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Butcher Queen is Blade Runner with Monsters!


Hey Millarworld! Just wanted to show off my latest project.

Me and my long-time writer Jim Ousley got picked up by Red 5 Comics to publish Butcher Queen: A cyberpunk horror comic series set to come out later in 2019. We are crowdfunding it right now and we have some pretty cool rewards like getting yourself in the comic. I hope you don’t mind the self-promotion. We are very proud of this project and would just love for everyone to be able to see it.


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This looks awesome. I hope you reach your goal.

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Thank you! 30% in two days ain’t bad. We just need a lot of help spreading the word outside of our own little bubble, you know? It’s a big world with lots of content out there :wink:
Thanks SO MUCH for watching! I means a lot to us.