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Candleshoe trailer


Yeah, I know this came out in 1977 but Matthew Vaughn and I just spent an hour talking about it and how much we loved it when we were wee. I told my Mum I was going to marry Jodie Foster, going to see this movie three times as a kid. Strangely, it never seemed to work out…



As I tweetered . . . Star Wars queues were round the block and a dejected father took us to see this instead after making the trip to the big city . . .



I watched this as a kid when it was on TV but hadn’t realised it was David Niven in multiple roles, he only ever played one character his whole career (and really well too), so it’s funny to see him have the chance to do an Alec Guiness there.

Is Vaughn doing the remake? May I suggest Charles Dance for the Niven roles!


Not the Jodie Foster part? He’s very versatile.

I’d forgotten the film completely, but now I want to see it again.