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Objection your honour! Mathematically speaking, 12PM can only mean midnight.

Euro 2016 Thread

This often catches me out but I’m sure 12pm is noon since pm denotes the second half of the day.


Once again, Mr Meadows is left in the dark…


PM is post noon. That is the literal definition. After noon. Noon cannot be after noon. Unless you’re talking about tomorrow’s noon. Which would make Tim’s hangover particularly spectacular.



The article seems to agree with me, but this sentence is poorly worded:

“often incorrectly indicated as 12 p.m.” would be a clearer way of stating it.


So what year was Jesus born? It’s convention. So what everyone generally uses is by nature the correct way. :wink:


This thread interruption has been by the Campaign for More Logical Discourse. We hope you enjoyed this public service, and now return you to your on-topic posts.


With a title like that it deserves its own thread. :wink:



“Noon” is also more efficient, requiring both less charatcers to type and less syllables to say than “12 P.M.” :stuck_out_tongue:

You know it makes sense.


This is what I use myself. Well, that and I try to avoid scheduling anything for that exact time of day.


3599/3600 of the hour which begins with 12noon is ‘after noon’, so…


About 4BC.


I accept that 12:59:59 P.M. is correct. But I don’t accept that it has any bearing on the original point.


Hahaha. True. Should have specified by former tradition. :wink:


At which point in the hour do you think it appropriately transitions from am to pm?


Liminal points are always fun :slight_smile:


11:59:59.9999999999999999999999 A.M.
12 noon
12:00:00.0000000000000000000001 P.M

(Decimal positions are indicative only; increase to whatever precision you wish.)


Evidently not interesting enough for @Todd. :wink: