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Cable #150


Hi, Guys! Marvel released some preview art for my new Cable run. Ed Brisson is writing. Here’s the same pages without the lettering. Cover colors by Federico Blee, interior colors by Jesus Aburtov. Hope everyone checks it out OCT 18th!


Looks fantastic!


Wow Jon, that looks amazing.


what Simon said!


Great stuff Jon.
Nice to see Ed tapping into the Selene & the X-Ternals.
Hopefully he’ll get into their history and the old story line that ran through x-force which wasn’t clearly resolved.


OK, I admit it - I was massively sceptical of this, but I’ll have to give the trade a look when it’s out next year.


I’ll be honest whilst the art on the first 5 issues of the current cable series was very good it felt very decompressed. Completely different style of story than what James Robinson did on Cable back in the 90’s.
It doesn’t actually feel like a James Robinson story and maybe more of an editorial led idea and James was called into script at the last minute. It was one of the last of the X-men reboot titles to be announced.

I hope Ed and Jon dig deep into cables history and backstory as there are many plot threads left untouched and a tonne of room for growth with the character

Heres the preview with letters Cable 150 lettered All the right things being said here in my book.

scroll to the bottom to see all 4 pages


Thanks for the preview, I think that last page sold me it with ‘the gun’ conversation!


Thanks, everyone!