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Captain America: Civil War starts shooting in April





I hope the got the soul of the book, cause Civial War was the reason I got back to read comics!


It would be righteous if there were a “Written By” credit involved!

I thought they set it up very well in The Avengers when Tony spouted off about about Steve being “of no use” - the absolute perfect line to jab a fingernail right into the festering sore of self-doubt that has always been his demon.

Knowing a bit about film-making, this is going very different places from the story you wrote. That’s okay. We went a bit afield with Wanted, and that turned out to be two very different takes on a plot, and both enjoyed for what they are. All I’d want is the open to be the same as written (don’t care if it’s the same particular characters, that’s an area open for tweaking) (and that’s “tweaking” as in “fine tuning”; not as in taking speed drugs or, Lord help us all, “twerking” - which must go away!) (we don’t have spoiler text yet - got slowed by a baby or summat - so I’m doing what I can) with Nuke blowing and the white-out leading to title card to ruinous aftermath. Just that one bit. Maybe with Goliath (or a Goliath, I’m getting so confused! Giddy, really). So how’s that for hiding meat in front of the kitty?

And the term “civil war” remains an oxymoron.


btw - now that things have been changed around in the movies some, I’d like to contribute a line. Might as well be for free, ain’t nobody gonna pay this po’ boy anyhows.

“This whole war is nothing but a family feud between the two sons of Howard Stark!”

You heard it here first.


This movie is going to be a blast. I really do hope that Cap and Bucky don’t get lost in the shuffle, though.


Winter Soldier was probably the most direct adaptation of a comics storyline that we’ve seen yet in the MCU, and I think Ed Brubaker got a story credit or acknowledgement of some kind.


I know what you mean. Part of me wishes it was a fully-fledged Avengers film (which it looks like it’s going to be in all but name anyway) rather than a Cap movie.


Ed Brubaker played one of the medical attendees in Winter Soldier.


The turnaround on these movies is amazing.