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Dang I want to get out of the states


Name: Andrew Dowdell
DOB : December 10, 1974

Occupation: Food & Beverage Controller for a steakhouse; writer and storyteller

Fave Comics Ever: Batman: Year One, Justice League International by Giffen and DeMatteis, JLA by Grant Morrison, The Invisibles, Superman: Birthright by Mark Waid, 52
Last Good Comic You Read: Batman #12 by Tom King
Fave Movies Ever: The Empire Strikes Back, The Godfather, Citizen Kane, The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai, The Magnificent Seven

What’s your Earliest Memory? Waking my dad up on a Saturday morning so he could turn on Super Friends for me.
What did Your Parents Do? My dad works as an accountant for an air conditioning company, my mom is a kindergarten teachers aide.
How Do You Relax? Taking walks. Brainstorm stories. Read comics. Dinner with my wife.
Tell Us 3 Secrets About You: I took two comic book scriptwriting classes with Danny Fingeroth, who is a heck of a nice guy. I lived and breathed theatre while in college, acting, directing, writing and doing tech. And I would move back to Boston, MA in a heartbeat.


Name: Richard Thomas Favino

DOB : December 30th, 1981

Occupation: Pipeline Systems Controller; Writer

Fave Comics Ever: Planetary, Gotham Central, Criminal, Powers, Joss Whedon’s Astonishing X-Men, Secret Warriors, Saga

Last Good Comic You Read: I’ve recently been rereading Brian Bendis’ entire X-Men run from the beginning and it is all so good to me. So, The second issue of The Trail of Jean Grey.

Fave Movies Ever: Shawshank Redemption, Good Will Hunting, Se7en, The Departed, The Prestige, The Iron Giant; The Halloween Tree.

Last Good Movie You Saw: Kubo and the Two Strings

What’s your Earliest Memory? Me, my brother, my mother and my father all roughhousing in their bed when I was 3-4 yrs old. My dad was pushing my mom off the bed and she was fighting to stay on. I rushed off and slipped my tiny hands underneath her to try and lift her back into the bed. I was unsuccessful.

When And Where Were You Happiest? When I was in high school and I would walk home 3 miles alone and create characters in my head, so I would have something to draw when I got there.

Name Your Ideal Dinner Party of 5? Brian Michael Bendis, Ed Brubaker, Brian K Vaughan, Albert Einstein and Paul Newman.

What did Your Parents Do? My father worked in a sewage treatment plant and my mother never held a job.

How Do You Relax? I’m either organizing my digital comics into ever increasing sub-categories, reading, listening to music or simply daydreaming.

Tell Us 3 Secrets About You: I had three seperate eye surgeries to correct muscle issues. Two when I was 5 yrs old, which caused me to have a severe lazy eye until I was 18, and a third to finally correct it.

I completely BSed my way into getting hired as a field tech for an archeology firm (effectively making me an honest-to-goodness archeologist). I did it for 4 months before leaving for more secure work.

I moved, with my mom, from the state of Rhode Island to Texas at the age of 17, by way of a grey hound bus. It took us almost three days. I brought one suitcase full of clothes, a Discman with three cd’s and an empty notebook.


Name: Norman Mendoza

DOB : November 23, 1987

Country: USA

Occupation: Mail Carrier; Writer

Fave Comics Ever: League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, The Watchmen, DC One Million, Multiversity, Vision, Geoff Johns Green Lantern and Justice Society, Crisis.

Last Good Comic You Read: Currently loving Hellboy

Fave Movies Ever: Back to the Future, E.T., Fight Club, Kill Bill, Shawshank Redemption, Stand By Me

Last Good Movie You Saw: Rogue One

Can you be trusted with Green Lantern’s ring? I believe so.

How would you like to die? Fighting Bigfoot.

What’s your Earliest Memory? I remember having a mullet and getting the TMNT movie for my 3rd birthday.

