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Captain Marvel Discussion (SPOILERS)


Because the movie opens this week? (I think)


Once the movie opens, spoilers will be discussed and they need to be contained as not to ruin it for those who haven’t seen it.


Captain Marvel

So, I got to see this yesterday. (@Patrick, hold with the coffee, there might be plenty of room for misinterpretation around these parts)

I was entertained. No masterpiece, the dialogue was mostly one-liners and setup, the action was a bit so-so, but I was still quite entertained.

Technology and powers were unspecified and kinda meh, but effects were cool.
I liked Carol and her (discovery of) character arc, but the acting did nothing for me. Even Fury felt a bit rushed, or stilted. Maybe it was the obtuse use of one-liners. Maybe it was the cgi.
I did like the reveal on how Fury lost his eye. Everyone was waiting for it and they built it up nicely, and actually managed to surprise and bring out a chuckle.

The Best (and beware of HUGE spoilers):

The Goddamn Skrulls. Oh my god, I loved them. Their arc, their struggle, their enemy (kree space nazis), the shapeshifting special effect. The acting! Ben Mendelsohn as Talos is (with an honorable mention to Jude Law and his murderous (Oh, Daddy <3) eyes) the best acting throughout the movie.

I imagine this might be a sore point for some people, seeing as the refugee theme might not sit well with the “down with political correctness” crazy crowd. I don’t give a shit about those people, I loved it. And that’s that.

All in all: It was fun. Entertaining. Rather formulaic. With bad (and, less noticably, good) acting and cgi. But with the sweet taste of Alita: Battle Angel left in my mouth I was left somewhat disappointed by the action.

The first Post-Credits scene sets up Endgame preeeetty nicely

The second Post-Credits scene was utterly meh.

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Just got my ticket for a show tonight.


Let us know what you thought afterwards! :smiley:


Righto! I’m actually considering going for a double feature. Traffic in Austin is so weird now I’m thinking that if I leave for a traffic-free trip, I could get there early enough to take in a showing of Alita, and that would be immediately followed by Captain Marvel.


Alita needs seeing. One of my favoruite movies of the 2000’s.


People here seem pretty hungry for this movie. There are quite a few people rewatching this today… Curious to see how it performs after the weekend.


I already looked up what the post-credit scenes are… but if there’s anything else that seems relevant for Engame I’d love some spoilers on that, since I’m probably skipping this one… thanks! =)


spidey :wink:


Ok so, I’ll just do this in point form.

  • The opening ident with Stan Lee was awesome, I loved it.

  • The opening of the film itself does what it has to as quick as it has to which is a true mercy.

  • The charm kicked in when Vers landed in the Blockbuster, however, the score was really overbearing at times

  • However the soundtrack was awesome

  • And there were some amazing tiny 90s touches in the background. Lots of big ones but sublime small ones too

  • The middle gets a bit turgid but thank fuck for the Skrulls who were just fantastic. I doubt we’ll see a secret invasion any time soon. Who knows though, a bunch of them could be bad apples

  • From the first moment Fury saw Goose it was pretty clear what would happen. The conversation with Coulson about it at the end was a nice touch

  • I thought the end was good as it played about a bit and didn’t really pose an issue for Carol being overpowered.

  • It was, all in all, a good little romp that did what it needed to do.

  • I liked how Larson looked like she’d been dragged through a bush half the film. It gave her character a bit more realism in terms of being a woman and not continually looking perfect even after a fight sequence.

  • The direction was pretty nice at times. I feel like the narrative was held back by the origin story, but it was Fury’s origin too so that helped it a lot, but it felt like they sort of had to hold back on being a bit more out there. There was some weird elements that really helped the charm but the direction really had to do a lot in terms of just making the plot less derivative than it was and it managed that pretty well, especially in the crash scenes, I absolutely loved those.

  • I loved the feeling I got when we found out where Fury got the Avengers name from

  • Nice wee post credits Endgame boost.

So yeah, fun, upbeat, did what it had to do. I liked it. I’ll probably see it again before I decide where it fits in a favourites countdown.

One more thing - The end credits sequence - my god that was beautiful. I really want some of those visuals for my wall.


So, I’ll lead off by saying: Captain Marvel is a happy movie. Sure it starts tense, but it finds its smirk and then its full on smile. There is a certain joy and hope to the proceedings that I found I needed without being treacly. The wheel is not being re-invented here. Several “origins” are covered in the movie and, at least for me, it doesn’t feel crowded. This is Carol and Fury’s movie though and they acquit themselves well.

Stuff happens beyond the “origin” and informs some of the background happenings of the Kree by the time of the first Guardian’s movie. (Funny enough Peter Quill was abducted by the Ravagers in 1988 and Carol was taken in 1989). I liked the approach with the Supreme Intelligence, who still had plenty of tentacle play going on. The villains and the motivations involved were entertaining enough to keep me fully invested the entire running time. I mean, no bathroom breaks, and usually I take them when I feel them.

