Comics Creators



Name: Ryan M. Wheeler

DOB : 11/25/1985

Occupation: Lead Fire Alarm Technician

Fave Comics Ever: Transmetropolitan, Preacher, Crossed, Y: The Last Man, No Hero, Swamp Thing, Animal Man (Lemire and Morrison, both), The Invisibles, The Metabarons, Venom (Remender), Saga, The Boys

Last Good Comic You Read: The Vision

Fave Movies Ever: The Thing, Re-Animator, Robocop, Jaws, Pumpkinhead, From Beyond, Suspiria, Alien, Blood Rage. Big horror guy, but enjoy many different genres.

Last Good Movie You Saw: The Wailing!

What’s your Earliest Memory? Sitting on the edge of my grandmother’s pool as it was filled with water

When And Where Were You Happiest? Now. My son is 15 months old, happy, and healthy.

Name Your Ideal Dinner Party of 5? John Carpenter, Grant Morrison, Lucio Fulci, Muhammad Suicmez.

What did Your Parents Do? Dad: rupture disk fabricator. Mom: receptionist.

How Do You Relax? Watch horror movies and read comics, of course.

Tell Us 3 Secrets About You: I do a horror movie podcast called Gore Gab. I LOVE taking naps. My favorite ice cream is pistachio.


Name:Charles William (CW) Coulter

DOB : 5th July, while Nixon was President

Occupation: Writer, commercial and otherwise - wrote some godawful bad TV for two months; taught Western films at colleges

Fave Comics Ever: Batman Year One, Alan Moore’s Supreme: The Story of the Year; anything Jim Aparo or Curt Swan drew

Last Good Comic You Read: Essex County; re-read: Superman: Secret Identity

Fave Movies Ever: Citizen Kane, Rocky Balboa, Toy Story II and III

Last Good Movie You Saw: Creed, in the theater anyway

What’s your Earliest Memory? I was stung by seven bees in one spate while frantically swatting at them with peanut butter on my hands, while howling.

When And Where Were You Happiest? The first I held my son, Jonathan. The wife had taken ill. He was every bit the miracle.

Name Your Ideal Dinner Party of 5? William Gaddis, Kurt Cobain, Johnny Carson, Burt Reynolds, Jesus.

What did Your Parents Do? Father was a janitor, and mother a home nurse’s aide, or bedpan dumper/bandage-changer.

How Do You Relax? Watching “We Bare Bears,” on Cartoon Network, Bowie; glamrock; sports with my tots; reading books on Ditko, or Wood, or the boxer who is my avatar - the world’s lightest Heavyweight Champion, Bob Fitzsimmons.

Tell Us 3 Secrets About You: I love books on patterns - like wallpaper, etc.; I have messianic thoughts about purpose; I love people more than they love me.


How you can square that amazes me? In business, I can be effective, but am often later tossed.


Name: David Tomas.

DOB: July 1, 1980.

Occupation: Morrisons + Wannabe Comic Writer.

Fave Comics Ever: Swamp Thing #25, Transmet #8, The Sandman #18, 100 Bullet #11, Astro City # 2 - The Scoop and Hellblazer #84.

Last Good Comic You Read: Criminal Volume 4 - Bad Night or any volume of Casanova.

Fave Movies Ever: Mallrats, Punch Drunk Love, Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind, Fight Club, Donnie Darko.

Last Good Movie You Saw: Robot & Frank.

What’s your Earliest Memory: Not sure about earliest but best from childhood would be building a Tracy Island with my mum from cardboard, newspapers, PVC glue, acrylic paints, empty bog rolls and a fairy liquid bottle, it was shit but the sense of accomplishment was like, suck-it, Anthea! Always remember that feeling.

When And Where Were You Happiest: 1994 – my first experience of comics: When I inherited my uncle’s collection of 2000ads and spread them, every single prog, out on my bedroom floor and the carpet disappeared and I experienced the junkie’s joy of the first hit.

Name Your Ideal Dinner Party of 5: Jaime Delano, Edgar Wright, Hellboy, Soska Sisters (counted as a single entity) and Emily Booth – “Who I’d personally like to thank for the help easing me through frenzied sexual awakenings brought about by awkward pubescence."

