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Calling All Artists! [PAID WORK]


I will be submitting a new Space Opera series to tapastic in the vein of Star Wars and Mass Effect and I need someone like you!

This is will be paid work. I will be paying in the range of $50 per page (tight pencils) and will need you to commit to 25 sequential art pages each one with a deadline of 2 weeks. There are two ways to show your interest: I am not asking for fully finished and coloured pages just tight pencils (here’s a example of tight pencils).

There are two ways to show your interest:

A. Leave a link to previous sequential artwork you have done which shows your work at its best.


B.Use the sample script below to create a sequential page.

Please don’t offer to work for free.
You will be credited for your work.
If you’d like to contact me privately then send me a Private Message

What I’m looking for:

  • Someone who is competent (you don’t necessarily need years of
  • Someone who can complete tight pencil work for a single page in 14
  • Someone who understands how to tell a story without dialogue.

Page 1 (5 Panels)
Panel 1
KESTREL, a small starship about the size of a double decker bus, with a shape reminiscent of a bird’s head. The ship is dodging blaster fire (we’re in space so no sound effects here at all). Have the KESTREL in the foreground bursting from the panel (moving from right and arriving at the left corner).
Panel 2
KESTREL moving horizontally across the panel (left to right), it is tipped sideways so that we are looking into the cockpit as if from above. ZAIYATH (13) and DORIAN (40 something) are in the cockpit. We can see some of the details of their appearance enough to know that DORIAN is barrel chested and dress like a smuggler or scavenger and ZAIYATH has a plain jumpsuit.
Panel 3
It is a wide shot where we see the pilots attacking KESTREL they are as small as go-karts which makes them nimble yet weak. In the backgrounds, planet HECIFER it is a simple, lush planet (blue water, green land). KESTREL and the go-karts ships are smaller but still close enough to see a little detail.
Panel 4
A man with pointed ears (60) is meditating on the surface of HECIFER (think scholar/jedi/nomad in terms of attire). Above him looms (in the background) a temple or church like structure (try and blend the futuristic with gothic). The sky needs to be visible.
Panel 5
The KESTREL appears in the sky from behind the temple in the background as the meditating man, named TETHO, breaks his focus by sighs. KESTREL is top left, the temple is more centred and TETHO is closer to bottom right of the panel.


Sometimes these adverts go a little unnoticed, however, if no one gets back to you I suggest checking out the thread below. It has a ridiculous amount of competent artists you could contact. Good luck in your hunt. :smile:

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GREAT NEWS! I found a really talented artist and we have made an agreement on the job! His name is Elliot Balson. Take a look at his submission below. If you were in the middle of making your own submission feel free to throw it up as a reply so others can see your fantastic work because there’s a good chance other writers will be lurking around in search of talented artists (I may also consider you for a guest spot in my project).