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Captain America: Civil War - The Full Cast revealed


This is interesting:



It’s totally Avengers 2.5, isn’t it? I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw even more characters than that (even if it’s just cameos).


It would be really cool if some actors/characters from the TV shows (Daredevil, Jessical Jones, Skye, Deathlok) had cameos or background scenes, just to tie the two media together.


I thought there were rumors that Daredevil would show up.


Charlie Cox said he thought it would be great if he appeared in Civil War which came out of him reading the comic and noticing Daredevil as in it. He then said he hadn’t been approached, so nothing much in that story, so far at least.


Ah ok. Thanks, Gar. I would certainly like to see him in it. This is a great chance to further connect the TV and cinematic universe even it’s just background filler.


I don’t have a big desire to see Avengers 2, (I didn’t care for the 1st one, but lets not go there) but I will see it if only to be up to speed for Civil War, I just re-read the trade a few weeks ago and can’t wait to see how the film is done. I just love the way Chris Evans portrays the character, I don’t currently own any Avenger films, but IM and the Captain America BRs will be on my shelf soon. I expect Civil War will join them. :wink:


It is a bummer though that MCU Cap has already done the F16 surfing bit in Winter Soldier because that was one of my favorite scenes from the book. I still think they should take into account my idea from the other thread and intro Herc into the MCU. Herc’s role in Civil War was one of the more fascinating, imo


What did Herc do in Civil War? I remember him being in Cap’s Secret Avengers and smashing up the Thor robot but I don’t remember what else he did.


Smashing the Thor Robot is what I was talking about


Ah, that was pretty cool. I was just wondering whether there was something else in the tie-ins that I might have missed.

Was that circa Incredible Hercules? That book got some pretty great reviews as I remember.


it was a pretty good book. very tongue in cheek and buddy comedy with Herc and Amadeus CHO. but it came a couple of years after Civil War


I think Civil War could work much better in the films due to the lack of character history.

That and there’s already a good amount of friction between Rogers and Stark, often with the former being inclined to quickly believe the worst of Stark and resort to violence quickly.