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Ronnie is George.
Gar as Baldrick (as he’s short).
Tim as Flash.


Damn, that actually works.


Whose this George person?



OK. I’m still in. What show is it?


He is in Blackadder the Third.

His counterpart also appears in Blackadder Goes Forth.


I seem like a bit of a twit but I’ll take it on the chin as long as I’m funny. :wink:


Name: Kevin Thomas Kenmuir Wright

DOB : 13th of September 1976

Occupation: N.H.S. worker (non-medi cal)

Fave Comics Ever: Jupiter’s Legacy is my favourite comic series ever and Dark Knight Returns a distant second.

Last Good Comic You Read: Jupiter’s Legacy #3

Fave Movies Ever: Superman The Movie & Being There .

Last Good Movie You Saw: Django Unchained ( I watched it for the first time last week)

What’s your Earliest Memory? My Dad sitting with me in a grassy field whistling at me around 14 months.

When And Where Were You Happiest? The Strathaven hotel on the day my wife and children got married.

Name Your Ideal Dinner Party of 5? Taking friends and family out the equation I’d go with Stewart Lee , Peter O’Toole, Billy Connolly , Mark Millar , Frank Q.

What did Your Parents Do? Mum does various jobs in schools . Dad retired due to his health .

How Do You Relax? Reading is how I relax and also my biggest luxury due to my continual lack of time for anything other than family and work. Other than that over the last year I’ve started listening to podcasts whenever I can.

Tell Us 3 Secrets About You: I prefer days out rather than nights out due to being attacked many years ago.
I have been interviewed under caution.
My memory is slowly failing and so far we’ve found no medical reason for it.


Second greatest Tanker…after me!


Does that make me Queenie? :smiley:


Name: Roshawn DuBois (pronounced Do-Bwah) Rochester

DOB : St. Patrick’s Day, 1983

Occupation: Cyber Security Consultant

Fave Comics Ever: Terry Moore’s Echo, Green Lantern (Any and All), Rom (Marvel), and 1985

Last Good Comic You Read: I recently re-read all of the DC Comics Starman series featuring Jack Knight…such a GREAT story from beginning to end.

Fave Movies Ever: Dazed and Confused, Captain America (all three in the new MCU), Waxwork, Shaun of the Dead, and Journey 2.

Last Good Movie You Saw: Grave Encounters

What’s your Earliest Memory? Walking through the cobble stoned streets of England and playing around the statues of little children dressed up as goats.

When And Where Were You Happiest? The day I realized what being a dad is and actually started acting like one.

Name Your Ideal Dinner Party of 5? Frank Miller, Dwayne Johnson, Freddie Mercury, Linda Carter, and David Tennant.

What did Your Parents Do? Air Force and trash collector

How Do You Relax? I go to the gym. Something about working out and running just makes me feel at ease.

Tell Us 3 Secrets About You: I was born in Wiesbaden, Germany during the Mad Cow scare, I love getting tattoos but can’t stand the sight of needles, and I didn’t know my right from my left until I was 12…but I could program a VCR to record my favorite shows while I was in school O_O


Name: Graeme Carson

DOB : 9/10/1987

Occupation: Purchase Admin Clerk, soon to be student!

Fave Comics Ever: Ultimate X-Men, Kingdom Come, Manhattan Projects, Hickman’s Fantastic Four

Last Good Comic You Read: Flintstones #3 Jupiter’s Legacy #3

Fave Movies Ever: Thank You For Smoking, Identity, Waking Life

Last Good Movie You Saw: 10 Cloverfield Lane (I didn’t forget to edit this, just a coincidence!)

What’s your Earliest Memory? Falling down the stairs when I as quite young, my grandmother had just come to visit, and I was apparently very excited to see her.

When And Where Were You Happiest? Brighton, 6/7 years ago, although I could be conflating hedonism and happiness…

Name Your Ideal Dinner Party of 5? (Prof) Brian Cox, Gore Vidal, Moira Stewart, Adam Heart-Davis, Alan Watts

What did Your Parents Do? Bank & Police

How Do You Relax? Drinking, reading, running, doing nothing

Tell Us 3 Secrets About You: I’m a vegetarian but once knowingly ate something with gelatin, I lied and said I took a sleeping pill thinking it was paracetamol because I was very very late to work, I liked X3


Very underappreciated film! You may skip the pop quiz next Friday!

Ah, an exclamation point! Going to school after working? Noble.
You still have to take the pop quiz next Friday.


I’m going to so I don’t have to remain a purchasing clerk. I’m getting ideas above my station :wink:


Hahaha! I’ve met two other people in my life who have ever seen/appreciated that movie :smile:


Good for you, Graeme. I worked retail for 12 years and went back to school for engineering. I like my job much better now.

What will you be studying?


Psychology! Although, for the sake of full disclosure, I started this a few years ago, but for various reasons, failed to finish, but I feel now is the right time to complete it. Only a failure if you quit and all that…


I dropped out and resumed after 7 years out of school. So I totally agree with you. Good luck.


Given the costs involved now, try and plan for when you finish the degree.


Well done, Ronnie! It’s not easy to leave the world of steady income and return to study, especially have such a large break. Congratulations :slight_smile: