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Captain Marvel Discussion (SPOILERS)


That would be great


I’ve said plenty of times that I would’ve prefered Monica to Carol, so that’d be cool.

Also, I guess at least they have an out in case Brie Larson doesn’t work out… they can get rid of her and still have a Captain Marvel :smile:



I couldn’t tell whether your first comment about the switch was a joke or not but now that you have mentioned it again, i think you mean it. Why can’t there be both Captain Marvel and Photon? Do you have a problem with there being 2 powerful female heroes? Are you one of the people who trashed CM on Rotten Tomatoes because you dislike Brie Larson so much. You are the only one who has mentioned swaps one for the other AND the only one who mentioned Brie Larson not working out.


I think after a 150 million dollar domestic opening, the idea of Larson “not working out” is pretty much done for.


You for real?

I don’t like Carol Danvers (and I don’t like Brie Larson), I prefer Monica Rambeau… does that make me a misogynist pig? :roll_eyes:


I thinking Marvel might be considering a Nextwave movie. It’s the Guardians formula, and with Ragranok they’ve realized silly sells. So it could conceivably be a hit maker for them. Their plate will be full with X Men and FF, but it’d be great fan service and could be a great new franchise idea.

I reckon given the success of this movie Captain Marvel will be stepping into the shoes of both Chris Evans and RDJ. It feels like she’ll be the cornerstone for the next 10 years.


I share that feeling. NEXTWAVE!!!


Any excuse:


If a Nextwave movie is possible, then Marvel should be OK with Deadpool as well. In terms of violence and naughty words they’re about at the same level.


The only thing youll never see in a Marvel movie is a love scene.


What was the last superhero movie to have a love scene?


Cat woman…?

No, WATCHMEN, obviously.



Love scenes always suck in any movie.

Well except porn.


There’s also The Secretary.

There are some visually interesting (no no no no no no) sex scenes in The Favourite…


It’d be the same as Guardians. No cuss words, not naughty bits, no blood. Just crazy powers, funny characters and wacky villains. Funny but not ludicrous.

Man my hopes are up now. After how nasty I’ve been to Disney recently they’ll be ‘fuck Jim, scrap the Nextwave movie’.






You make good points. But on the other hand, the way everyone says (the) Red Skull, with an emphasis on Red as if that’s the main distinctive part of his name, is hugely irritating, so I’m going with Winter Soldier.