG, etc, but definitely better than Ant-Man, AM&TW, Doctor Strange, and Thor.

My only real problems with it were just the standard Marvel production problems, where the action scenes weren’t great, a lot of the sets looked like CGI nothingness, and the music was largely unmemorable.

I liked the cast a lot, especially Larson, Bening, and Law (and the cat). The only real weak link for me was Lashana Lynch. Not awful, but I never felt the chemistry she was supposed to have with Larson.


Oh was there an actual Supreme Intelligence, btw? Cause I read Bening is someone else…

Oh and also, was Ronan even important or did they just waste him again? :smile:


The idea is that Kree aren’t allowed to see the real body of the SI, so it appears as someone important to you. Bening plays Carol’s version of the SI, as well as Mar-Vell, who was secretly on Earth as her mentor.

We don’t see Giant Head Supreme Intelligence, but there’s nothing to say it doesn’t look like the comics.


Ah alright thanks! eh… still lame, they should’ve used the giant head with tentacles for hair, it’s one of the most emblematic Kree elements… :smile:


There are still tentacles, if that helps.


Lots of tentacles everywhere, touching things!


I saw someone else say this elsewhere and I don’t think there is. We see it fall out of the Red Skull’s plane over the Arctic in the 40s for Stark Sr to recover it and next we see it, Fury is giving it to Selvig in the present (2010 anyway). This fills in between those two points.

I think maybe you should just go see the film instead of getting agged with second hand information about bits of it.


I will formulate a fuller reaction after I’ve had a pint but what it most reminded me of was a Star Wars prequel. (Only not as good)

Meaning very very stiff and awkward with some nice bits and decent fan moments.


just back from my viewing

Things I liked
Brie Larson- I thought she did a great job portraying Carol. She was Carol from the comics.
Talos- Once he got to play himself, he was very enjoyable and I liked the refugee angle
Bening- She did very well as Lawson and great as the SI
The storyline- it moved smoothly and doled the plot points at their appropriate time
Captain Marvel once she was unleashed, backed down Ronan, and played Indy and the swordsman with Yon Rogg
Monica Rambeau- she was great and I loved the line where someone said she would glow like Aunt Carol. imo, best easter egg of the movie.

Things I liked less
Yon Rogg’s crew Gemma Chan was very nice to look at but that’s it.
De Aging Effects- Sam’s was not that bad, but Coulson and Ronan looked off.


Was that supposed to be the same actor as avengers Ronan? I thought they just couldn’t get the same actor back…


As far as I know Lee Pace plays Ronan in both GotG and Captain Marvel…is that not the case?


It was him. De-aged.


Honestly, I could watch Minerva shoot things for a whole movie.

(Yes I am gay, I just adore Gemma Chan.)


I’m interested in Captain Marvel more than most movies as to how much it will tie into the Cosmic Starlin-verse elements of the Marvel universe especially leading up to Warlock.