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Call for submissions for Future Noir Anthology


Hi all.

A few years ago I tried to get an anthology off the ground called ‘Future Noir’. Set in a world similar to that of Blade Runner, we had a few submissions come in before the usual thing happened, some creators flaked out and left the submissions high and dry before they were finished.

Paul Penna and I are looking to get the anthology up and running again with the view of getting submissions of up to 10 pages finished, with art and lettering, by December of 2015 with the view of a crowd funding campaign beginning in January 2016.

Below is the Facebook group we’ve set up for the anthology.

I’m happy for any submissions or queries to be sent to my old Flux Uk email address for the moment -

So, what we’re looking for.

  1. Futuristic Noir tales, be they detective stories, actioners etc, they must be sci-fi based and feature androids or augmented humans. They should have a twist. They should be original. We want big ideas, big themes, great compelling characters. Think of a mega-city and the people who inhabit it, what are their stories?

  2. No more than 10 pages. Any more will be rejected out of hand.

  3. Complete teams of artist and writers would be ideal. We won’t be accepting scripts. Please use the group and this post to get together and collaborate. Post your scripts and art subs here, use the forum to link up. If you’re an artist looking to jump on board, ask here. If you have a script, pitch it here and we’ll do our best to get an artist attached.

Happy to hear pitches on this forum. If you have an idea and you’re not sure if its a fit, let us know and we can chat about it.

That’s it for the moment. If you have any questions, drop us a line or reply to this post and we’ll get back to you when we can.

Happy creating!



Glad to see this is in the works! Just wondering if there is any limits of submissions? I don’t know if you remember me, but I had a script for it last time (“NOLA”) and begun working with an artist for it. Would I be able, for instance, to continue with that and submit that along with a more recent project (provided I find an artist to work with)?


Yeah Cam, I remember. Get that strip finished and it’s in!


Sounds cool. I am working on something of a murder mystery set in the near future involving private detectives who require PhD’s in various scientific fields to even understand the crimes they investigate, genetically engineered parasites, people who let A.I.'s control them like puppets and viruses that improve health rather than sicken people, but it would be too long for this anthology.


I’m back, and I’m interested. I have a story that might work with some edits, but I need a bit of help with the parameters of this world. Would these things fit in this world?

  1. Aliens.
  2. Shapeshifting androids.
  3. Genetic engineering.
  4. Monsters made by genetic engineering ( illegally).


If it fits in the kind of universe created by Phil K Dick, then it’s acceptable.

To that end, I’d say yes to 3 and 4 unless you could convince me that 1 and 2 could also be included in PKD’s world?


So far for the anthology we have had a crap load of writers declare their interest, but next to no artists.

I expected this, but it’s still quite concerning. So if any of the writers can approach artists the know and see if they can help out that would be great.


Well 1 was a long shot. Perhaps I could use some kind of rapidly aging clone with an artificial frontal lobe intead of 2. As for the artist thing I figured we were finding our own anyway.



Submissions end this week for the anthology. We have received plenty of submissions already, but if anyone is sitting on something special, we’d love to see it.

Submissions close this Friday, check out the Facebook group or reply here and let us know if you have anything.

Next stage is to set up the Kickstarter which we’ll do once the submissions are in.

Exciting times!



Is the plan to eventually get artists and writers some sort of a page rate after you get funding?


Hi Craig,

Yes, that’s the idea with it. Hopefully the kickstarter will allow the
contributers to get published.



Hi all.

So subs have closed for the anthology, thanks to all who sent entries.

After a meeting with the editorial team we decided it’s probably best that we leave the anthology as an unpaid anthology. We did want to try to get artists and writers some kind of financial compensation with the kickstarter, however if writers tell an artist that they’ll be paid if they work on a strip and we fail to meet our kickstarter goals, then we’re opening a can of worms and we’ll have some bitterly disappointed (and no doubt angry) artists and writers.

For everyone’s sake it’s best this way. I’d like to add that the editorial team are not receiving any financial compensation for this either, we will simply be looking to cover the production costs.

Apologies guys, but it’s best this way.


Editorial team.