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Myself and a few pals got together and started making comics. We’re posting free webcomics at

Thus far, we’ve put up the first 12 episodes of The United, a UK set superhero conspiracy thriller. Coming this month will be Space Rats, Tales From The Garngad and Ally’s Special Socks.

If you check out the site, please feel free to leave comments there or here. All advice is welcome!




That’s really nice. I like the use of dutch tilts and the title being placed into the middle of the page like that.

I immediately get a feeling of tension and conspiracy from the tight panels. Thoughtfully done.

One crit is that I’d stick some textures into your colours - the clean linework makes the flat colouring almost a little too flat. Just some fabric textures dropped onto the coats would add a little depth. Either that or perhaps shade with a softer brush to create a bit of sculpting to aid the linework.

Overall it reminds me of Zenith, somehow. In a very good way!


Hey Michael,
Thanks for the kind words, man! I love Zenith, so I take that as a huge compliment. V for Vendetta and Alan Davis’ black and white Captain Britain were also in my head too when I drew this.

I didnae colour the sequential page, that was Gavin Boyle. Gav does his own comics, Rapid Gazzer and Escape from Coatbridge. He’s way better wie digital colouring than me. I draw everything old school. I taught myself to ink on this too, so that hopefully improves as the story progresses. I coloured the cover, so your tips will come in very handy and I’ll tell Gav too.

The number of panels per page generally increases at moments of tension, so it’s cool you picked up on that. Dutch tilts come straight from reading How to Draw Comics the Marvel Way as a teenager! I also love film noir (which is pretty obvious later on, I guess).

Here’s some more pages, a pin-up for Rapid Gazzer and a page fae Tales From The Garngad, a work in progress…


Ah, I love that middle page. The close-up on the top right is great (hope it’s a wordless panel, it conveys the sense of urgency just right).


Hey Michael,

There is dialogue in the panel, but it’s pretty minimum. The page is from episode 10, entitled ‘Children of the Revolution’. All the episodes are named after songs I dig, taken together in the comic selector on the site, it looks like a playlist.

I was going to post the lettered page, but that would give away plot points. There are also some digital effects on the final page.

Here are some other lettered pages though. There is some swearing…



Space Rats is now up at

Here’s the first page:

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We’ve a new comic up at

Hope folks dig it.



I’m drawing the second episode of Space Rats. Sci-fi is harder than superhero stuff to draw for me. Maybe the spaceships in this won’t all look like giant nobs.

This page is a death/dream sequence and I’ll play about with Photoshop filters once it is scanned in.



I hate to say it, but the spaceship in that looks like a giant nob :wink:

But never mind that, I love the art. It’s detailed and visually exciting/dynamic, and I have to love anything with Kirby dots.


Hi David,

Aye, that was unintentional as I based it on a submarine design. However, in the story the ship was stolen by the Rats who renamed it ‘The Dirty Dick’. The other spaceships are vaginal, so it evens out.

Man, cheers for the kind words, I normally do more traditional page designs and I wasn’t sure it worked. I’ve also been looking for any excuse to use the Kirby dots.

I don’t know what filter to go with, mind you. Maybe something that gives it a more diffuse look. I thought about doing a wash, using crayons or charcoal. (In the end I used a brush-pen.)




I launched the first 4 issues of The United at this year’s Glasgow Comiccon. Aside from a near-death encounter with a guy dressed as He-Man, that went well. The comics are on sale in Forbidden Planet Glasgow, Geekaboo, A1 Comics and Comics, Toys & Collectibles in Falkirk.

Here are the covers:

Issues 3 and 4 also have a back-strip, Space Rats. If anyone picks the comic up, please let me know what you think!