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Captain Marvel Discussion (SPOILERS)


A wizard did it.




Bless you!


I wouldn’t say Ronan was wasted. They just set him up to have a larger role in the sequel and tie in kree continuity to the wider mcu. There’s a lot more to play with moving forward. There’s 25 years of Kree/skrull history to play with between the end of Cap Marvel and her appearance in Endgame.

Hell imagine if Endgame opens with Carol observing the decimation of Zandar.
It’s alllllll connected :crazy_face:
It’s a nice touch that he’s in Cap Marvel at all.


Wasn’t Kree blood a key bit of TAHITI that brought Coulson back to life? A transfusion to Carol while not dead seems a decent explanation for not aging given it can be used to raise the dead.

That’s why I don’t understand deaging Ronan - with the same make-up as he had in GOTG, I doubt anyone would have noticed and saying that Kree are longer lived than humans is hardly a problem.


Are we certain they deaged /cgi’d Ronan?
The way I saw it it was just lee pace without the black religious markings over his face.
Here he is in make up


There was no blood, nudity, sex, and graphic violence. y’know Jim’s typical go tos :laughing:

seriously, if you read a lot of the two Caps interactions in the comics. they are very much alike. Only Marvel calls America “Army” and Steve calls Carol “Air Force”


The direction was super uninspired. There was so much potential for creativity during a few sequences (the forced flashback when the Skrulls were trying to figure out who Carol was, in particular) that were just wasted. The action was bland. The cinematography was formulaic. They need new blood for the next one.


I thought it was new blood? not everyone is going to be Taika Waititi or Ryan Coogler. I believe that they tried to make a coming of age type story for this MCU film. therefore they may not be very experienced in Action or Effects.
I also think that every time a new Marvel movie comes out we have to remember that it is made for people who don’t know anything about comics so things might be overly obvious to us.


I can get behind that. But this movie kind of reminded me of First Avenger, in that it had its moments, but lacked that unique “pop” that made other MCU movies so good, largely because it had so much to introduce and set up. I’d like to see the next Captain Marvel movie take some risks, focus itself a little bit, and let the characters live and grow in the world that was created in the first one. What Winter Soldier was in relation to First Avenger, essentially.

Also, the action scenes need to be better. The set pieces had zero flow to them, the choreography was garbage, and there was no sense of weight or consequence. The movie looked rushed, honestly.


I’m befuddled…The First Avenger was the best and most distinct of the Cap movies.


First Avenger had a great first act with some charming performances, and then became a very well put together montage.

Winter Soldier set up the world, the conflicts, the vibe/tone, and the characters all in about fifteen minutes and then let loose and let the rest of the movie do its thing. It also had a sliver of something to say. And the action was far superior. And the best Black Widow performance to date.


This movie more than most feels like it was written for existing Marvel fans.


I think you may have made my point for me. Compare Captain Marvel to Captain America and Thor. Were their first movies their best movies? No. but because they got the intros out of the way in their first movies, they were then able to make Winter Soldier and Ragnarok. Give Captain Marvel the benefit of the doubt that her next movie could be a Winter Soldier or a Ragnarok


They should kill Carol in Endgame, and have her powers go to Monica… she should be the right age =P

No but seriously, I think they’re obviously setting Monica up… I don’t really see the point of the whole 90’s thing otherwise…


Why do you think that? because it had Nick Fury, Ronan, and Coulson in it? Coulson and Ronan were ciphers in this movie and Fury was there because Larson asked for him.They have done a couple of movies together and she asked that he be the agent she worked with in the movie.


Fury said something to Monica about how she could go on a mission when she was older and glowed like Aunt Carol, or something. We’re getting a Monica Rambeau Photon or something at some point in the future…l think that’s a given.


First Avenger was absolutely the best Cap movie. Where are my people at?


I mean, was The Winter Soldier better structured?

But it wasn’t as entertaining as Star Spangled Man with a Plan or how well Evans played off of Weaving.


Hidden Figures but with Kree and Skrulls.