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"Calling All Critics!"


Hey true-believers! Millarworld’s admin (special thanks to Jim O’Hara) has done a bang-up job of recently providing a new contributor platform for folks who submitted work in 2015’s Millarworld Annual Writer/Artist Challenge. People who may have not been chosen for one of the six, coveted slots in the annual but people who continue to write and submit because of our shared love of comics. Out of that love has come “The Write Offs”.

Since January of this year Jim has managed to wrangle a fair amount of interest from writers who want to continue to grow and ply and their craft while expecting nothing in return save readership and maybe some honest feedback.

I feel these contests (the second of which is being currently judged) have been a resounding success. I’m also aware that attendance while strong, has in large part consisted of the same players for each contest. Reading and critiquing each other’s work has been great but I’m hoping we can expand our number of contributors.

As such, I’m putting out the clarion call to all community members to hopefully find a few minutes and take a peek at what some of your fellow enthusiasts are up. There’s some exceptional talent to behold and it’s a mere click away. Who knows, it might be the just the nudge you need to try your hand in our next round.

The link to the stories can be found under the Community Forums/Creative Central tab and under the heading “Write Off 2: Parents. Pick a winner!!!” I urge everyone to check it out and by all means, vote, vote, vote.

Thanks and I‘ll see you in the funny pages.

M.E. Nichols