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Hey! We have the same middle name. :wink:


Well. Here I am at last.

Mi Name is Martin Renard.
DOB: February 29, 1984
Fave Comic Books: Doom Patrol, Miracleman, The Authority (Ellis, Millar), X Factor (Peter David´s Run) Kingdom Come.
Last comic I read: Reborn.
Fave Movies: Back to the Future. Memento. Sunset Boulevard. Die Hard.
Last good movie I saw: Layer Cake.
Earliest memory: Me, Bitting my grandfanther Couch for some reason.
When and where were I the Happiest: Every Time i get to mett with mi pals and talk about stupid things.
3 Screts about me.

  1. I´ve been in a mental Insittution. No, really.
  2. When i was young I wanted to be a Mad Scientist.
  3. I´m watching Sex and the City right now. And I´m not regreating it.

Some more info… if you are up to it.
I´m From Argentina (Yeah, that place tha will become Super concentration camp once the villans from Wanted take over the world).
And I´ve been imagining Stories since I was a child and made my action figures beat each other (Like, Robocop makes a Team Up with the Ninja Turtles to Stop Barbie (Yes, I borrowed some toys from my sister).
Now, I work as a teacher, (wich, i guess gives me the oportunity to tell stories once in a while) and write scripts and short stories waiting for the inspiration for a novel so I came become rich and have my own HBO show.

You know, the ussual.


Name: Marco Copponi

Date Of Birth: 29/08/1989

Country: Italy

Occupation: Currently Unemployed

Fave Comics Ever: From Hell, Watchmen, Sandman, 20th Century Boys, BLAME!, Eden, City Of Glass, Blatta (by Alberto Ponticelli), Scott Pilgrim

Last Good Comic You Read: Strangers In Paradise

Fave Movies Ever: 2001: A Space Odyssey, Ghost In The Shell (1995), Findig Nemo, All of Hayao Miyazaki’s movies, Wolf Children, All of Quentin Tarantino’s movies, No Country For Old Men

Last Good Movie You Saw: Mine (2016)

Name Your Ideal Dinner Party of 5: Alan Moore, Matt Groening, Quentin Tarantino, Douglas Adams, Stephen King

What Did Your Parents Do: Dad works in a post office. Mom is a Housewife


Hey everyone! I hope I can fill this out without rambling.

Name: Dan Amariles

DOB : August 4th, 1989

Occupation: Starving Writer

Fave Comics Ever: This is super tough! I’m horrible about picking favorites. Astonishing X-Men (Whedon), Runaways, Batman: Year One, Frank Miller’s Daredevil, Daredevil by Bendis and Waid, X-Men: God Loves/Man Kills, Brubaker’s Captain America, All-Star Superman, JMS Spidey, and Black Widow from Edmondson/Noto come to mind.

Last Good Comic You Read: Monstress #3! Beautiful book that I’ve been meaning to catch up on. Also, EMPRESS. So damn good.

Fave Ongoings: Monstress, Black Widow, Saga, Paper Girls, The Wicked + The Divine.

Fave Movies Ever: Spirited Away, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Pulp Fiction, Inception, The Matrix, Mad Max: Fury Road, Blade Runner, Black Swan, The Dark Knight, Avengers, The Incredibles.

Last Good Movie You Saw: Whiplash

What’s your Earliest Memory? Being late for church because my brother and I were getting violated by Donkey Kong Country on the SNES.

When And Where Were You Happiest? During a surprise birthday party that my younger brother threw for me years ago.

Name Your Ideal Dinner Party of 5? I’ve never thought of this until now. If I’m keeping it comic-centric, then Frank Miller, Mark Millar, Dan Slott, Gail Simone, and Stan Lee.

What did Your Parents Do? Mother works at Blue Cross and Blue Shield auditing, not sure what my dad does.

How Do You Relax? Reading, exercise, video games, and Netflix.

