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Butch Mapa All-You-Can-See Art Buffet


Pages, pinups, and sketches! Let’s go!

Some stuff from the past year:




Astro City Sketch:

First page of SOL, a comic I worked on, out later this year. :slight_smile:


These are amazing!


Thank you very much! :slight_smile:




Oh wow-- thanks!!! blush


No problem at all. Would love to work on a project with you…actually, let’s make that happen!


I’m booked up for a few months but down the road maybe? :smiley:


I like to do sketches to promote my favorite comics as well, here’re a few!

Joshua Dysart’s Harbinger run

Burlyman Entertainment’s Doc Frankenstein and Shaolin Cowboy

Alan Moore’s 1963:


Hey nice to see you back buddy! That art has gotten even better… great job! =)


Thanks! Been awhile! Any old-timers still rolling around here?


Agents Red and Hook from Zenescope’s Realm Knights series!


Happy Batman Day!


Posting some new samples I’m working on. Crits welcome!


After getting some great feedback, decided to rework the 2nd page. :slight_smile:


Yup… it looks much better on the 2nd try…

You might want to change both “jumping” harleys too… They’re a bit anatomically awkward… specially the 1st one, she looks completely broken =P

Love the detail on the backgrounds tho… veyr nice =)


New set of pages :slight_smile:


really nice thread here! its really inspiring seeing the progress from page to page! The falling gwen is a particular highlight!


Really liked these pages!!


This looks really good! But I think the graffiti doesn’t quite fit in - might be the scale / style