What did Your Parents Do: Dinner Lady.

How Do You Relax: Comics, movies –comfort eating and writing.

Tell Us 3 Secrets About You: (1) I loved the hunger games but will never admit it in public for fear of judgement (2) I’m afraid I’ve wasted my life and I’m going to die alone in rented accommodation (3) I hate that I fake laugh off or outright agree with covertly racist or sexiest remarks because it easier to cowardly acquiescent because I’m not strong enough or smart enough to argue my point.

“Start writing where everyone else draws the line.”

  • Mark Millar.


I know how you feel about Irn Bru. I’m just glad it’s very accessible in Scotland. It’s my fuel.


I hear stories about the availibity of Irn Bru in Scotland and they sound like beautiful myths. Irn Bru on tap is about the best situation I can imagine


I had some today and when I’m at a night out with pals tonight I’ll have some with whiskey once we’re done with Guinness and curry around midnight!



Hello all…a very very new member here!

Name: Bryant T. Perkins

DOB: 09/14/1982

Occupation: Tech Rep

Fave Comics Ever: Any and everything “Green Lantern” (something about “Will” ultimately dictating your survival and every other aspect of your life resonates with me)

Last Good Comic I Read: “Reborn” (I literally just put issue 3 down to type this)

Fave Movie Ever: “Gone With The Wind” (for so so so many many reasons. Too many to list here)

Last Good Movie I Saw: “Inside Out” (My daughter and I have movie night date night over the phone)

What’s My Earliest Memory: Hearing my mother talking on the phone to my aunt and laughing out loud

When and Where Was I Happiest: In the hospital in Cincinnati, Ohio holding my new born daughter 5/21/2006 12:25 p.m.

Name My Ideal Dinner Party Of 5: 1. My friend Tony because he says whatever and it always sounds interesting, 2. My Dad because he never says anything and always looks interesting, 3. My GodFather because he would be cooking the food, 4. My daughter because i need someone to eat sweet stuff with because we like to eat the sweet stuff before the actual dinner comes out, 5. God…because I’d have so many questions to ask and so much to thank him for. I think doing it over dinner would be the least awkward

What Do My Parents Do: My dad was a Physical Education Teacher and my mom was in Human Resources

How Do I Relax: I lift a lot of heavy weights and play rugby

Tell You 3 Secrets About Myself: 1. I am afraid of the dark and sleep with a night light, 2. I love flowers, 3. I’ve been shot in the hip and I’m pretty sure a piece of the bullet is still in there


DOB : mars 1986
Occupation: cooker, being pregnant (yes, it’s an occupation -I’m very occupied right now)

Fave Comics Ever: Any Thorgal, Kick-ass, Invincible, Walking Dead, too many to think of !

Last Good Comic You Read: Empress.

Fave Movies Ever: All the X-men (yes, all!), Time of the gypsies (please check IMDB’s praising and give it a try, excellent movie and music), Underground.

Last Good Movie You Saw: X-men Apocalypse

What’s your Earliest Memory? When I almost broke my knee when I fell.

When And Where Were You Happiest? Right here, right now.

Name Your Ideal Dinner Party of 5? Lepa Brena (Yugoslavian singer), Emir Kusturica, and other people you probably never heard of :slight_smile:

What did Your Parents Do? Labourer, farming and tobacco.

How Do You Relax? I watch spanish telenovela (don’t judge me) and other tv shows.

Tell Us 3 Secrets About You: Oh Mark, you kinky you (I’m talking about your hair ofc). Ok, only one then, the other ones would require that I kill you in a convention.
Once I asked my husband to pass an IQ test for a job for me (he wrote my name on his paper and I wrote his on mine). They called me to say I was amongst the best while they didn’t call him at all lol . I was between “I love it when a plan comes together” and “that’s depressing”. Don’t judge me, I was young (erh wait, I mean I still am).


I’m 11/11/86


I’m new to these forums. Long time fan, recently got back into comics this January but I’ve already amassed a HUGE collection of TPBs and Hardcovers (83 total). I believe Millar is the modern day Stan Lee. I like new creations rather than anything from Marvel or DC. I believe those heroes were for their time. Millarworld/image/dark horse is for our era or generation. I’m happily married (sometimes) will be 3 years January 31st. I want to write and draw indie comics.


