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Cable #151

Hi, gang! Cable #151 is out this Wednesday. Here’s a look at the preview art unlettered. If you get the chance please check it out! Cover colored by Federico Blee, Interiors colored by Jesus Aburtov, written by Ed Brisson!


It’s on my list, Jon. Loved #150. Looking forward to this.


Glad you liked it, Ronnie! Very kind.

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Keep an eye on the Trades thread in, oh… Say end of April 2018?

Thanks for making great comics. I haven’t been this excited for a Cable/X-Force book in a long time. My first comic was Uncanny X-Men #275 but New Mutants #100 and X-Force were the books that really kept me coming back. So I’m enjoying this.


Question for you @JonMalin .

First of all apologies. I’m about to go full fanboy.

When is the story actually set ?
I know it says 13 years ago so 2004 buuuuut
Is everyone pulled from a different time?

Selene also pulled Blink from the ocean void during the events of Necorsha (2009-2010) so I’m guessing that she gets put back there at the end of this story.

X-23 is wearing her old costume from NYX (2003 and 2005) New x-men days (New X-Men Vol 2 20 Jan 2006) so that kinda works out

Shatterstar is wearing his early 90s costume. (New Mutants (1st series) #100 April 1991) but I guess he’s aloud a costume change

Armour’s first appearance is in Astonishing x_men vol 3 2004 so that lines up but does that make her now 26 -30 years old currently?

Longshot has his pre 2014 Longshot saves the Marvel Universe hair so could be from anywhere between 1985-2014

Shatterstar say the Externals were killed by Selene a decade before.
So 2004-10 = 1994

Kill list
Gideon X-Force 52 (1996)
Saul X Force 53 (1996)
Absolum X Force 54 (1996)
Crule X Force 54 (1996)
So thats a pass

SOOOO This story take place in 2004.
Are we going to see a time jump to present day?

Yeah Im in waaaay to deep with this one and have pretty much answered my own questions and we can put this down to Marvels fluid timeline.

Gah I need sleep

great work by the way :wink:


Oh my god what have I done.


You’re that guy now. :wink:


You asked questions about chronology in a Cable comic.

Never ask questions about chronology in a Cable comic.


The scary thing is.

I answered them.


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Hi, Mark! Thanks for checking out the book and the question and I WISH I could be of more help but that’s a question for Ed. They tell me what should be where in script but I have no in depth knowledge of the timeline. Sorry!


Well, invite him over here - he’s guaranteed a warm reception.

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I will be on my almost bestest behaviour promise!