Tell Us 3 Secrets About You:

  1. I’m pretty sure I’ll never read everything I want just because so much interests me.
  2. Sometimes while channel surfing after not being able to find anything I look for the most chaotic reality show I can find (those are always on) and just go with that.
  3. I have no idea why I keep watching Walking Dead every week, other than feeling like I’m too invested now.


A bit late to the party, but hey ho…

I’m Simon James.

D.O.B: 18th October 1993

Occupation: Publicist

Fave comics ever: Mark’s Spider-Man run, Lee/Romita Spider-Man, Kraven’s Last Hunt. Do I read non-Spider-Man books? Of course, they just don’t give me the same nerd tears that Peter does. There are so many other books I usually consider as ‘top 10’ and then count them up and realise it’s more like top 100, but my top 5 modern writers are Mark, Brian Vaughan, Robert Kirkman, Ed Brubaker and Brian Bendis.

Last good comic you read: Well I’ve been tanning Superior a lot these last few weeks because I’ve done a writing submission for the annual competition based on that series. It’s one of my favourite of Mark’s creator-owned stuff - simple but poignant. Right now I’ve just read Peter Parker Spider-Man #22 by Paul Jenkins - Sandman ‘dies’ and gets turned into a beach.

Fave movies ever: The Pursuit of Happyness, Coach Carter, first 2 Raimi Spider-Mans, Dark Knight. Also thought ‘Eye in the Sky’ this year was incredible, but not quite sacred enough to kick out one of the top 5.

Last good movie you saw: Went to watch Arrival. The most emphatic film about linguistics you will ever see.

Earliest memory: I have what I think is a memory of myself bouncing in a doorframe of my old house in one of those little elastic baby jumper things. I moved out of that house age 1, so there’s a high probability I have invented that memory based on a photograph.

When were you happiest: At university. Likeminded people, felt important, regular network of writing support/feedback, anything and everything seemed possible.

Ideal dinner party of 5: Noel and Liam Gallagher, Stan Lee and Steve Ditko, Karl Pilkington as a mediator.

What did your parents do? They sell free range eggs, still going strong!

How do you relax? Writing, reading, watching TV, playing brass music, pub.

Tell us 3 secrets about you:

  • I have never burped.
  • I can’t watch car chases/crashes in films since having a crash myself. Need to man up.
  • Pre-puberty I thought that a tadpole-shaped creature was going to work its way out of my nob because my sex education ‘teacher’ did not make it clear that her diagram was of a sperm CELL.


Name: Nick Biewer

DOB : May '88

Occupation: Graphic Designer and freelance artist

Fave Comics Ever: Sweet Tooth, Saga, ASM, Daytripper, Preacher.

Last Good Comic You Read: Just finished the MIND MGMT series which was incredible.

Fave Movies Ever: Superbad, 3:10 to Yuma.

Last Good Movie You Saw: The Nice Guys

What’s your Earliest Memory? Roaming the neighborhood around an old childhood house

When And Where Were You Happiest? Usually at a concert. Love all types of shows but happiest would probably be a higher energy one, where I’m jumping around in the pit.

Name Your Ideal Dinner Party of 5? Probably go with comedians. Pete Holmes, Todd Glass, Rory Scovel, Scott Aukerman, Duncan Trussell

What did Your Parents Do? Both in the medical field.

How Do You Relax? Drinks with friends, binging tv with the dog, listening to music or podcasts.

Tell Us 3 Secrets About You: 28yo and only really started getting into comics around 25. Despite my love for music (usually go to a concert a week) I can’t play any instruments. Never smoked a cigarette.


Name: Matthew Clark

DOB : December 17, 1986

Occupation: Bookseller

Fave Comics Ever: Dark Knight Returns, Watchmen, Alan Moore’s Swamp Thing (anything Alan Moore really), Wanted

Last Good Comic You Read: Punisher War Journal #4 by Matt Fraction. What a great twist!

