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That was awesome

More please


Doodledude, you have a unique, distinct style and I appreciate your willingness to display it as you grow as an artist.

One thing to keep in mind is that we arent looking for sexually explicit or suggestive pictures. If that changes we will let you (and everyone else) know.
In the meantime keep those pics for your Instagram account or other site you maintain for your fans or like minded individuals.


Sexy is subjective apparently.

And the pic you did of Batman commenting on Wonder Woman’s butt is sexually suggestive.


To be clear ‘doodledude’, this forum isn’t here for any artist to make their own tumblr page. It’s a creative community where artists can ask for feedback or suggestions, creative folks can get together for projects, or people can ask about how to make comic books. What you’re doing is essentially bumping your thread every day or two with whatever art you might have in your history - this isn’t going to be your personal forum.

As for oppressive, if others find your art objectionable or questionable we have every right to delete posts as we see fit. This isn’t a free speech issue, nor is it something we’re going to get in an argument about. You need to respect the decisions of the moderating team if you’re going to continue to be a member of the community.


To address your points, CBR, deviant art, etc obviously have different standards. Nothing wrong with that.
Mark wants the site work safe, the pics you posted that were taken down were not.
Instead of looking at this as suffocating censorship, look at is as a way to get creative. As you said above, our “negativity” won’t stop your creativity. This is your opportunity to show that.
I have nothing personal against you. I don’t even know who you are. I’m just explaining you the rules so you can post here long and freely.
I was the mod who told you to stop the locker room talk and yes, I’ve read Mark’s comics. Again, the comics and the site are different. This is work safe.
I’m aware of free speech. I’m also aware that free speech doesn’t mean no rules and that you are free from repercussions for not following the rules. Don’t make this a patriotic stance; that doesn’t wash.

I hope this clears up your questions. If you have any more, please feel free to contact me via private message. Have a great day.


My advice is that you are probably not ready to show your work out yet, but I suspect you know that as you are not using your real name when posting your stuff.

In 2015 virtually nobody is going to be interested in Batman/Wonder Woman sex fanfic, and that is not a good way to get your name and your work out there. I would avoid that.

You seem to work hard and produce a lot of stuff, I would consider devoting more time to studying anatomy and at some point it should be time to stop drawing from 90s Image and Marvel panels and develop your own voice.

From a professional standpoint, if you are interested in eventually becoming a professional, I would consider shying away from stuff that could be considered blatantly sexist and to listen when people warn you about that, as it is 2015 and the industry and its audiences are not what they were in the 70s, 80s, 90s. I would also advise against essentially spamming the sites of industry professionals and calling the site administrator Hitler when he asks you to chill out.

Good luck.


After 50 posts I don’t think anyone really wants to give you any feedback. I doubt the sincerity of you wanting any either, you’re not asking people or encouraging conversation, you’re just posting your art.

Being asked to post in good taste isn’t fascism either. If you’re not happy to abide by a couple of simple guidelines then this maybe isn’t the place for you.




Since Jim reopened the thread I have to presume any disagreement has been sorted behind the scenes, as they often are via private conversation. Let’s move on in a positive manner.


I think at least part of my post could have been left.

So, does any if Millarworld’s talented artist have any constructive criticism they are able to offer DoodleDude on his art and what he could focus on?


I think Robert’s comments a few posts up are probably on the money.

There’s real energy in the work, which is great, and there’s obviously an enthusiasm to keep drawing and producing work which should lead to improvement.

From my layman’s standpoint, anatomy is probably an area that could be improved, and would maybe help to tone down some of the more sexist-feeling elements.


Thank you for your comments and crits gentlemen.


If I may offer my 2C, doodledude…

I’d suggest concentrating less on the surface details for now, and set some time aside to drill yourself in figure drawing and balance. Take Black Widow a few posts up - the shiny leather details and muscles are cool and all, but she looks like she’s about to fall forwards, and her body is entirely in profile, apart from her head, which is facing front.

If you haven’t heard of Andrew Loomis, go here:

And grab “Figure Drawing for all its Worth”, a free (and perfectly legit ) public domain PDF book by a commercial artist from the Mad Men era. This, and some other figure drawing basics books have helped me a lot with my art.

Keep doing what you’re doing, but say once a week, devote a day’s drawing time to just drawing featureless outline figures in poses that might give you difficulty at the moment. Start with Loomis’s stick figures, and get a feel for the balance of the human body, and the way it moves. Use yourself as reference with a mirror.
And in between, keep on doing what you obviously love, and you should see results.


Thank you for taking time to comment and crit sir.I appreciate it.