When And Where Were You Happiest? I can honestly say that I am happiest right here and now. I feel like my life is finally going in a great direction, and I am getting closer and closer to my dream everyday.

Name Your Ideal Dinner Party of 5? Claudio Sanchez, Abraham Lincoln, Stephen King, Grant Morrison, Alan Moore

What did Your Parents Do? My father was a Welder and a commercial fisherman. My mom was a waitress.

How Do You Relax? Reading comics or watching something on Netflix.

Tell Us 3 Secrets About You: I once backed into a parked car and left(I know, I feel horrible about it now), I love composition notebooks… a lot, I also love the end slices of bread,


Dang that’s deep


Name: Celso Ricardo Moreira Soares

DOB : Aug 5th 1985

Country: Brazil

Occupation: Administrative assistant, student.

Fave Comics Ever: Batman:The Killing Joke, anything from John Buscema and Roy Thomas, 300, The Ultimates, Kingdom Come, Marvels, Batman: War on Crime.

Last Good Comic You Read: Fantastic Four: The End.

Fave Movies Ever: The Lord of the Rings trilogy, Forest Gump, Gladiator, Braveheart, Interstellar, The Pianist, Saving Private Ryan, The Batman trilogy from Nolan, Superman.

Last Good Movie You Saw: Matrix.

What’s your Earliest Memory? Playing soccer with my cousins.

When And Where Were You Happiest? When my kid was born.

Name Your Ideal Dinner Party of 5? My mother, my wife, my kid, my cousin.

What did Your Parents Do? My mother is a housewife and my father worked in a beer factory.

How Do You Relax? Drawing, painting, playing Street Fighter on line, playing with my 3 years old kid, reading a good book or comics and watching good movies.


Name: Matteo Ferraro

DOB : March 27, 1984

Occupation: Clerk/sales advisor

Fave Comics Ever: deMatteis’ Amazing Spiderman (and Last Kraven Haunt); Wathcmen, VforVendetta, Claremont’s Uncanny X-Men, Sclavi’s Dylan Dog

Fave Movies Ever: The Godfather (I and II), Ferrara’s The Funeral, Alien, Blade Runner, Andreij Rubliov, The Passion of Joan of Arc, the Dark Knight, X-Men days of Future Past.

What’s your Earliest Memory? Seeing Snow and listening to Beatles…

When And Where Were You Happiest? when my first son was born two years ago.

Name Your Ideal Dinner Party of 5? Tiziano Sclavi, Alan Moore, Natasha Khan (Bat for Lashes), Christopher Walken and Ronaldo (the real one, the phenomeno)

What did Your Parents Do? Nurse

How Do You Relax? listening Music alone, playng Duplo with Son, seeing serialTV with wife


A bit late to the party, but here I am.

Name: Anders Erik Romeo Kenny Batman Espling

DOB : 30 /4 1984. Fun Fact: On the eve of my birth, the swedish population left their homes to light huge bonfires all over the country as to scare away evil forces. They have done so every year since. I am still around.

Occupation: Recovering drug addict. It’s a full time gig.

Fave Comics Ever: V for Vendetta, Preacher, Batman

Last Good Comic You Read: Fire & Stone: Prometheus

Fave Movies Ever: Brick, Empire Strikes Back, Hook, Children of Men, Dr Strangelove, Adventures of Picasso

Last Good Movie You Saw: Star Wars: Rogue One. The last GREAT movie I saw: Whiplash.

What’s your Earliest Memory? From the prehistoric times. It’s quite unclear, but I was hunting with my older brother, In the jungle. We were laughing. It’s well over a thousand years ago. I’m not really supposed to remember, you know the drill.

When And Where Were You Happiest? In 2012, second year of writing school. I had just met one of my best friends ever, Lisa (she’s dead now), I was still together with Tess, I was sober… It was a laugh. Everything was great.

Name Your Ideal Dinner Party of 5? Luke Skywalker, Midnighter, Jesus, Doc Holliday and Adolf Hitler.

