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Hey guys I’ve been a fan of comics since I was in the 1st grade and I’ve been a fan of Millar since 5 years ago and I really want to get into comics as a writer and artist so here is the story of one of my comics that I would like to create called Starlance
After the Admoda galaxy was born and life sprouted throughout it, 5 different races from 5 separate planets developed the technology to explore the stars. Once each one started their trek in the great unknown it wasn’t long until they met through this detecting one another. Once they met at a neutral moon and all agreed that they wanted to explore the stars and see what else is out there. But they would need protection from the non-natural dangers the galaxy will bring. One of the families by the name of Starlance volunteered to this task and thus the Starlance corps was created.
After many millennia peace, exploration, and wonder combed the galaxy and in the blink of an eye the Starlance corps commander and his family were killed and the corps was turned and dissolved into the Brakka Imperium enslaving the galaxy to be ruled by Varyx the Lord Emperor of the Brakka Imperium. The other three families gave into fear and greed pledging allegiance to Varyx and his Imperium. The fourth family remaining, the Starphoenix family stood on its own to defy him with one last gasp for freedom.
Unfortunately no other family made a military because of the Starlance corps and because of this the Starphoenix and its acquisition of the worlds were defeated but they did not go down without a fight. Taking nearly a fourth of the Imperium’s armada before falling. The King of the Starphoenix family was taken as well as his family but his brother the great general responsible for such a great defiance against the Imperium was killed and his son taken prisoner.
Now the galaxy is defenseless every solar spin planet after planet is taken by the Brakka imperium. Countless races and species forced to do whatever Varyx wishes of them.
The stars cry as their light goes out but not all lights can be snuffed out