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Can someone help me find 1978 Superman trailer?


Not the one through the clouds with the names and logo.

I mean the really quiet one I’m guessing was done before they cast Reeve, quite a short trailer where the voiceover says the world will know him as Superman, etc, and it’s a longshot of a dramatic sky and a tiny figure standing on a farm with his back to us.

Yes, it’s for something I’m working on and you’ll lose your shee-it when you find out what this is.



Is this it? There’s a little bit of an intro someone has tacked on.


No, there was no actual scenes from the movie. It was a 30-40 second shot of a guy standing against sky back-drop. Way before anyone was cast.



There’s this one but there has obviously been some casting at this point.


Good luck, and why couldn’t I have lost my crap last week?

You’re talking “You’ll believe a man can fly” trailer?

Would this be it?

But I think this is what you’re looking for:



No, I’m after the second trailer at this link. Gotta be isolated for a conference call later as I run through it with people:


Would it work if it just started with that trailer?




You can use what’s above. If you have trouble extracting the link out, here it is.


There’s a YT feature that says “Start at” - you can adjust that to start where you want, saving call time.


Brilliant. Thanks all!



That’s all I did and generated a link from it.

I’m really curious what this will be for now. I can’t wait to hear about it.


Something for the Superior movie?


Oh. Yeah. Right. Like Millar is gonna tell us.

Besides, I think he’s making sure his movies have killer trailers.

Millar learns! :laughing:


Y’know…we probably will on the inside, but will retain our cool, composed exterior…

Nah…It doesn’t work. We’re internet geeks. We’re going to explode. Maybe even literally.


Mark Millar announces new project at Comic Con: