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Well done on your future shock pitch as well mate. It was tough going up there !


Cheers. Yeah, I work at BMW engine plant in Birmingham and make presentations to upper echelons of management without batting an eyelid, but I needed spare undercrackers after the pitch.


Welcome aboard @DrewEricsson. Thanks for the shout out. I’m a bit of a Millarworld missionary spreading the word to whoever will listen.

Glad you decided to take the red pill and join the club. Well done on your 2000ad pitch. I knew as soon as you’d pitched you’d won. You really knew your audience. How’s that going? You heard any more from them? I feel for whoever has entered the Huck category this year. They don’t stand a chance.

If you are looking for more writing practice there is a Write Off running at the moment around the theme of Death. Where people have to write the final story (no resurrections) of a popular character in 8-10 pages. It’s worth checking out as after everyone submits the scripts are put up for critique with the best one choosing the next theme.


Thanks for the kind words @stuartdn86 . I’ve just received confirmation that the script has been sent to the artist, Tilen Javornik (winner of the art pitch). From what I saw of his submission, he has a beautifully classic, unfussy, well-proportioned style, so I’m really excited about seeing his interpretation.

It’s the first comic strip I’ve ever written (my Huck entry is the second), so I’m still learning the whole visualisation and layout thing that you arty types take for granted. I like the idea of the artist seeing the script in a different way, and making the writer look better.

I’ll definitely check out the Write Off - the death theme sounds like fun.


Name: Jörn Krug aka Brocca

DOB : Aug 1962

Occupation: Illustrator (in the biz for thirty years)

Fave Comics Ever: Hermann [Huppen]'s and Greg’s “Bernard Prince”

Fave Movies Ever: Basic Instinct

Last Good Movie You Saw: Pets

What’s your Earliest Memory? Cradle and changing table.

When And Where Were You Happiest? Birth of granddaughter nine years ago.

What did Your Parents Do? Father: Engineer Mother: –

How Do You Relax? Doing nothing

Tell Us 2 Secrets About You: I actually studied medicine to become a doctor for four and a half years before I quit and have been working as an artist since.
I’m good with horses

Regards –


Name: Samuel Mathias Reynolds-Oosting,
I prefer Sam

DOB : 9-9-1996

Occupation: Dumb Student, Smartass Writer

Fave Comics Ever: Southern Bastards, Black Science, Infinity, anything Loeb and Sale, Current Aaron and Bachalo run on Doctor Strange, Grant Morrisons Animal Man, Geoff Johns brief run on Shazam/Captain Marvel, Headlopper, oh and my Batman 41-50 of the Snyder/Capullo run (first Batman issues I bought)

Last Good Comic You Read: Tokyo Ghost, I cannot get enough Rick Remender in my life

Fave Movies Ever: In no particular order; Alfie, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome, Dogma, High Fidelity, Spider-man 2, (this may be controversial but it’s mostly to do with sentimental value) Star Wars II: Attack of the Clones, does The Wire count if I watched it without any breaks not even to pee?

Last Good Movie You Saw: Paddington, say something about it I dare you

What’s your Earliest Memory? Okay so this involves some setup. My parent’s raised me for my first four years in a school bus they bought which had been painted blue in Oregon. They were kind of hippies I guess. On my fourth birthday they got me this cake and tried to hide it from me, but we’re living in a space smaller than most studio appartments so that’s kind of hard. Anyway on my birthday I was jumping around on this picnic table and my mom brought out this covered plate. I knew this was the aforementioned cake. So she tells me to stay off of the picnic table and went back into the bus to watch my little sister. Anyway long story short I put my heel into the cake because I was jumping around on top of the table, traumatic enough that it stuck in my mind all these years.

When And Where Were You Happiest? I had this dinner which I organized and everyone I cared about was there, we all had Cajun food and just talked.

Name Your Ideal Dinner Party of 5? Geoff Johns, Kendrick Lamar, Kevin Smith, David F Walker, is it pandering if I say Mark Millar. As an alternate I’ll throw in Hunter S. Thompson

What did Your Parents Do? Gardener and Carpenter/Film Editor

How Do You Relax? I read, maybe watch a movie, mostly I don’t relax I just work and goto school.

