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Brand new Asian Star Wars trailer just up - all new footage!


This is so huge it needs its own thread…



Looks great.


The thumbnail makes it look like she had laser vision.
Now that’s a movie


I’m loving the slight variation on the original Star Wars theme music. I also just realized that the lightsaber that gets handed over looks a lot like Anakin’s that Obi-Wan gives to Luke in A New Hope that should have been lost with Luke’s hand in Bespin.


There’s a reason for that. :slight_smile:


I imagined there was. I don’t quite want to know yet though. I’m trying to stay as spoiler free on this as possible. It might be difficult since I don’t plan on going to the theater for the opening day (maybe week).


I don’t really know any spoilers myself (although I’m aware that some are starting to circulate), but I think we’re probably safe to assume it’s the same one.


Certainly pretty revelatory isn’t it? One big plot point especially.


Sanjay. You evil temptress, you. :wink:


Family. The common thread through all Star Wars films.


exhibit A:


Also sand.
It’s coarse, and rough, and irritating, and it gets everywhere


BB-8 is really Luke in disguise? :open_mouth:


I mean, at this point, it’s just kinda gross.


Well it is kind of a dysfunctional family.


I just want to know what Wedge might be doing.


I saw an advert for a local costume hire place that were specifically boasting “all your favourite Star Wars characters!”. I phoned them up and asked for a quote to hire a Wedge costume for the night of the premier. “Who?” they said.


Give me five minutes and a photo-editing tool and behold:

Professional-level quality, that is.


Now if you could only mix Flight of the Valkeries and The Imperial March.


Bloody hell, Ronnie, I’m just a man.


…Give me a bontempi keyboard and two weeks…