Fave Movies Ever: The Dark Knight, Lost in Translation, Midnight in Paris, The Artist

Last Good Movie You Saw: Interstellar

What’s your Earliest Memory? Seeing my mom through my dad’s camcorder. Couldn’t understand just WHO that person was in the viewfinder, and how they got there.

When And Where Were You Happiest? One of my happiest moments was having a board game night with my cousins last winter. Such a great time

Name Your Ideal Dinner Party of 5? Alan Moore, Quentin Tarantino, Geoff Johns, Stan Lee, and Kevin Smith.

What did Your Parents Do? Billing for my mom and machinist for my dad.

How Do You Relax? Usually by listening to music, reading comics, or watching movies.

Tell Us 3 Secrets About You: I am a HUGE Arnold Scwarzenegger nerd. I have every Creed album on my iTunes. And I own a copy of the original Twilight :expressionless:


hey… nice community here. I just heard about the competition a few days ago and signed up…
until some years ago i was really active in online communities like penciljack and digital webbing… but it kinda faded… i probably just got too old…

name: arne s. reismueller

dob: january 1980 - therefore i am the 80s!

occupation: illustrator (mostly storyboards for advertising, sometimes illustrations for books, magazines or newspapers)

fave comics ever: probably… wolverine: killing by kent williams (and i never met anyone who also liked that comic), sin city (maybe one of the reasons i called my son marvin…) and the airtight garage from moebius.

last good comic read: just found ‘the strange talent of luther strode’ yesterday and love it so far… well… mainly the art!

fave movies: big lebowski (only one i’ve seen more than 100 times…), good fellas

last good movie: train to busan was pretty good.

earliest memory: i clearly remember the first time i’ve seen my new born cousin when i was 1 and ½ years old. i’ve got earlier memories but they are kinda blurry.

happiest moment: birth of my 2nd child. first child, i was all nervous, affraid and stressed out - 2nd child i was relaxed and happy.

Ideal dinner of 5: joel and ethan coen, jeff bridges, john goodman, steve buscemi

what did your parents do: my mom did everything and my father did nothing… met him only once when i was 20… he was a good drinker though…

how do you relax: martial arts and callisthenics, playing the guitar, watching way too many movies…

3 secrets: 1: if a man asks me what the ‘s’ in my name stands for i say ‘superman’ – if a woman asks me i say ‘sex’… 2: i stopped drinking alkohol to live healthier… now i’m morbidly addicted to coffee… 3: for years i’ve learned korean… just to be able to communicate with my wife’s lovely family… - but since i can speak with them i like them less…


Name: Owain George Lewis
DOB : May 22nd 1990
Occupation: Railwayman
Fave Comics Ever: Tales of The Teen Titans (Marv Wolfman & George Perez), Nightwing (Chuck Dixon), Spider-Man Blue/Long Halloween (Jeph Leob & Tim Sale), Batgirl Vol 3 (Brian Q. Miller & Lee Garbett)
Last Good Comic You Read: Not to pander but Issue 7 of Empress was the best book I read last week, a brilliantly crafted conclusive ending but also a cliff-hanger, cannot wait for Book 2.
Fave Movies Ever: The Transformers The Movie (1986), Bill & Ted, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Batman (1989), Constantine (2006).
Last Good Movie You Saw: Inferno
What’s your Earliest Memory? Being about 3 years old, sitting in my parents’ house in the old conservatory (which was knocked down and replaced in 1996) watching the washing machine for its full cycle because my favourite teddy was in there and I was scared he would get lost.
When And Where Were You Happiest? As of now, not many significant moments have happened to me but I would have to say standing atop the great wall of China, I went past the tourist location and walked along the truly ancient part of the wall and I stood upon an ancient battlement after 4 hours of climbing, it was quite a moment for me.
Name Your Ideal Dinner Party of 5? Jeph Leob, Kevin Smith, Paul Dini, Orson Welles, Keanu Reeves.
What did Your Parents Do? My Mother is a Social Worker and my Father is a Railwayman.
How Do You Relax? I game, read and write. I also enjoy going to the pub and relaxing with friends over coffee.
Tell Us 3 Secrets About You: I brush my teeth whenever I shower because a friend once told me she did it and when I questioned her she said “you clean everything else, why not your teeth?” It made so much sense I started doing it.
I once tried to alphabetise my bedroom when I was 15, and got really upset because my curtains were on the other side of my room to the door.
When I was in China I accidentally had Dinner with the Chinese Mafia and me and 2 friends had to escape via the bathroom.


