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C Granda - Comic Book Artist


Hi I’m Carlos Granda a comic book artist from Colombia.

I have done published work for Black mask, Zenescope, other small press like GWP, Actuality Press, Sixteen Hectares Moose and some creator owned comics for independent writers and a couple of my own self published comics.

I wanted to show some of my art here and please have a look at my sequential portfolio if you want.

All comments are welcome

C Granda


Amazing stuff!




Howdy Carlos! Your stuff looks really familiar - as in I might have read some stuff of yours before. Black Mask rings a bell. I do like the sequentials.


dude this is seriously incredible!

Great work!!!

You got any colored examples too?


Hey Carlos… are you looking for a collaborator?


Well I Haven’t done colors in a loooong time, I usally work with a colorist named “Champe Ramirez”

And here are some colors of mine from a long long time ago


In what sense?