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Can anyone identify this cult movie??


Hey dudes,

I have this memory of a film from when I was a kid. It might have been a Harryhausen because I can see the monsters looking like that. But it was a place that was under attack by a monstrous threat and people being picked off at their leisure, a classical hero coming in and being sent off to tackle the source of the problem. I know this is the structure of Jaws/ Dracula/ Any number of things, but this was an old-timey movie and I’m sure it was that stop motion animation. Can anyone identify?



Colour or Black and White?


Memory hazy, but in my head it’s colour :slight_smile:


Not entirely sure, but here are some stop motion that sound like the premise, some of them are dinosaurs, The Alien Factor sounds a little like your premise. May be completely wrong though.

The Beast from 20’000 Fathoms, 20 Million Miles to Earth, The Black Scorpion, The Giant Behemoth, The Alien Factor,


I could be way off, but sounds like Jason and the Argonauts. 20 Million Miles to Earth is a gem…Beast from 20,000 Fathoms as well, inclusive of a cameo from Lee Van Cleef…his shooting buddy Clint Eastwood likewise appearing in the mutant spider classic, Tarantula…but I digress in getting ultra nerdy here, sorry…


Here’s a list of all stop motion live action movies. It’s got to be one of these:


Thanks, all. After much humming and hawing I think the movie in question, weirdly, is Jack The Giant Killer, which I’ve never actually seen as an adult :slight_smile:



Mark - if it’s Jack the Giant Killer, two things; it’s Ray Harryhausen (that’s good) and there are songs (that’s bad). There is one so bad it’s funny - “I Have Failed You, Master, I Have Failed”. This film singes, it scars, it leaves a smoldering trail through the mind. It is the soul mate of Darby O’Gill and the Little People.

Cheers, bro.


I remember being terrified by Jack the Giant Killer when I was a kid :scream:


I tell ya, that thing is dangerous.


It’s not Harryhausen by the way.


Yessir, @rob, you are right! Now that I think on it, I think there was a story behind that.