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Burningman (first personal comics project)

Been my dream for a while to be part of the comics creative community, to have my stamp on the popular ones and be able to create my own. But since none of the big companies have hired me yet I have to go to create my own part first :stuck_out_tongue:
This is my first foray into this.
Title is: Burningman
Story and illustrations are all mememe!
Tag: A lost and angry soul decided to make his exit but the universe had different plan. An Angry soul + destructive power, what could go wrong?
Posted here is the complete ink pages of Chapter 1: End
Words are still in proof reading process as you see I am not very good with grammar and such :stuck_out_tongue: But will make it work as I really love doing this.
There will be 5 chapters with 6-10 pages each for the whole story. It’s a one shot but could be expanded but I have no idea how to yet. Just need to get this whole set off my head for now.
Was planning to post the whole thing for free on my FacebookPage but life does require $$ to survive. So I’m holding that idea off and try and see if I can convince anyone to sponsor this. Don’t want Kickstarter or Patreon at the moment cause I want to focus on producing rather than worrying about promotions and making money, though I need it badly, but if anyone can handle this for me might consider. But I would prefer a sponsor more than the crowd funding.

Progress pics for “Chapter 2: Woke” are posted on my FBpage also.

Would like to hear your thoughts and comments.

BTW best way to contact me if you have any commissions is through > or you can drop me a line in my FacebookPage


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