How long have you been a bookseller, Matthew? I was a bookseller (along with barista and cafe manager) for 12 years. There are parts of the job that I still miss.


Name: Ian Andrew Mondrick

DOB : September, 1977

Occupation:Restaurant manager, writer

Fave Comics Ever: Infinity Gauntlet, Chew, Wanted, Transmetropolitan

Last Good Comic You Read: Good? the Old Man Logan monthly from Lemiere is pretty good…(not as good as the OG, though)

Fave Movies Ever: Pulp fiction, Miller’s Crossing, Fight Club,

Last Good Movie You Saw: Dr. Strange?

What’s your Earliest Memory? Drive in with parents, seeing Star Trek. (they kept pointing out the enterprise, my dumb little eyes couldn’t see it)

When And Where Were You Happiest? So many different kinds of “happy” it’s hard to choose. something to do with my Parents, my wife, or my child.

Name Your Ideal Dinner Party of 5? Tarantino, Sam Harris, Brian K. Vaughn, Chuck Palahniuk, Mark Millar (not kissing ass here).

What did Your Parents Do? Post office and Office manager

How Do You Relax? writing, reading, overwatch, craft beer.

Tell Us 3 Secrets About You:
1: Avid podcaster
2: foolishly think I have a good singing voice
3: I like people less than I let on.

great to meet everyone on the MW forums! Looking forward to getting to know more of you!


3 years now, and actually just took over our comics section, which has been a blast so far. I get to see (and purchase) things I normally wouldn’t have otherwise!


Name: Jon

DOB : July 3, 1982

Country: Colombia

Occupation: PhD student/Teaching assistant

Fave Comics Ever: BWS’ Weapon X, anything Batman by Frank Miller, Morrison’s Invisibles, Millar’s Old Man Logan

Last Good Comic You Read: Jupiter’s Legacy v2 #4

Fave Movies Ever: Matrix, Back to the Future, Die Hard, Spider-Man, X2

Last Good Movie You Saw: X-Men: DOFP

What’s your Earliest Memory? Being in my deceased dad’s shoulders and grabbing his curly hair from the back of his head.

When And Where Were You Happiest? Playing drums for a geek rock band called El Sith & los Murciélagos in Popayán, Colombia during 2013.

Name Your Ideal Dinner Party of 5? Mark Millar, David Graeber, Lana Wachowski, Slavoj Zizek, Alan Moore.

What did Your Parents Do? Mom: gift shop owner. Dad: teacher.

How Do You Relax? Facebooking (unfortunately), going to the comics shop.

Tell Us 3 Secrets About You: I stalk Todd McFarlane. I have never smoked. I escaped from police once.


Name : Xavier Emmanuel Chavez

DOB : New Years Day, 1984

Occupation : Comic Book Guy

Fave Comics Ever : V for Vendetta, Frank Miller’s Daredevil Run, Daredevil Born Again, Batman Dark Knight, Kingdom Come, and Garth Ennis’s Hellblazer, Punisher Max, and Preacher.

Last Good Comic Read : Manhattan Projects and Black Monday Murders.

Fave Movies Ever : Indiana Jones, James Bond The Man with the Golden Gun, and Aladdin.

