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Captain Marvel Discussion (SPOILERS)


Out this Friday. I’ll be watching it.


I think we are going Thursday night to see it.


But it’s out on Friday!!!

I should be going along Friday afternoon to see it. I’ve actually managed to avoid the full trailer for it, which is good because I think I worked out most of the plot structure from just the short trailer they released last year. I’m hoping it can still surprise me.


You shouldn’t need a trailer to work out the plot structure of a Marvel movie.


I notice some people being lukewarm about this movie but I have a suspicion it will be better than expected.


IGN likes it.


Huh, surprised by the global release date.

I feel like I’ve seen about half the major spoilers already, maybe all of them.


Reviews are starting to roll out. Rotten Tomatoes have over 70 up and so far it has 89% fresh rating. Metacritc has about 30 up with an average score of 67


Oh here it is… =P

Okay, some non-spoiler reviews for whoever’s interested:


Man I don’t know who any of those are. :flushed:


I think one of them is called Brie Larson.


In all seriousness though, me either, I trust their review skills as much as I trust a cat to not run out in front of my car.


That’s a kind of cheese isn’t it?


Some men seemingly do seem to find the whole thing hard to swallow.


Holy shit that first review is the most annoying thing I have seen in a really long time. I kept waiting for him to accidentally punch himself in the face. I gave up on it after just a few minutes and it’s not a long review.


I’ve found most YouTube reviewers can’t actually review the parts of the movie you want to know about. I like guys like Red Letter Media who have one foot in the production/creation side when they watch anything. It gives you a better idea of where a film lands. A lot of reviews for MCU are either swooning or saying every five minutes that no one has paid them to swoon, intermittently between swooning.


You know what? I’m not even gonna bother…


I’m expecting a completly unbiased review from the guy wearing a Captain Marvel hoodie :laughing:


Actually he has the same opinion as most reviews I’ve seen so far, which is: It’s okay. Not the worst, not the best… just fine.

I was gonna add more videos as they were posted, but considering the snark I got, fuck that ain’t wasting my time, however, I’ll add this one I haven’t watched, solely because it’s 2 women reviewing it which I guess is a bit more relevant… I’d post Grace Randolph’s review too, but nah… can’t stand her anyways…


Why is this thread opened solely for Captain Marvel? And not in Marvel movies?

As for RT, it is at 84 percent with: " Packed with action, humor, and visual thrills, Captain Marvel introduces the MCU’s latest hero with an origin story that makes effective use of the franchise’s signature formula."