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Can we post scripts/stories that we didn't get to submit to the contest for Millarworld to read?


Hey. So, another year passed by and oh my achy breaky heart I didn’t win. To say I was disappointed would be true, yet, I can’t say that I’m too surprised. I’m probably not on the Millarworld staffs Christmas list as I’ve expressed distaste on some issues that I was passionate about in past posts. Whether this means certain folk would toss my stuff in the trash pile rather than read it, I don’t know. Hopefully not. Anyway, I realize that the Millarworld Annual Competition has to be pretty competitive and there are going to be some scripts not picked or read.

I know also as awesome as it is what Mark Millar is doing, you can’t just wait for an annual competition to come around with the hopes that some staff member and ultimately the boss himself is going to read your stuff, like it, and select you. So, I’ve been thinking, is it alright to just start posting scripts for people to read? Some are MAC submissions that I couldn’t submit due to the one script per member rule, but others are for other comic stories that I’d like to start submitting to be read.

My hope is one, I’ll have a venue for sure to get myself read by everyone. And two, perhaps this will help me to make the connection with an artist/collaborator out there. Of course, I’m also open to some editor for Marvel/DC/Dark Horse/Other to read my stuff and see my potential. I just need to have something to fall back on besides an annual competition.

Thanks and hope to start showing you guys my stuff.



Posting work for review is always welcome here. It’s why Creative Central exists. We just ask that you give as much input as you get and try not to make things or take things too personal. Oh and keep it within the lines of good taste, please.


We have a thread already up and running to do that:

Closing this one so we don’t have duplicates.

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