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Brexit The Movie!


I love this doc. Watched it last night. The most important factor in the upcoming referendum is Tony Benn’s argument about democracy and it doesn’t get enough press in the stitched up debate. Everything else is meaningless once your vote means nothing and all the infiltrated major parties saying the same thing should let us know that EU is a politician’s dream, but a nightmare for the people. Suddenly, they don’t need to bother with little things like the electorate.

Fellow socialists, don’t be fooled by their post 1988 rhetoric. This thing is here to crush us. Have a watch and see. The most important election of our lifetime’s by a mile…



& someone called me a conspiracy theorist… lol


Yeah, I made it about 2 minutes in.

Hysterical polemics like this aren’t going to help anyone. There are many issues with the EU, and the people of the UK has every right to consider their stance, but not even making an effort to show the complexity of the issue but instantly going for scaring the shit out of people - that isn’t going to improve the situation one bit.