Now for fanboy stuff: Monica Rambeau. In my opinion, she will never be Captain Marvel in the MCU which is fine, but she exists, her mother who was with Project Pegasus now knows Nick Fury and is aligned with Shield, which, in my nerdy opinion will directly lead to Monica gaining powers through Shield/Hydra experimentation a-la Ghost. I have hopes for a Nextwave movie… :slight_smile:

I enjoyed the friendship Carol and Maria Rambeau, Monica’s mother, shared, which rooted Carol’s emotional memory in the life she, Maria, and Monica had, especially when Carol and Monica were working with Project Pegasus.

The thing that left me most giddy, in a six year old’s fashion, is that we finally have an MCU main protagonist besides Thor who can traverse hyperspace on their own without a ship. Trust me, this was Very Important, to my kid brain and it was so cool to see as an adult.

I came out of the theater feeling like I saw a whole movie. The first credit sequence was awesome. The second one was adorable. Especially since it was the pay off of an extended joke from the last quarter of the movie. (Seriously people around me were asking a question that the 2nd post scene solved to much laughter in the theater).

In all honesty, I could never compare this to Wonder Woman, Alita, etc. The other two have their own tones and stories.

Captain Marvel left me feeling like I read a great, fun, trade paperback. That’s all I can really ask for.

(Apologies for all the edits. I keep seeing typos and stuff. My double-feature caffeine loading is catching up with me.)


Just got our of it. It was a fun couple of hours. Moved along at a decent click. No fat on it really. Jackson is Jackson and Larson did a lot better than I exoectedl. I had more engagement with her character than I expected based on the trailers. Loved the skrulls as well who were totally the highlight.
It’s not earth shattering but it’s solid. Mid range marcel.i would.say.


Just got out.

It’s not the worst MCU movie…but it is the most standard. It has some set-pieces that work, some that don’t. Some gags that work, some that don’t. The actors try to do good job either way. I felt like the storyline was very messy when it didn’t need to be, but overall was straightforward enough.
Sits soundly in the middle of any ranking, because the MCU has been much worse.



Since I generally like Marvel movies a decent amount more than Tom does, sounds like I’ll have a good time with this one next week when I get a chance to see it.


Captain Marvel? More like Captain Meh…Kelvie’s Costume Looks Cool On Screen.

It’s a solid film. There’s a lot to like in there - the Rambeaus; the Skrulls, Carol and Fury together - but it has problems. Way too much shaky cam and everything not on Earth I found distractingly poorly lit. The first half an hour or so of the movie (everything before she lands in Blockbuster) is underwhelming. But it mostly pulls itself together and I’m glad that it wrong-footed my assumptions.

But, there’s a lot of little things that irritate me in. Carol has memories of playing Street Fighter II despite disappearing 88/89. Everyone’s already on Win 95 in 1995. The Skrulls revert to their original form when killed, yet Skrullson is in a suit (which he clearly didn’t get off Coulson). The playing on how Fury lost his eye is fun (and I think some people jokingly suggested he might lose it to Goose), but the scars don’t make sense with the scars he has in previous films (and the story Coulson’s heard makes no sense given yoi can clearly see claw marks in a typical animal layout). Plus, Coulson knowing of Krees before Tahiti is a continuity minefield.

I did like Mar-Vell being reduced to a benefactor (heroic in their own right) rather than trying to do the traditional Mar-Vell. And making her a woman fits with the general anti-patriarchy stuff, which will agg all the right people.

I was surprised how much I was up for a 90s jukebox soundtrack though.

So, yeah, it’s fun, but far from the best.


“There’s a lot to like” is a good assessment. There are some really good parts of this movie, but it didn’t hold together as a solid, cohesive film for me. It was a good start that was burdened with the need to introduce too much. The Skrulls were a genuinely surprising element…probably the only part of the movie that wasn’t completely predictable. The de-aging effects were pretty phenomenal.

I will say that the end credits were the best Marvel has done yet. My old favorite used to be Winter Soldier’s closing credits, but this one knocks that one out of the top spot.


The Skrulls and the whole thing with them is one of the bigger faults of the movie with me.
Maybe I’ve just seen the whole “turns out the good guys are the bad guys” thing far to often, but it’s always been a plot beat I’ve never liked. Because it raises too many questions about how is the ruse kept up. And with movies like this, you then run into the problem of having scenes that are really only there to have a certain atmosphere to hold up the twist that don’t make sense later.

And it’s not like the Kree haven’t been pricks in the comics before either, so they could have had their cake and eaten it too. Could have been interesting for Carol’s character to see her truly make her own path like that.

But yeah, there are things to enjoy and I wish the trailers had played up the movie’s strengths more.


It’s ridiculously beautiful. I want a print of the goose visual for my wall at least.


That’s a general sensation I have with Marvel movies and many superhero movies. However, they succeed on the old rulebook Western directors of the 40’s and 50’s used: the star of the movie just needs three really good scenes and the whole movie just needs six really exciting scenes for the people to get their money’s worth. If you work any harder than that, it’s wasted effort that could be put in the next movie.