Last Good Movie Seen : Sausage Party

Earliest Memory : Standing in front of my father at the age of 3, in the large backyard of the first home I remember, as he showed me how to hold a new born chick in my hands.

How to Die : Starving to death in Paititi after finding the treasure room but triggering its trap, unlike Dr. Jones.

Ideal Dinner Party of 5 : Quentin Tarantino, Frank Miller, Kevin Smith, Gabriel Iglesias (Fluffy), and Robert De Niro

What Parents Do : Mother is an Insurance Agent and Father is an Electrician.

How to Relax : Read comics, bar with friends, and watch movies.

3 Secrets : I listen to Country Music from time to time, crazy right? I hate to drink but do it socially and like to smoke but I am shunned for it. In high school (how all stupid stories always start) a varsity football coach left the teams equipment room unlocked, so as a wrestler, a few other wrestlers and me egged and floured the room over a long weekend.


Name: Rafael Alemañ Bañuls
DOB : April 15 , 1967
Occupation: Teacher in an Arts High School.
Fave Comics Ever: To The Heart of the Storm, Miracleman, Dark Knight Returns, Old Man Logan,
Last Good Comic You Read: Low
Fave Movies Ever: How difficoult. The list could be very long. Well, here they are… The Last Man (Murnau) Andrei Rublev (Andrei Tarkovsky), Paths of Glory (Stanley Kubrick), Plácido (Berlanga), Pulp Fiction (Tarantino) Inception ( Cristopher Nolan)
Last Good Movie You Saw: As a father of a six and a three years old kids, it has to be a cartoon movie in the cinema, with popcorn: Kubo
What’s your Earliest Memory? Singing and dancing to keep the attention of my family who were watching a musical TV program.
When And Where Were You Happiest? With my wife and my sons playing in the beach, at the moment that the small one started to walk, and all of us were trying to catch him.
Name Your Ideal Dinner Party of 5? Peter Paul Rubens, Michelangelo da Merisi, Luis Buñuel, Federico Fellini, Eugene Smith.
What did Your Parents Do? My mother was typewriter and my father a mechanic.
How Do You Relax? Shooting baskets, playing chess, reading a good book, in a bar with a couple of bears with friends, and drawing everytime.
Tell Us 3 Secrets About You: 1) There is a big Resurrection painting made by me in the oldest church of Madrid. 2) I´m now reading a book of psychomagic 3) My best teachers are my sons.
What brought you to Millarworld?: I registered to participate in the Millarworld annual 2017 contest as an artist. I got to know the talent search for an announcement, reading “Reborn” (Millar / Capullo).


Name: Vinicius Rucci

DOB : november 9, 1983

Occupation: Art teacher

Fave Comics Ever: Superman Red Sun, Calvin and Hobbes, Will Eisner Graphic Novels, Kingdom Come, The Amazing Spider Man #121 and #122, Ghost in she shell.
Last Good Comic You Read: Spider Man #1 (2016), Sarah Pichelli is a marvelous artist to express emotion.

Fave Movies Ever: The Devil’s Advocate, Ghost in The Shell (animated), Wall. E, Dead Poets Society… too many others. it’s not a fair list, never is.

Last Good Movie You Saw: Doctor Strange (the last one)

What’s your Earliest Memory? Playing with my sister and some pets in a little city where I grew up.

When And Where Were You Happiest? Any place and time with the right friends, I don’t think I can quantify happiness, but I can make every day a new oportunity to enjoy my life.

Name Your Ideal Dinner Party of 5? Masamune Shirow, Bill Watterson, Alan Moore, Frank Frazetta and Sarah Pichelli .

What did Your Parents Do? Father: Sculptor. I did not meet my mother.

