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Captain Marvel Discussion (SPOILERS)


Or they could’ve used Ronan instead of whoever Jude Law is… but as you say, why did they even bother?

I mean, yeah for the “Oh I got that reference” factor I guess… but meh… u_u


That wouldn’t work, because we know Ronan’s a bad guy. We’re supposed to believe Jude Law is a good guy for most of the movie.


If only he were that good. The line reading was awful, even the way he stood staring slack jawed at Captain Marvel reminded me of Ted Theadore Logan.


Yeah but Ronan was radicalized, which means he was a “good guy” at some point… it would’ve been interesting to see that character arc. I mean, I don’t know what Jude Law does or how he does it, but I thought everyone knew that he was going to be the villain anyways… =/


Well, now I have to rewatch it.


Near the end when he’s standing on the deck. I for sure thought he was going to say Woahhh.


I’m at work now. If it plays empty today (pfft, not likely), I’ll pop in during the last 20 minutes or so.


Worth pointing out that We Hunted The Mammoth are taking the piss of the people making these complaints, not expressing them themselves.


Ah, I didn’t realize that. Thanks!


Check that blog out if you like, it’s equal parts hilarious and terrible.


Yeah, WHTM is a good way to keep an eye on what reactionary shitheads are up to


Millarworld is another place for that, too.


Honestly, it’s a lot better to just “appear” in a Marvel movie than a Tom Cruise movie or pretty much any other franchise. Star Wars and Star Trek films never really boosted any of the actors’ careers and being in a supporting role on a Mission Impossible movie is almost like a curse.


It’s why we keep you around after all.


Yes, but even my incredible presence can’t overcome all of you reactionary shitheads.



You expect Will to know the meaning of the words he uses?

Whatever helps you sleep at night.


The only reason we keep you around is to stare at your gorgeous ass. You’re nothing but eye candy to us.


I saw Captain Marvel for a second time today, and the only real insight that gave me is that yes, the movie is far too dark and the editing seems to rush through the plot beats too fast. It has to be the worst feeling of all when you know that your movie is too long and too rushed at the same time. Maybe take something out and let it breathe a little?

Oh, I almost forgot but Come as You Are is a pretty cool song. I know that Nirvana are an old band but they might be worth checking out if you’ve never really heard of them.


The fuck??