I am new to these forums. I want to get ot know other people who are as interesting in the same things as I am.


Oaffft. Sounds like a crackin’ night, Mark. I’m skint so I bought two 2 litre bottles that I’ll mix with whatever booze I can find in the kitchen. Might be a dreadful concoction but I can handle it.


You’d love it here. It’s everywhere you look and cheap too. Much better than Coca Cola!


That’s why I joined too! I am rather new like only a few days


Where is here?


Is there any more links to the Millarverse in Reborn, Jupiter’s Legacy vol 2 or Empress?


Hello, My name: Deborah Cristina, but, must people call me just Debh.

Country: Brazil

DOB: Aug 15th 1998

Occupation: Student of visual arts and law (yes, I do both colleges at the same time haha)

Fave Comics Ever: Old Man Logan, Starfire, The legend of Wonder Woman, Batman: Hush, Spiderman/deadpool, and some more that I don’t remember now haha.

Last Good comic you read: Dc ribirth: Wonder Woman

Fave movies ever: Pearl Harbor, Kill Bill, Run all night, Pulp Fiction, A walk among the tombstones, Kick-Ass, Star Wars: The empire strikes back, The force Awakens, and now Rogue One.

Last good movie you saw: Rogue a star wars story.

What’s your Earliest Memory? Drawing a few comic pages of a personal project.

When And Where Were You Happiest? When I got a scholarship to study, because without it I could not afford the cost of college.

Name Your Ideal Dinner Party of 5? Quentin Tarantino, Emanuela Lupaccino, Felipe Cagno, Chris Peter and Luke Ross.

What did your parents do? Both are physical education teachers.

How Do You Relax? I draw while I listen to Moonlight Sonata.

Tell Us 3 Secrets About You: I have been diagnosed with deep depression at 16 and have taken medicine until today, I’m a good writer, but I’m too ashamed to show what I write,
My dad never supported me because I chose the career of a comic book artist and so I’m a law school.


Name: Alfredo Goffredi

DOB : March 3rd 1982

Occupation: Customer service guy

Fave Comics Ever: 100% (by Paul Pope), Essex County, Umbrella Academy, Locke & Key, Asterios Polyp, Planetary (I’m sure I’m forgetting lots of others), the entire Hellboy saga, Demo, Scott Pilgrim, Preacher, Blatta.
As a kid I should have re-read 20 or 30 times issue 286 of The Uncanny X-Men (Knights of Madripoor, by Claremont and Lee) which is still one of my top five comicbooks’ moment ever.

Last Good Comic You Read: Head Lopper Vol. 1 by Andrew Maclean

Fave Movies Ever: Trainspotting, Star Wars: A New Hope, Night of the living dead, Pulp Fiction, Hong Kong Express, Tetsuo the iron man

Last Good Movie You Saw: Captain fantastic

What’s your Earliest Memory? Some flash - probably retconned by my mother’s anecdotes - of me as a terrible crying demon-infant being unable to sleep at night, keeping awake all the family.

When And Where Were You Happiest? When I got Castle Grayskull on Christmas morning. Joking… it was when i got Castle Grayskull on Christmas morn-- oh, damn! :smiley: Well, that surely was the first time my happiness skyrocketed, so it’s easier to remember it, but I’m sure there have been happier moments, it’s just the older.

Name Your Ideal Dinner Party of 5? Walt Kelly, Takeshi Kitano, Max Barry, Jack Kirby and Bryan Fuller.

What did Your Parents Do? Teacher.

How Do You Relax? Lying in the brimful baththub, listening to music, sipping tea, until I fall asleep; getting lost through the city; spending time with the people I love.

Tell Us 3 Secrets About You: I worked in a comicshop for three years so when I’m at bookstores or comicshops with messy shelves I’d like to tidy them up, putting TPBs in the proper order. And sometimes I do.
I can’t stand the mainstream concept of beauty.
I’m a reeeeeeally slow reader and it hurts.


Scotland. Irn Bru’s birthplace.