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Finally, a sensible answer to this one :slight_smile:


I have a new questionnaire that I might post up…

Exciting eh? :smile:

I thought so…



New year, new ideas for a questionnaire… I left out material from the previous as that has been covered and will leave it open ended with “Other Stuff” at the end. It is just to see what makes you tick. It is a bit long for thoroughness so shorten it if you want. So…

Please allow me to introduce myself…

Name: Alexander
Age: 49 (I’ll be 50 this April)
Location: New York City
Status: Single
Languages you speak besides English: Some Portuguese and Spanish
Comics you’re currently into: Doomsday Clock, King’s Batman
Favorite Millar book: Ultimates and Authority (tie)
Favorite comic characters: Batman, Wolverine, Joker, Arcade, Authority
Favorite creators: Claremont, Miller some 40 years ago
Powers you wish you had: Telepathy, teleportation
Objects you wish were real: Oan power ring, Tardis, light saber
Books: Dummies books, chess books
Magazines: Sports magazines, PC magazines, (no booty magazines)
Current Shows: Shameless, Power, Game of Thrones
Favorite Movies: Godfather, Pulp Fiction, Purple Rain, original Robocop
Games and Hobbies: Comics, chess, videogames (Arkham series)
Music: Alternative, Prince, some classic rock
Sports: Baseball, American football
Places you have traveled to: Rio, Montreal
Likes: Kind people
Dislikes: Snarky remarks, spite, ignorance
What got you MW: The old DC Authority boards was shutting down so I jumped ship
What you like about MW: Good topics that interest me
Secret Crushes (Vintage and Modern): Taylor Rooks, Kim K, Pam Grier, Jane Mansfield, Jane Russell, Lynda Carter
Your Dream Job: Developing cool gadgets and apps
Personal Philosophy: Get it right the first time around
Other Stuff: What more do you want to know?


Name: Mike
Age: 48
Location: Long Island, NY (I choose not to pronounce it LawngGiland…)
Status: Single
Languages you speak besides English: a bit of Spanish and a good amount of Drunkenese – in fact one time I found myself alone and drunk in a Swiss bar at 2am and had a great time talking with the Spanish cook and an Italian tourist. We understood just enough, but the Drunkenese was the international language that night.
Comics you’re currently into: Young Animal stuff, Bug and Silver Surfer – anything Mike Allred, Skullkickers, Future Quest, Mighty Thor
Favorite Millar book: Kick-Ass vol 1
Favorite comic characters: Superman, Batman, Spider-Man, Tom Strong, Wonder Woman, Maxima, Starman, Wesley Gibson
Favorite creators: Jim Zub, Mark Millar, Peter David, Frank Quitely, John Byrne, Robert Kirkman, Ryan Ottley, Corey Walker, Frank Miller, Alan Moore
Powers you wish you had: Just give me what J’onn J’onzz has. I think that covers it :slight_smile:
Objects you wish were real: web-shooters, Cap’s shield, Space Ghost’s wristbands, Walking Eye, Rick’s portal gun, Falcon’s wings
Books: how to books that intrigue me and sound great and promptly forgotten and not followed
Magazines: Mad
Current Shows: Gravity Falls, Adult Swim always, gearing up for Legion, Counterpart
Favorite Movies: Pulp Fiction, Blazing Saddles
Games and Hobbies: Exploding Kittens, Bears vs Babies, Illumat, I dabble in writing comics and making my own games
Music: VH and STP
Sports: I like playing more than watching but my body complains too much when I hoop it up
Places you have traveled to: France, Spain, Switzerland, Canada, Bahamas, Bermuda, Germany, Holland, Graceland, New Orleans, Dizneeland
Likes: great stories and great people
What got you MW: the writing contest from a few years ago, I didn’t win :frowning:
What you like about MW: that so many more people know even more than me about comics and in different aspects – it’s amazing and humbling!
Secret Crushes (Vintage and Modern): Lindsay Wagner, Lynda Carter, Marilu Henner, Nancy McKeon, Emma Stone, Will Farrell with an afro
Your Dream Job: show runner for my own animated superhero/fantasy show
Personal Philosophy: it’s a work in progress but I always try to be good to others
Other Stuff: gimme a bottle o’ anything and a glazed donut… TO GO


Thanks for introducing yourself, Mike, and Welcome to MillarWorld!!


Thanks. Jerry!


Name: Rod ESpinosa
I’m middle aged! Besides, nobody should put their bday on here for reals. :slight_smile:
Author and Artist

Fave Comics Ever:
Still Nausicaa

Last Good Comic You Read:
Bakokak by Gerry Alanguilan
Mythology Class by Arnold Arre

Fave Movies Ever: Master and Commander

Last Good Movie You Saw: Infinity WAR, baby!

What’s your Earliest Memory? climbing the sofa to reach the screened windows…

When And Where Were You Happiest? 2008, the night Obama got elected.

Name Your Ideal Dinner Party of 5?
Comic book people:
Oprah, Ana Kasparian, Amy Shumer, Jane Goodall, Princess Meghan Markle

What did Your Parents Do?
Worked for the government

How Do You Relax?
Go to a spa

Tell Us 3 Secrets About You:

Nobody will see me in a casket on display.

Except if I have an accident, nobody will see me die.

If I can help it, and I know the time is near, I will go deep into the woods where nobody will see my carcass. And give myself to nature on my terms. There will be no markers, no tombs for Rod. Just my work and what I have done which hopefully will last a while.


Welcome Rod.


Hi Rod!

Welcome to the group!


Name: Pete

DOB: too long ago, in a hospital far, far away.

Occupation: Professional Healthcare based IT geek

Fav Comics: The 80’s classics (DRK, Watchmen, V), Trippy Indy Stuff (Mind MGMT, Invisibles, Sandman) Soft spot for 90’s cheese (Uncanny X-Men, New Mutants, X-Force). Off the beaten path / alt universe superhero stories (Old Man Logan, Red Son, Journey Into Mystery with Kid Loki)

Last Good Comic I read: Superior Spider-Man - I had a lot of fun with this one.

Favorite Movies: This is a long list. Capitan America: Civil War, Goodfellas, BTTF, Appoc Now, Toy Story (all of them!), Coco.

Last Good Movie You Saw: pardon the interruption with Tessa Thompson and Lakeith Stanfield. Everyone should see this one.

What’s your Earliest Memory? Getting the knock off GI Joe’s one xmas because we couldn’t afford the real stuff

When And Where Were You Happiest? With my family. I know it’s corny, but my wife and kids really make my life fantastic.

Name Your Ideal Dinner Party of 5? I want it to be crazy and fun. Give Me: Grant Morrison, Terence McKenna, Randy “Macho Man” Savage, Abe Lincoln and Steven Hawking.

What did Your Parents Do? They are retired now, but they were a Secretary and Janitor.

How Do You Relax? A glass of wine and just hang out in the back yard.

Tell Us 3 Secrets About You: I don’t know my dad, I think i’m more creative than i actually am, I’m right more than my wife thinks i am =)


Welcome, Pete. Based on some of your responses, I think you’ll like it here.


Thanks seems like an affable bunch here.