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Name: Sebastian Kyle Goering

DOB: 12/29/1995

Fave Comics Ever: Geoff John’s Green Lantern, Empress, The Samaritan, and Wally West Flash

Last Good Comic You Read: Frostbite

Fave Movies Ever: Deadpool, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, Top Gun

Last Good Movie You Saw: Don’t Breathe

What’s your Earliest Memory? I swallowed a marble when I was two years old

When and Where Were You Happiest? I was happiest when me and my wife, my girlfriend at the time, would hang out at Burger King with my best friend during lunch time.

Name Your Ideal Dinner Party of 5? Victor Dandridge Jr., Mark Millar, Geoff Johns, Emma Watson and Terry Brooks

What did Your Parents Do? My dad is in the Air Force and my mom does odd jobs

How Do You Relax? I read books, comic books or watch TV

Tell Us 3 Secrets About You: Most people do not know that I write my own comic books that I plan to turn into my own universe. When I was 10 me an my brother drew 50 new Pokemon and called Nintendo to try to get them to use them, they didn’t. I went to an actors camp and tried out for young Bruce Wayne in Batman Begins.


Name: Marcel Robert DeLancy

DOB : Febuary 3, 1981

Occupation: Special needs and disability high school teacher

Fave Comics Ever: Garth Ennis Punisher Max series, Lobo’s back, 30 days of night, Ghost rider 90’s (Daniel Ketch version) Hokotu no ken (Fist of the north star) The New warriors , The New mutants, X-force, Milestone media’s Hardware, Batman Knighfall, Akira, Requiem, Hack n slash, Daredevil

Last Good Comic You Read: Dc Rebirth’s suicide squad

Fave Movies Ever: Re animator, From beyond, Return of the living dead, Beetlejuice, little shop of horrors, spaceballs, fast times at ridgemont high, class of nuke em high, Prometheus, Aliens, Casino, Goodfellas, Departed, Bronx tale, Armed and dangerous, Cobra, Bloodsport, Rocky 3 and 4, Robocop 1and 2, 30 days of night, Sweeny Todd, Rush hour, Beverly hills cop 1 and 2, From dusk till dawn, evil dead 1 and 2, The first power, Invaders from mars, Society , The fly, Necronomicron, The last dragon, They live, The thing

Last Good Movie You Saw: Sully

What’s your Earliest Memory? Watching creature feature on sat afternoons on local TV,

When And Where Were You Happiest? Anytime I got a trip to the local comic store growing up.

Name Your Ideal Dinner Party of 5? Jim Lee, Frank Miller, John Carpenter, Samuel L Jackson, Mike Tyson

What did Your Parents Do? IRS agent and Case manager

How Do You Relax? Working out and playing basketball, playing marvel contest of champions mobile game, Netflix,

Tell Us 3 Secrets About You:

  1. I survived a fatal car accident.

  2. I was named after the French Mime Marcel Marceau

  3. Sprained my knee dancing at a club during a wedding reception party.


See? This is why I hate to dance.

Well, that and the fact that a girl once told me “You dance like a white boy.”

Welcome to MillarWorld, Marcel. :slight_smile:


Which I honestly think was a harsh thing to hear from Mrs. Jerry on your wedding day :smile:


Thank you for having me!!! Yeah, I laugh about it now. And I still love to Dance. Knee’s all healed up! :sunglasses::tada::grin:Cheers!


Yay, finally on millarworld! I think I speak for the majority when I say…you go boy:-)

Name - Collin Fogel

DOB - 6 - 16 - 79

Occupation - 2D - 3D artist.

Fave comics ever - Battle chasers, Body Bags, Ash, Akira, hulk - when dale keown and Peter David owned that!!! Jay lee’s Transformer series, joe quesadas 90’s x-factor annual with Spiral…to name a few.

Last good comic read - I am enjoying the insanity of Scottie Youngs Fairyland series.

Fave Movies ever - without a paddle, jay and silent bob strike back, Up, goonies, platoon, suspiria, a clockwork orange…to name a few.

Last good movie I saw - It’s gonna be a while before anything can top the last Star Wars.

Earliest memory - I guess one of my earliest memories is riding the bus to school for the 1st time ever and thinking to myself “what the hell am I doing…where am I going?” Must have been for preschool?! Idk.

When and where were you happiest - Summer vacations growing up!! 90 days off to build legos, read comics…play the new Mario 3 for the Super Nintendo all night…etc

Name ideal dinner party - I am really not thinking hard on this, so many people would be amazing…Obama, Kevin smith, Seth Rogan, joe quesada, Jeff matsuda…ancient civilization theorists…Idk?!

What did your parents do - Dad was in military for 20 years, mom was a home maker.

How do you relax - I work on my own personal comic projects, tv, nature, read comics for inspiration, snuggle with my boo.

Tell us 3 secrets about you - Since I work behind a computer all day, I actually love yard work. I just wish plants grew a little quicker. For about 3 solid years I killed it in the video game Dance Dance Revolution. Something about the floor mat and the classic tracks made it fun. I lived in Germany when I was a kid for 5 years. Probably where my love of medieval castles…well…anything medieval, comes from.


That’s very admirable. My hat’s off to you.


Name: Artur Queiroga

DOB : August 4, 1990

Occupation: Music Cue and music publishing

Fave Comics Ever: Watchmen, Killing Joke, Dark Avengers, Scott Pilgrim, is Kick-Ass too obvious? lol.

Last Good Comic You Read: Greg Farshtay’s Lego Bionicle comics. I’m a big fan of Lego’s Bionicle line and the comics add a lot to the lore.