How Do You Relax? Playing guitar, drawing and writing songs.:heart_eyes:

Tell Us 3 Secrets About You: I love play guitar live, but also hate travel, so, how you can see, the guitar hero dream is out of the table. Most of my influences in drawing are old school artists, like Frank Frazetta, John Buscema and classic painters from Italy and Europe. I’m a frustrated singer. :sob:


Name: Steve Williams

DOB : June 3 1980

Occupation: Part time Comic Book Artist/ Illustrator, Part time retail whore

Fave Comics Ever: BlackSad, Kingdom Come, Marvels, Joss Whedon’s Astonishing X Men, Pretty much All X-Men stories, esp. Phoenix and Dark Phoenix saga, Age of Apocalypse, Days of Future Past, Early X Men. Watchmen…duh, Earth-X,

Fave Movies Ever: Kill Bill, Empire, 12 Angry Men, The Winter Soldier, Princess Monoke, Spiderman 1 and 2, Akira, V for Vendetta, Cloud Atlas, The Matrix, Ran, High and Low, Big Eden, The Opposite of Sex,

Last Good Movie You Saw: Zootopia

What’s your Earliest Memory? This mean dude yelling at me that the Comic Store is “CLOSED!!” I mean i was probably like 6 i think and he just Banshee scream yelled at me “CLOSED!!” What a dick. I hope he’s dead.

When And Where Were You Happiest? Recently …up super late, like 4am watching Revenge/Top of the Lake/ some other Netflix binge worthy stuff and working on a comic gig. Totally quiet in the hood, everyone’s asleep and im drinking my tea, and like penciling, inking, coloring away. Like I could exist in that space forever.
_In the Pas_t…getting high with friends and playing Mario, laughing our asses off trying to make it past level 1 and failing miserably.

Name Your Ideal Dinner Party of 5? Stan Lee, One of my besties Rachel, Joss Whedon …i know cliche…, Amy Poehler,

What did Your Parents Do? Not sure about my dad…drove a truck i think. Mom was a nurse’s aid

How Do You Relax? Watch documentaries , or read

Tell Us 3 Secrets About You: To be continued…


Name: Andrew Williamson

DOB: August 1964

Occupation: Manufacturing Engineer

Fave Comics Ever: The Adventures of Luther Arkwright, The Dark Knight Returns, Star-Lord (Marvel Preview #11, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, The Strange Talent of Luther Strode.

Last Good Comic You Read: Huck (no joke - research has never been so surprisingly pleasurable).

Fave Movies Ever: Alien, Doc Savage, Rear Window, Italian Spiderman, The Bourne Identity.

Last Good Movie You Saw: Deadpool.

What’s Your Earliest Memory? Having honey poured on my CornFlakes instead of sugar on the morning of my first day at school (by coincidence, I once rode my tricycle from the top of the stairs missing the front door glass by a whisker, but I was too young to remember - it explains a lot, though).

When and Where Were You Happiest? Birth of our first child at Stafford Hospital (if you’re aware of that hospital’s issues, it’s a miracle all three survived).

Name Your Ideal Dinner Party of Five: Jonathan Miller, Stewart Lee, David Attenborough, Stephen Poliakoff, Charlie Brooker…

What Did Your Parents Do? Force me into an apprenticeship at age 16, instead of allowing me to stay on at school and find my own path.

How Do You Relax? Read, write, and drink tea.

Tell Us Three Secrets About You: I’m painfully shy; I hate my job (and have done for 36 years); I’m a chocoholic.


P.S. I got here thanks to @stuartdn86 who stood in front of me in the 2000AD pitchfest line at Thought Bubble, and chatted to this shy, aging, bald guy, and told me about MW. Stuart just happened to be in line behind @markabnett , who I now know wrote a brilliant script for MWA2016.

So, thanks for recommending the MW community to me, Stuart - I’ve been catching up with some of the recent threads, and it’s exactly the friendly, nurturing, piss-taking place you described :wink: And belated congratulations, Mark - I loved ‘Mindy’s ABCs’ (along with all the MWA2016 winners).


You know I’m not a judge this year right ?! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: