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Brian Michael Bendis Leaves Marvel, Signs Exclusive Deal With DC

Hey, would love to know what everyone’s thoughts are on Bendis going to DC?

After all this time I’m sure he has nothing left to say with the Marvel characters. I am struggling to see where the Bendis Speak will fit in the DCU, though. Dude should have hopped on board with Netflix too.

I agree with leaving Marvel. I think a safe bet would be Teen Titans.

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Would be great to see his Batman, it’s just as much as DC is killing it at the moment a great writer makes a great mark on a character with only one or two artists (not always), it’s why Snyder and Capullo worked so well, but with the twice monthly releases there’s so many changes of artists, Tom King has some great stories but there’s always a good 5 part story followed by one or two filler issues. Batman and others are feeling very odd at the moment, The War of Jokes and riddles had about two issues then stopped so Janin could keep up with the art, at points it feels they would be better to read as complete collection.

With Teen Titans the human relationship stuff, is that between the main characters or between them and the characters in their personal lives? So JLA is about them not being influenced by differences of character and just doing the right thing. The personal story the JLA face is how the villain challenges them.

Anyway, Bendis, I’m excited.

This is such great news! I think Bendis began to be taken for granted at Marvel, both by the fans and the company. He’s got tons to offer, and clearly DC is already gearing up to try new ideas again. They just acquired the guy to push those efforts to a whole new level.

I never got the sense Marvel itself, in terms of upper management and editorial, took him for granted. I figured it was like JRJr, where he’d just done every character 6 times each, and it’s new creative challenge and career boost for him. But I’m not privy to the inside baseball.

Very excited for this. We’re going to get some great books out of it.


I’ve actually felt a small Bendisaissance (word?) lately, I think his recent Spidey and Jessica Jones stuff have been his best stuff in a while. Heard good things about Invincible Iron Man and Defenders too.

But at the same time, yeah, he’s definitely been round the block with Marvel. Hopefully a new universe will be a shot in the arm. Interesting to see who steps up to replace him back at Marvel.


It’s great news for the industry and there needs to be more of it at the big two - the way it seemed it used to be.

For me, as great as Bendis will be on Batman, both Batman and Detective Comics are top books just now and both King and Tynion IV are fantastic writers - don’t try fix what is not broken.
Action Comics and Superman are also very good right now, with top writing talent leading that line.

Justice League is also fine with Orlando doing a good job on JLA and the brilliant Christopher Priest taking over the main title with # 34.

My hope is DC look at some books which need a bit of a boost and I’d start with the non Abnett Teen Titans Book and look at Green Arrow as well.
The Green lantern books have slumped a bit recently too, so that could be an option.

Please don’t launch any new titles of existing books because the line just becomes a mess again and we go backwards into Marvel territory after doing such a good job of refining things for Rebirth.

Now would be a good time for a L.E.G.I.O.N. book to resurface…and I love the shouts for both The Question and Gotham Central.


Honestly, I’d like to see Marvel take the long road and develop and groom the next set of great writers as they did in the early 2000s.


You mean when they stole them all from 2000AD, Wildstorm, and Vertigo?




Green Arrow is a great call. I haven’t been keeping up with the series but at some time I’d love to see Bendis’ take on it.


I look forward to him getting a fresh start at DC.

Hopefully he will be able to bring some new ideas to the books he will be working on. Also, I hope that he will be freed from the mentality he dealt with where it appeared, to me, that whenever Marvel marketing/editorial wanted to push a new idea, they would put Bendis on that book(Avengers, Xmen, GOTG).
Give him some freedom along with that fresh start.


The thing with Bendis is I think they need to create a space just for him in the DCU with some minor characters he can play with. I know he’d be great on Batman, but both Batman books are occupied right now. Batman’s kind of too big for Bendis type books. So maybe he’d be better with Nightwing, or even a Commissioner Gordon book. Gotham Central, or just a book on Gotham itself with Batman only a rarely occurring character. The idea of taking what he did with Malev in Daredevil and writing something like that for Gotham would be great.

There’s characters he shouldn’t touch. In the same way he kind of knew he should stay away from Hulk & Thor, he need to stay away from Superman & Green Lantern. Bendis should just stay away from space. Which means I think he should avoid JLA. It’s not his thing. And I don’t want him near Joker - we don’t need a Gilmore Girls type exchange with Joker mixing in pop culture references.

He needs to find his Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Cage and Spiderman. I could see him making Cyborg an interesting property. I’d give him Talia Al Ghul, Nightwing or Damien. While he’d be great on Blue and Gold, I don’t think they part of DC’s plan. He’s clearly going to want Green Arrow - that’s his type of character.

By this point Bendis must know himself pretty well. DC want to take the most advantage of him. And maybe the biggest advantage is elevating a C lister to an A lister and creating a new property everyone is excited about. That’s where I’d use him.


I tend to agree. The buzz will be big about Bendis moving across so he could really drive big sales on a B level book for DC and get to do what he does best.

I think pretty much most of us agree his best work is on more grounded intimate books and not the huge cosmic and event driven stuff. Bendis on Green Arrow appeals to me way more than Superman even if the latter is the bigger character.


Can he do Powers at DC?
Really liked the TV show!


He owns Powers completely (along with Oeming), he can take it wherever he wants. Probably like other creators that have left Marvel exclusives he’ll just transfer it back to Image (see Casanova, Criminal etc).


He should do Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olsen.


I think the knee jerk reaction would be to put Bendis on Batman and it’s possible that to support his contract they might need to do that at some point. I think he could certainly handle the character.

Like you, I’m more interested in him raising some other character’s profiles. Renee Montoya (as the Question or otherwise) seems like a good idea. I think what will ultimately drive it is what Bendis is interested in doing in the DC Universe. I’ll be excited to see where he takes it.


Any street level fighter, (Hero) ould do just fine in the hands of Bendis.

On the Top of my head i´m Thinking “Black Lightning”, “Nightwing” or something that involves the whole Flash Family.

Any comic where he can spent three pages with people just talking will be just what he needs.