What did Your Parents Do? Train engineers. They still do that.

How Do You Relax? That does not compute. Sorry, I’m just not good at relaxing.

Tell Us 3 Secrets About You: In a previous life, I was Adolf Hitler. If diagnosed by psychiatric standards, I would be diagnosed not only with Bi-Polar and Emotionally Unstable disorders, but also as a severe, possibly schizophrenic, Megalomaniac. Lastly, I’m a total egoist. I don’t do things for other people, ever. I do them for me. You might think that’s unfortunate and not true, but if you were me, you’d benefit and understand. :wink:


Oh, now don’t leave out how well you tell fibs!

And bad news. We checked. You were not Adolph Hitler from Austria. You were Adela Hitler from Poughkeepsie, New Jersey.

Little record-keeping error. Sorry about that.


Uhh…Poughkeepsie is in New York, Miqque. Your information source obviously cannot be trusted, so the spotlight once again shines uncomfortably on Adol – I mean, anders.


You leave me alone! Just because I can’t spell Passaic!


Governor Chris Christie can’t spell Passaic either, so no pressure, Miqque.


Uh-huh. Gotcha. At least my bridges are clear! :grin:


Like I said, you might think that it’s not true… But I know better.


Name: Chris

DOB: Feb 27, 1989

Occupation: Paraeducator

Favorite Comics Ever: Dark Knight Returns, Batman: Year One, Wolverine: Weapon X (Barry Windsor-Smith), The Long Halloween, Watchmen, Astonishing X-Men (Whedon’s entire run).

Last Good Comic I Read: Wolverine: Enemy of the State

Favorite Movies Ever: The Dark Knight, Forrest Gump, Pulp Fiction, Kung Fu Panda, Heat, Skyfall, Shawshank Redemption, The Matrix. Countless Others!

Last Good Movie I Saw: Dawn of the Planet of the Apes.

My Earliest Memory: I vividly remember waking up from a dream at the age of about five. I was sleeping with my head and torso out into the hallway because I was afraid of the dark and I didn’t like to be in my room alone at night. I was sweating and there were tears rolling down my cheeks because in the dream I’d just had, my mother gave me a poisonous turtle that bit my finger and I rolled over and died! The Power Rangers showed up to save me but it was too late. I am not making this shit up!

My Happiest Moment: Probably when I was in the eight grade. I was one of two students who had a perfect record on our wrestling team. That Friday we had a match against another local middle school. When my team arrived at their gym and I found out who I was wrestling, I figured my record was done for. The kid was team captain, an eighth grader like myself, but with the chiseled physique of a full grown gladiator! He led their warmup routine shouting war cries like King Leonidas! Meanwhile, I had barely begun puberty that year, my voice still cracked, and I had ALL of my baby fat (and then some!). When the two us went to sign in before our match, the scorekeepers took one look at us, and chuckled in my face! Long story short, I beat the kid by points in a sudden death round. I climbed my chubby (but skilled) ass off of him and looked for my dad in the crowd. I have never seen him more proud in my entire life.

My Ideal Dinner Party: Paul Dini, Bruce Timm, Stephen King, Joss Whedon, Conan O’ Brien.

What My Parents Do: My mother is a secretary for the county education office and my father is a night manager at a grocery store.

How do I relax?: I love to read and write. Most often I’ll turn to my comics, but not exclusively. I write almost every day (whether short stories or just journaling) and I always feel so much better after I do. Of course, when I really want to let off some steam, I’ll go to my local sushi bar with a close friend and drink with my favorite sushi chefs.

3 Secrets: I’ll just tell you one since I’m still getting to know you, Millarworld. This is really embarrassing, but back when I used to work in retail, I would go to my car after almost every shift and scream my head off! AAAAAHHHHHHH!!! It was my way to get all that negative energy out of my system before I went home. Thankfully, I quit that job before I punctured a lung. Nowadays, when I’m feeling this way, I’ll just turn to my writing (or open a book), and I’m in a much happier place because of it.