Tell Us 3 Secrets About You: I tell people I’m lactose intolerant… but I’m not WWwooOOooahHhHh!!! I hate animal cruelty but I am a carnivorous hypocrite of a man. I had a panic attack one time that sent me into a cardiac event and was taken by emt’s to the hospital (it was my second to last day of high school)


The time for “guessing” is over.

School bus + blue paint + Oregon = hippie.

Carry on.


Name: Vitor H. Jacob

DOB : July 30.

Occupation: Writer.

Fave Comics Ever: Guardians of the Galaxy 2007-2008, Here Comes Daredevil, Civil War, Batman, Scott Snyder, Invincible Iron Man.

Last Good Comic You Read: Here comes Daredevil.

Fave Movies Ever: The Avengers, Mogli, The Grand Hotel Budapest, Guardians of The Galaxy, Iron Man.

Last Good Movie You Saw: Civil War

What’s your Earliest Memory? When I watched The Avengers at the movies.

When And Where Were You Happiest? When Im Writing.

Name Your Ideal Dinner Party of 5? Kavin Feige, James Gun, Robert Downey Jr, Jon Favreau, and Jim Carrey.

What did Your Parents Do? Teachers.


Name: Eric Cornell Holman
DOB : 08/25/1983

Occupation: Writer, teacher, community manager

Fave Comics Ever: Kick Ass, X Men,

Last Good Comic You Read: Marvel vs DC almalgam, Hellboy
Fave Movies Ever: The whiz, Muhammad ali, The Avatar, Ong Bak, Undisputed 3

Last Good Movie You Saw: Hidden Colors 2, Doctor Strange

What’s your Earliest Memory? My father walking me across a frozen river.

When And Where Were You Happiest? A Tie between college, and traveling America cage fighting.

Name Your Ideal Dinner Party of 5? Allan Watts, Malcolm X, Jiddu krishnamurti, Marcus Garvey and Sigmund Freud

What did Your Parents Do? Drug dealer and nurse.

How Do You Relax? Sparring and

Tell Us 3 Secrets About You: I once caught a knife and solved a stabbing case in one night. I’m an undefeated cage fighter, when i was a kid I used to leave the house and partake in hours of secret ninja training as i prepared myself for the apocalypse.


Name: Ross Radke

DOB : February 20th, 1988

Occupation: Paying my bills as a department manager at Walmart… but hopefully not much longer

Fave Comics Ever: Akira, Bone, BPRD, Calvin & Hobbes, Brubaker’s Captain America, Dark Knight Returns, Earth X, Hellboy, Crumb’s Genesis, Marvels, New Avengers, Prophet, Rumble, Toppi’s Collector, Ultimates, Ultimate Spidey

Last Good Comic You Read: read Jeff Smith’s complete Bone for the first time this year and found it really inspiring. More recently read and enjoyed Huck (not trying to be a kiss ass here) and currently in the middle of first volume of Black Science

Fave Movies Ever: Star Wars, Wizard of Oz, Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory, Gremlins, Jurassic Park, Sergio Leone’s westerns, Tarantino, Wes Anderson…

Last Good Movie You Saw: How about show? Westworld was great and I wish more people I know watched it.

What’s your Earliest Memory? Actually a dream from when I was maybe 3 or 4? I dropped guacamole in my cup of water and refused to drink it so my mom left me in the house and I was left to be boiled in a cauldron of blood by the wicked witch. I can also vaguely remember waiting for my brother Garrett to be born when I was 2, not so much a memory so much as a verified recollection of some details like eating a lot of mints.

When And Where Were You Happiest? I had a pretty charmed childhood, playing in the woods as a kid probably gets points for the magic of untarnished nostalgia. Also my first date with my wife.

Name Your Ideal Dinner Party of 5? Meh, not really into this sort of question but of people still alive maybe John Zorn, Darren Aronofsky, Bill Watterson, Stephen King and Stephen Meyer (intelligent design proponent). No idea what we would talk about though.

What did Your Parents Do? My dad worked for Microsoft for almost 25 years before recently being laid off, my mom stayed home and had a daycare for a few years and also a small floral business. Both my grandpas are preachers.

How Do You Relax? Drawing, reading and playing drums have been my two go twos over the years, although lately drawing has gotten more serious and the other two I don’t get to do nearly as often as I’d like

Tell Us 3 Secrets About You: I had a very conservative religious upbringing and still consider myself very invested in the idea of non-denominational Christianity. I don’t openly proselytize much and have very eclectic tastes so sometimes my conservative/libertarian views surprise people. I’ve read the entire Bible a half dozen times.

