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Breaking: Jupiter's Legacy movie deal announced


Okay, this is exciting.

As you know, we announced this title back in early Summer 2012. It launched in April 2013, but we’d already had three movie offers for the book before it was even half written. My partner Frank Quitely and I turned them all down because this book really means an awful lot to us. We didn’t want anybody to start writing anything based on a synopsis or an unfinished design. This was a massive project we had undertaken and we wanted everything to be exactly right before any movie people got their hands on it and any kind of development.

It went on to become the biggest launch we’ve had at Millarworld (beaten only in sales by a single Marvel and a single DC title in launch month) and as well as the trade being out today, collecting the first 5 issues for a mere $9.99, we’ve also launched a companion title set in 1959 and drawn by the amazing Wilfredo Torres. I’ve been very lucky in my career, but these two books I think are the ones that mean the most to me. They’re the most personal and the ones I’ve put the most work into so I’ve been naturally protective of Jupiter’s as a movie property until everything was kind of established.

Well, that time is NOW and I’ve joined forces with former Warner Bros head Lorenzo DiBonaventura to bring this to life. We met a while back and did a deal over a handshake and a bottle of whisky up at his house and his plan is just seismic. The talent he’s talking about behind the camera convinced me to relinquish the rights to my most treasured book and now I just can’t wait to see where this goes. Lorenzo bought Harry Potter for Warner Bros and put Chris Nolan on Batman. He’s also the producer behind the multi-billion dollar Transformers franchise so you know he thinks big. It’s going to be the most monumental of all the Millarworld adaptations I think and I’m just honestly really excited.

More as it happens and thanks to everyone for supporting our book. Jupiter’s Legacy Book One is out in trade today and Jupiter’s Circle #1 should be sitting on the shelf right beside it. Get into it now.

Lotsa love,
Your Scot

PS Talk to series artist Frank Quitely here tonight in our live-chat at 5pm New York time:


Great news, Mark! I can’t wait to see it on the big screen!


It’s got the potential to be really huge, both as a film and for an audience.


This is actually very interesting news, as the Jupiter’s line has been one of your series that comes off as the least movie focused.
I think that you could easily reformat it into a really thrilling experience, and the decompressed nature of the first arc itself (until the end) leans itself into adaptation much more since it doesn’t come off that way initially.

Interesting, yeah. Very interesting.


So which studio will this be at? Or have I stupidly missed that?


I’d be happy to play the Utopian for you, but I’m holding out for the surprise appearance of Dr. Strange in Infinity Gauntlet.


Di Bonaventura has his company at Paramount, but whether they run with it or not probably depends on the next few months of development?

He’s helped make them a lot of money, but he did the same when he was at Warner Bros as well.


Damn, I missed the Frank Quitley Q&A…aargh!

Why did I think that it was happening tonight? Guess I picked the wrong week to quit sniffing glue.


Holy crap! Awesome – are we thinking trilogy or is it too early to be making those calls?


I hope it’s a trilogy.

If they don’t shoot back to back though, then I hope the first film is self-contained, as much as possible.


I think Legacy at least could at least be made into one movie.
The question is if Circle ever gets into the mix.


Your work deserve a huge movie, congratulations!!!