Fave Movies Ever: Dark knight, The Crow, Joe Dirt

Last Good Movie You Saw: Captain America 2

What’s your Earliest Memory? Sitting on the back of my dad’s old, beat-up, rusty Mercedes. He loved that car so much, despite the fact that it was piece of junk. We have a picture from that day and I keep it framed up on my wall.

When And Where Were You Happiest? Every day I wake up next to my wife. I look over at her and I am content. Then I go to work and that joy goes away, LOL.

Name Your Ideal Dinner Party of 5? CM Punk, Donald Trump, Jesus Christ, Godzilla, and James Hetfield.

What did Your Parents Do? Construction foreman and my mother is deceased.

How Do You Relax? I build Lego to relax. Such a great hobby that keeps me busy and keeps my brain moving.

Tell Us 3 Secrets About You:

  1. I am not a big fan of cats, despite owning 3. I got stuck with 2 of them due to other negligent people not caring for them and the last one was born of one of those.

  2. I have slowly been learning sign language in my spare time. I used to work in retail and often had deaf customers come in who i’d have trouble communicating with. I’ve been learning just in case I ever need to cross that barrier again, i’ll be able to. It’s also very fascinating learning how to talk using motions and body language.

  3. I am terrified by heights. Driving on bridges or high overpasses give me serious anxiety.


The weird part? I don’t think I’ve ever seen him eat.


What?! You don’t remember when 'Zilla ate that whole pile of fish in New York?


Name: Jason Aaron Snyder

DOB : April 19, 1979

Occupation: RN, Writer, Editor

Fave Comics Ever: Watchmen, Y: The Last Man, Alan Moore’s Swamp Thing, Sandman, Miracleman, Frank Miller’s Daredevil, Strangers in Paradise, Bone, James Robinson’s Starman
Last Good Comic You Read: Re-read Robinson’s Starman from beginning to end

Fave Movies Ever: Too many and always changing.

Last Good Movie You Saw: Deadpool

What’s your Earliest Memory? I must have been two or three years old, but I remember falling down the front steps outside our house and busting my teeth so badly that trails of blood were streaming down my chin.

When And Where Were You Happiest? When my first daughter was born this past May.

Name Your Ideal Dinner Party of 5? Abraham Lincoln, Jesus, Stephen King, Alan Moore, and Morgan Freeman (the conversations would be priceless).

What did Your Parents Do? Financial advisor and administrative assistant

How Do You Relax? Listen to music, go shopping for some comics, go for a jog, spend time with family, watch a good movie.

Tell Us 3 Secrets About You: I worked for five years in the late 1990s at Lone Star Comics/MyComicShop when they still had retail space. My nose was broken in multiple places in eighth grade after getting in a fight. I’ve always had a soft heart for children, which is why I became a pediatric nurse as my day job.


Is this the Joshsua Williamson Vertigo mini?
I didn’t know that was out yet, I must have missed it.


Yes it is and it is very interesting. I highly recommend it.


Jason! Did you work for Lone Star comics in Texas? After college I got my only 3 comic book pinup commissions from a Lone Star Comics?


Yes, I did, from '97 to '02. It’s a great company, though they only have their website these days.


Time for an introduction it seems:

Name: Manuel Preitano

DOB : July the 30th, 1982

Occupation: comic book penciler, book illustrator

Fave Comics Ever: Miracleman, Kingdom Come, The Wicked and the Divine, Lumberjanes, Watchmen.

Last Good Comic You Read: Miracleman re-read. Simply wonderful.

Fave Movies Ever: Ghost in The Shell: Innocense, The Godfather, The Incredibles, Kill Bill.

Last Good Movie You Saw: They Call Me Jeeg Robot

What’s your Earliest Memory? Me moving from my first house. Wasn’t that sad as it seems. I remember me looking out of the window and wondering where we’ll go next. More kinda like Calvin & Hobbes final comic strip lessay, new worlds to discover and so on.

When And Where Were You Happiest? When I got my first professional comic job.

Name Your Ideal Dinner Party of 5? David Lynch, John Carpenter, Kurt Russel, Shane Black and Quentin Tarantino.

What did Your Parents Do? Bloooood! At some point I finally realized they weren’t vampires, just running a blood analysis lab.

How Do You Relax? Reading and hanging out with friends.

Tell Us 3 Secrets About You: Never smoked after promising a smoke addicted friend in high-shcool I’ll never do like him. I really like cheeseburgers. The third secret is that I don’t have so many secrets!


daniel owen saywell

11th september 1998


kick-ass, dark knight returns, spiderman new ways to die, hit-girl, all star batman.

all star batman #3, reborn#1

toystory 1,2 and 3, kingsman.

captain america civil war

getting told of by a teacher at nursery for saying reach for the sky. as well as getting told of for wearing a spiderman costume under my uniform.

when i met mark millar at traveling man york and john romita jr at lscc 15

john romita jr, mark millar, hugh jackman, paul rudd,frank miller

nurse and hotel manager

i relax by drawing, watching a film

no there secret


How very disappointing.


Yeah, much worse than discovering Santa Claus doesn’t exist (spoiler alert!).
Hopefully I can make a comic story where they ARE vampires then.
Or werewolves.
Or mummies…
Now that’s quite a dilemma!



Oh man, small world…well, with the internet I guess it’s a small world now:-) I probably did the pinups in 99 sometime. It was right before I landed a full time job in the game industry and it completely side tracked me from the comic industry. I was so glad someone liked my work even at the age of 19…when I really wasn’t that good yet. Pantheon and Winter’s Knight… Hope the guys are doing good, I can’t remember who I was in contact with at the time.