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Buy a Homeless Person dinner this Christmas!


This is an amazing idea. I’m going to do a block one today. So simple, so brilliant. Spend a little less on tat we don’t need and spend even a fiver if you can. When you can quantify it as a meal it’s actually very powerful. Take second and follow this link, chums…



Excellent idea.

This was another good initiative I saw recently - for kit (coats, scarves, gloves etc.) rather than food:


My local Tesco (and no doubt many others) are doing a push for donations to the local food bank. Lots of opportunities to help people this year.


Sheena just sang at a small benefit concert for our local food bank last night. It’s very cool what they can do with even small amounts of money. They said that with $1 they can buy 4 meals.


What a wonderful idea.
Thanks for sharing, Chief.
I just did it.


George Clooney launches campaign to feed the homeless at Christmas

George Clooney has launched a campaign to feed the homeless at Christmas by donating the first £5.

The appeal aims to feed thousands of homeless people in Scotland on Christmas Day and throughout 2016.

The Hollywood actor, 54, was filmed donating £5 and urged other people to do the same.

He filmed the appeal when he visited the shop last month, meeting fans and joking with staff members.


What an awesome business!