As someone who has served his time in retail I can identify with this. Fuck retail. I found the day-to-day mechanics of the job was ok but dealing with the middle management types was intolerable.


Name: Jason Dwayne Ivey

DOB: December 03, 1979
Occupation: (Current) Drycleaner in training, and aspiring artist/author/comic book creator

Fave Comics Ever: Batman, Spider-Man, Darkhawk, Wild Dog, Uncanny X-Men (#268 is one of my top favorite books ever), He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, Star Wars, and the list could go on and on.

Last Good Comic You Read: He-Man and the Thundercats, Doctor Strange series, Klaus by Grant Morrisson, and Star Wars books.

Fave Movies Ever: Star Wars saga, Indiana Jones series, JCVD movies like Blood Sport, Kickboxer, Double Impact, Lionheart, etc., Quick and the Dead, Young Guns, Arnold Schwarzengger movies such as Predator, Terminator, Running Man, Kindergarten Cop, Twins, etc., Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit trilogies, Harry and the Hendersons, Christopher Reeves Superman 1, 2, (oh what the heck, 3 too), Friday the 13th series, and the list could fill a page.

Favorite Games Ever: Street Fighter series, Tekken series, Soul Calibur, WWE series, Fall Out series, Super Mario, Final Fight series, Double Dragon, Lara Croft Tomb Raider, Mortal Kombat series, Punch Out, and one I’m not sure too many people caught, Psi-Ops.

Last Good Movie You Saw: Rogue One a Star Wars story

What’s your Earliest Memory? I can actually remember things from when I was a baby/toddler. Some of the image details are fuzzy but I actually seem to recall being a baby sucking on a grape lollipop that my mama gave me and making a mess all over my face. I also made a fit when she took it away to give me a bib/wipe my face. That may be one of my earliest, though there are others since my daddy talking about that stuff seems to keep it fresh in my memory.

What did your Parents do? My daddy is retired from being a Sales Manager with a nationwide bread/cake bakery and my mama is an entrepreneur/substitute teacher.

When and Where were you Happiest? Recently, I’d say getting a job and working again. It was a real blessing to end last year/begin my New Year this way. Other than that there are a lot of contenders.

How Do you Relax? I do this either by throwing off the shoes and watching a movie, playing/spending time with my pets, writing the occasional story or drawing, and reading my books/comic books.


Name: Sean Morgan

DOB : August 10, 1984

Occupation: Illustrator/cartoonist

Fave Comics Ever: Wormwood, fell, Saga of the Swampthing, Hellblazer

Last Good Comic You Read: Over the Garden Wall

Fave Movies Ever: Blues Brothers, Airplane, Batman (89), and Evil Dead 2

Last Good Movie You Saw: Star Wars Rouge One (or Star Wars You Will Never Love Again)

What’s your Earliest Memory? Sitting in my bedroom alone looking through a pile of books for one on weird animals only to have the book hit me on the back of the head as if thrown from across the room.

When And Where Were You Happiest? Every night. Sitting in bed with my wife and small dog watching Steven Universe or Gravity Falls.

Name Your Ideal Dinner Party of 5? John Romita Jr, Jim Steranko, Kaare Andrews, Mike Krahulic, Perry Farrell
What did Your Parents Do? Cleaning Lady and labourer.

How Do You Relax? More and more at my drafting table.

Tell Us 3 Secrets About You: I own the URL (Though I have never figured out long term what to do with it. I have attempted on three separate occasions to turn it into an ongoing webcomic) I once got so drunk after a break up that I woke up the next day with a TARDIS Tattoo on my arm. (It is actually a pretty decent Tattoo.) I apprenticed at a tattoo shop for three months only to realize what I already knew. Comics and cartooning are the only forms of illustration I truly love and want to do for a living.


You might have forgotten to change the name in your post, Sean. :wink:


Thank you. I’m only on my third cup of coffee this morning.