I played drums and then became the singer for a garage band in junior high called Psoriasis but I never really liked our own music. it was very “garage rock/punk” but I wanted to be more like Mr. Bungle.

I have never drawn a city splash page, which is embarrassing for someone trying to break into comics.

Oh yeah, and you can check out my stuff on Tumblr and DeviantArt


Hello forums!

Name: Christopher Scott Anderson

DOB : August 23rd 1982

Occupation: Writer and bookseller

Fave Comics Ever: Dark Knight Returns, Miller’s Daredevil, any Jack Cole, Adams and O’Neil’s GL/GA, All-Star Superman, and Sandman come to mind.

Last Good Comic You Read: The new Superman annual was fun!

Fave Movies Ever: Easy Rider, Vertigo, and Ikiru

Last Good Movie You Saw: Arrival was 10 kinds of lovely.

What’s your Earliest Memory? Picking apples from the ground of my childhood home.

When And Where Were You Happiest? This is very Swedish of me, but I’m happiest in the middle of a nice, lazy snowstorm.

Name Your Ideal Dinner Party of 5? Michael Chabon, George Clooney, David Gilmour, Elon Musk and Grant Morrison. Oh, the conversations there…

What did Your Parents Do? Truck Driver and Beautician.

How Do You Relax? Any creatively stimulating, quiet place. Out in nature or at the MIA come to mind.

Tell Us 3 Secrets About You: I love 80s New Wave music in a large way, I’m a book and movie hoarder, and am a dedicated gym rat.


Name: Andrew Rodriguez

DOB : 9/28/1986

Occupation: machine operator/ aspiring comic book artist

Fave Comics Ever: Dark Knight Returns, Crimson by Humberto Ramos, Invincible, the Astounding wolf-man, Batman Hush.

Last Good Comic You Read: Black Science

Fave Movies Ever: Star Wars Return of the Jedi, The Guyver
Silver bullet, American werewolf in London.

Last Good Movie You Saw: Dr Strange

What’s your Earliest Memory? Times my dad took me and my brother to different parks in my home town. So we wouldn’t get we bored always going to the same park.

When And Where Were You Happiest? The day I married the love of my life.

Name Your Ideal Dinner Party of 5? Kevin Smith, Bruce timm, Jim lee, Todd McFarlane, and Frank Miller .

What did Your Parents Do? Warehouse work.

How Do You Relax? Read comics, watch movies and play video games

Tell Us 3 Secrets About You: Im scared of pit Bulls if I haven’t know them since they were puppies. I love horror movies, but jump like a little scared girl.



Name: Andreas Butzbach

DOB : 1928

Occupation: freelancer

Fave Comics Ever: Hellboy “Dr carps experiment”, the Milkman murders, Akira, Sin City, 100 Bullets, Daredevil Elektra Saga

Last Good Comic You Read: Southern Bastards

Fave Movies Ever: in terms of good movies I would recommend: strange days, the departed, no country for old men, district 9, Lord of the rings, mad max and planet of the apes. Valley of Gwangi and the Omega man have a special place in my heart … as well as “They live” and Alien.

Last Good Movie You Saw: Westworld, it’s just awesome!

What’s your Earliest Memory? Hard to say, I seem to remember a power outtake when I was really little.

When And Where Were You Happiest? Not yet achieved, hopefully december 23th

Name Your Ideal Dinner Party of 5? David hasselhoff, Eduardo Risso, Jim Jeffreys, Megan Fox from 2005 and myself.

What did Your Parents Do? Woodworker and office lady.

How Do You Relax? From 19 to 22 o’clock when my girfriend is around, watching series mostly, drawing on the side.

Tell Us 3 Secrets About You: If I’d tell, they wouldn’t be secrets anymore :wink:


Name: Romain Brun

DOB : February 9th, 1984

Occupation: Aspiring comic book artist

Fave Comics Ever: Watchmen, Akira, Gunnm, L’Incal (Moebius), Kingdom Come, Le Lama Blanc, Identity Crisis, Justice (Jim Krueger/Ross)…

Last Good Comic You Read: Low vol. 1

Fave Movies Ever: Blade Runner, Ghost in the Shell: Innocence, Terminator 2, Cloud Atlas, Watchmen, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, Back to the Future, …

Last Good Movie You Saw: Arrival

What’s your Earliest Memory? Observing my father laying tiles in the living room.

