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Captain Marvel Discussion (SPOILERS)


Knowing this really makes Captain Marvel a much more depressing film.


Regarding the anti-SJW hate that this movie has garnered…


Adding to their list: Men who once hunted mammoths now feel threatened by fictional superwoman.


Right you and Tom are going in the bin.

The first Cap movie was an absolute snooze fest. I took my wife to it and that was the end of Marvel movies for her as far as she was concerned.

I understand he’s a man out of time, but the movie was really dated, which figures given it was the same director as the Rocketeer.

The action had no punch at all, it felt like it could have been filmed 15-20 years prior to its release.

I actually felt more impact looking at Epting’s art in Brubakers run on Cap; something that they actually managed to capture in Winter Soldier:


Oh come on it was boring as fuck. The whole tesseract nonsense was the icing on the most by-numbers movie in the Marvel locker.


Boring as fuck?
It was charming. Likable heroes, campy villains, and a great sense of style and adventure.

Ant-Man and the Wasp was boring as fuck.
Thor was boring as fuck.

The First Avenger?
Not perfect…but so fun.


I posted when I rewatched it last week, but First Avenger has a great first half, and a boring second half. The main problem is the Bucky stuff, which doesn’t work at all.


I agree.
I love Sebastian Stan, but he has been completely wasted in the MCU.
Every single time.

My real beef with TFA is the border scenes set in the present.
Completely pointless and kinda ruin the movie.


I spent most of the movie fighting sleep in the cinema. It was incredible formualaic and cringeworthy. Between that and Green Lantern is never been so embarrassed being a comics fan as far as my wife’s involvement goes.

I’ve still not watched Ant-Man And the Wasp, I’ll catch it eventually but I have very little interest in going out my way to watch it.

Thor was fine at the time I’ve not watched it since.

I’ve watched every other Marvel movie bar ant man and the wasp…tell me this …do I need to watch either of ant man 2 or captain marvel to watch Avengers 4?

Im not overly fussed about captain marvel but feel like I need to go see it. I’ve been keeping an eye on this thread to see the reaction to try motivate myself but no-one seems overly enthused either way, it sounds pretty middle of the road?


Well, Ant-Man and the Wasp sets up something huge for Scott…but only in the mid-credits scene.

Captain Marvel just introduces Carol.
That’s kinda it.


You don’t need to watch either but both will have a role in the story of Endgame. Not sure if that’ll matter to you. Neither movie is very good - bottom third Marvel stuff.


I haven’t seen CM yet but I’ll defend Ant-Man and the Wasp, for me it was really enjoyable. Not earth shattering but perfectly fine as a fun superhero movie.


I know what people mean when they post that “x actor was wasted in this movie” but the reason is; it’s not their movie.

And they don’t expect it to be.

It’s a chance to raise their profile, meet filmmakers who might hire them again, pay some bills.

If they get some good scenes then that’s a bonus.


It was a weird way to go, even for JJ Abrams.


Joe Johnston directed TFA.

Oh, wait… I’m wooooshing, aren’t I?


Don’t worry. It was a shit joke. :blush:




Ronan in the MCU is terrible, however the main reason nobody is discussing him is he is barely in it. He’s ‘on the phone’ to Jude Law a couple of times and then 2 minutes at the end before he runs away.


Yeah… well, that’s kinda the point… they had a chance here to make him retroactively a good villain… guess they didn’t… =/


Yeah he’s just a moustache twirler. Jude Law’s character is the main antagonist and he is fully fleshed out but Ronan was really the weakest aspect of Guardians, a generic bad guy for the sake of it. I don’t really know why they bothered reviving him for a cameo in this and not just use a different one.