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Can we ask for feedback?


Hi everyone! Congratulations to all of the winners! I’m sure all of you created exceptional submissions! I wanted to ask if at all possible, and no rules are violated, would it be at all possible to post our submissions and request peer review? I would very much appreciate feedback, and this would be truly helpful. Thank you again for the opportunity, Mr.Millar, and thanks to everyone who assisted in organizing the competition.


There’s been a few questions about this. I think the mods are probably going to start one thread dedicated to doing that (keep them all in the one place), but they’re probably all having a well earned rest right now. There’s plenty of writing stuff going on at the moment that you could get involved with in creative central in the meantime :smiley:


A little shameless flogging of my own thread. But I’m trying to get some peer review going on amongst folks interested in critique/feedback. We’re not the judges of this contest, but I’d wager we’re in the target demographic of the end user of anything you’ve written or drawn.


Someone already created a thread so good times


Come on over! :smiley:


Just after the holidays on Sunday 27th Dec, We’ll be posting a thread about giving anyone of the submission creators feedback. Please stay tuned for that.

In the meantime, promoting is also the name of the game - go pimp your wares in the Creative forum, start drumming up the interest, my storytelling brothers and sisters!



I am writing my 2016 submission. I had a question about my 2015 submission. I was not selected as a winning entry. May I use the story I wrote and create a Youtube tutorial video (with monetization) based on my writing process the focus of the video will be on my writing process? I want to use this script because it cannot be used for anything else.


George A. Aguilar