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Can anyone identify this 70s vampire movie for me?


Ends with kid who went missing some time before, now bitten and Mum delighted to see him.

Everyone knows he’s dangerous, but Mum so pleased she doesn’t care and runs forward, grabbing and hugging him. Kid totally in bloodlust and just smiles, sinking his teeth into mother’s neck in front of everyone.

What’s the movie? I saw this on TV when I was really, really young, but can’t remember it.



Alright, now I NEED to watch that.


Not ringing any bells.


Sounds like part of the TV adaptation of Stephen King’s 'Salem’s Lot - the one with David Soul. Episode 3?\


Hmmm, there’s a chance this could be the TV version of Salem’s Lot. I don’t remember that version all that well, I saw a few episodes (it’s a mini-series) and it had David Soul in it, but in the book a boy disappears and then comes back to bite his mother (who subsequently ‘turns’ while in the morgue). This scene could be at the end of one of the episodes.

If not, is it seventies as in it’s set in 1975 or whenever, or set in different timeframe?


Sounds sort of familiar.

The closest thing I can think of is “Burial Ground,” which was an Italian zombie flick, and one of the final scenes involves a child biting his mother, but it wasn’t on her neck.


Beaten to it.


Yup! :laughing:


I was thinking Salem’s Lot but I wasn’t sure.


Damn me and my incessant need to write clear and concise follow-up questions!!

Has this event made your day much better than it already was?

See?! Don’t answer that!


My first thought was Salem’s Lot, however i cant remember that particular scene.

I used to be terrified of the part where the young boy is outside his brother’s window.

I was scared to look outside my bedroom window at night for years after that.

I recently bought and tried to watch the mini again after re-reading Salem’s Lot. It does not hold up well at all.


Def not Salem’s Lot. I know every frame of that.

It’s a 70s movie. ENDS with this scene, everybody shouting at the mother as she approaches the boy, but she feels safe because it’s her son. Can’t remember where he bites, but it’s when she hugs him and he’s delighted, still pretending to be the little boy, grinning to himself.



Any of the ones listed here?


Did you solve this yet @Mark_Millar? Now it’s bugging ME!


sounds like Dead of Night.