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Brilliantly dark alternate ending for FRIENDS series finale...


The more I think about this the more I love it, especially them all having different names and personalities when they leave…



Wow, that really is dark! Fans would have lost their minds over it.


Isn’t that essentially how The Brittas Empire ended?


Yeah, basically. People didn’t like that either. :slight_smile:


This works! It makes perfect sense too since Pheobe is the one who sticks out in the group - she doesn’t really have any connection to the group. She’s not a school or college friend nor is she a random who became a room mate. Crazed up junkie dreams are the only thing that actually make sense!


Now this I can get behind. How else could six morons who never seem to do anything afford apartments of that size in New York City where living in a closet costs $1000/month? :wink:


Well, I’m not really for the “it was all a dream” trope, 'cause it really negates the relevance about the story… But I guess in this case it does fit.

But it’s even more sad when you consider that Phoebe would be so f*cked up that she couldn’t even “imagine” better friends and better people… I mean, all Friends were pretty horrible people all things considered.


I honestly really hated Friends mostly because of the things you said and what I noted above. I don’t think I would have wanted friendships like those.


Yeah… watching them was funny maybe, but when you thought about it… ugh… like, why would I be friends with a useless moocher man-child wanna-be actor who keeps smiling like an idiot? Yeah no thanks xD