When And Where Were You Happiest? Probably in the future, the day I could see my own comic book in a shop.

Name Your Ideal Dinner Party of 5? Olivier Coipel, Mamoru Oshii, Viggo Mortensen, Christiane Taubira & RuPaul

What did Your Parents Do? Child minder & Electrician

How Do You Relax? Go to the pub or stretching or running…

Tell Us 3 Secrets About You: My first secret is that I’m to lazy to… . … . . .


Name: Tom Kneeshaw

DOB : December 7th 93

Occupation: (mostly struggling) Writer and graphic designer

Fave Comics Ever: Watchmen, Long Halloween, Teen Dog, Hawkeye (Fraction, Aja, Wilson)

Last Good Comic You Read: Motor Crush #1, and some old 60’s Iron Man

Fave Movies Ever: Goodfellas, Blade Runner, Clerks, Die Hard, Drive

Last Good Movie You Saw: Harmontown

What’s your Earliest Memory? Pretending the floorboards of our new (20 years ago) house were traintracks and being a train

When And Where Were You Happiest? Happiest I remember is probably in the crowd at Menzingers show in Leeds with my best friend

Name Your Ideal Dinner Party of 5? Alan Moore, CM Punk, Ales Kot, Laura Jane Grace, my friend Jack

What did Your Parents Do? Teaching assistant and I honestly have no idea

How Do You Relax? Usually, music

Tell Us 3 Secrets About You: I bought my first single issue comic book on Halloween 2013. I never finished university. I have an unhealthy Irn Bru addiction that needs satisfying almost daily.


Name: Jarred A. Lujan

DOB: May 7th, 1991

OCCUPATION: Restaurant General Manager, aspiring writer.

Fave Comics Ever: Dark Knight Returns, Kick-Ass Vol. 1, Daredevil: Born Again, Punisher: Born, Planet Hulk, World War Hulk, Ronin, Sin City, V for Vendetta, Superior, The Infinity Gauntlet.

Last Good Comic You Read: Catching up on Pak’s Kingsway West.

Fave Movies Ever: Taxi Driver, 12 Years a Slave, The Revenant, Star Wars.

Last Good Movie You Saw: The Road on Netflix.

What’s Your Earliest Memory? Aggressively interrogating my mother on why stop lights turned red.

When And Where Were You Happiest? The day I graduated from ASU. December 13th, 2014.

Name Your Ideal Dinner Party of 5? Simone De Beauvoir, Albert Camus, Friedrich Nietzsche, Aristotle, and Spartacus.

What Did Your Parents Do? My mother is a teacher and my father works for a parcel service.

How Do You Relax? Weight lifting, video games, reading.

Tell Us 3 Secrets About You: I don’t get the Harry Potter hype. My friends are always blown away by that, so I guess there’s something you maybe don’t read often. I am completely incapable of growing a beard and it has given me a lifetime of sadness. I love movies, but I particularly enjoy really stupid action movies like 47 Ronin and SuckerPunch. I have limits, but for the most part I love them.


I am Spartacus… Sorry :blush:


Hey, I wanted to post that :angry:





Name: Greg

DOB: It’s a secret

Occupation: All the computers

Fave Comics Ever: Judge Dredd, ABC Warriors (I like 2000AD)

Last Good Comic You Read: Red Thorn by David Baillie

Fave Movies Ever: Diving Bell and The Butterfly, Le Samourai

Last Good Movie You Saw: Neon Demon

What’s your Earliest Memory? My Mexican mom jumping around the corner at me pretending to be a ninja

When And Where Were You Happiest? Finally graduating college

Name Your Ideal Dinner Party of 5? Girl I got a crush on, Martin Amis, John Wagner, David Ayer, Whoever else they want to invite cause I ain’t selfish

What did Your Parents Do? They install any kind of wire that ever existed

How Do You Relax? Read my Bible, run, read comics, watch too many movies, read books, think up silly ideas

Tell Us 3 Secrets About You: I don’t tell people what I like usually and will watch whatever they want including those dumb house flipping shows. I’ve never been high but most of my friends were stoners in high school and no one believes me. I once wrote a history paper off of nothing but the introduction and back flap of a book and got an A. I didn’t have the heart to tell the professor I never read it.